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What is Arnica Cream Booster?

Debra Murray

  Arnica Cream Booster is a high quality herbal remedy created by BLUESPRING for a safe and effective boost to your pain management. The combination of natural ingredients is carefully formulated to provide relief from bruising, edema and insect bites.   What makes Arnica Cream Booster powerful is its dual nature. It is customizable for individual use and is made to boost and complement two of BLUESPRING’s most highly regarded pain relief products, Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC.   Just as an immunization can be improved by adding a booster shot, Arnica Cream Booster can bolster...

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Vegetables and Nutrition That Help Reduce Pain

Debra Murray

  How to reduce inflammation with natural anti-inflammatory food    Perhaps you have heard your mother or grandmother tell you to eat more vegetables. Why? Dark green vegetables, especially, contain vitamins and minerals that are as important to adults as much as to growing children. Athletes, for example, are expounding the virtues of eating more green and leafy vegetables as well as beans and legumes as much for the nutrients as for filling up on low-calorie food that helps keep excess weight off and nourish the body.    A few years ago, a group of nutritionists and scientists visited a village in a remote part of China where people reportedly...

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