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How to Cope With Chronic Pain

Debra Murray

Chronic pain is different than the mild, fleeting type that comes from stubbing a toe or bumping into a sharp corner. It lasts for years, which has a huge impact on a person's emotional and physical well-being. Luckily, there are some ways to help a person cope with the discomfort.    Use Stress Management Techniques  Debilitating pain that makes day-to-day tasks difficult to accomplish often causes depression and anxiety if a person doesn't have a way to deal with the stress. Meditation can help to get the negative feelings associated with this condition under control. It works by training a...

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Things You are Probably Doing Wrong in Your Workout

Debra Murray

It is usually those who are just starting out with an exercise regimen that need the most guidance. However, even the fittest exercise enthusiast can use a few pointers to perfect their routine. Because of this, we came up with a list of some helpful hints to follow on how to correct some of the most common workout mistakes.  Too Much of the Same Old Cardio Routine  The body responds best to exercise when it doesn't know what to expect. Sticking with the same form of cardio each time that you work out may seem comfortable and familiar, but it isn't going to give you...

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