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Vitamin Supplements to Promote Wellness and Anti-Aging

Debra Murray

  Nutritional supplements   As we know, Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness, and B1 deficiency causes pellagra. One of every two Americans will contract cancer, and 50% of the U.S. population experiences a chronic illness by age 40.    U.S. researchers conducted a one year study comprised of 130 adults over the age of 45. In this double-blind placebo study some test subjects took the multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement and some took the placebo. The test subjects who took the multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement became ill from infection 43% less than the test subjects who took...

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Simple Health Tips for Maintaining Healthy Bones

Debra Murray

  Strong bones are crucial to your overall health. Bone mass and health diminish as you get older. Take measures early in life to reduce your chances of getting age-related bone conditions like osteoporosis. Here are some simple steps for maintaining strong, healthy bones throughout the years.   Weight Don't focus on being a certain size. Your main goal should be a healthy body weight for the utmost bone health. Being underweight can greatly increase your chances of getting a bone disease. Consider learning more about your BMI, it will help to indicate if you're at a healthy weight.  ...

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