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Regenerate with Magical Ingredients of Nature

Debra Murray

  Imagine holding in your hands a jar containing a magical mix of rare natural ingredients that will help you win the battle against the gravity of aging. When you use BLUESPRING’s Firming Lift Cream and Peach Facial Moisturizer, containing these mysterious but natural ingredients, every morning and night for 30 days you will be anxious to see old friends again!    The Magic Returns! Nature's Little Secret, Emu Oil BLUESPRING has built many unique special formulas with one uncommon ingredient, Emu Oil! If you can’t live without our pain relief, you won’t want to live without our Firming Lift Cream with...

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The Secret to Youthful Skin

Debra Murray

 Firming Lift Cream and Peach Facial Moisturizer Work Together for a Single Purpose   Peach Facial Moisturizer is a unique combination of 4 nourishing oils: Jojoba, Emu, Safflower and Vitamin E Tocopherol. This exclusive blend is combined with Whole leaf Aloe Vera to produce the following beneficial results: Improves skin's appearance to be soft, supple and even in skin tone Hydrates skin Diminishes the appearance of fine lines Provides younger, smoother and more flexible looking skin Reduces visible signs of aging Improves the appearance of scars, burns, wrinkles and damaged skin Deeply soothes, softens and moisturizes Attracts moisture to...

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