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HealthStyle: Athlete – How YOU can live an Athletic Life

Katie Hightower

Did you know that you don’t have to live your life one buzzer beater at a time to live an athletic lifestyle? Being an athlete is simply the act of choosing to live an active, healthy life.   Characteristics of an athlete: Proper Nutrition Dedication to Practice Achieving Enough Rest Nurturing the Body   If you fulfill these characteristics, then you are already embracing the HealthStyle of an athlete!   Nutrition For athletes of any age, one of the most important focus factors is maintaining balanced and healthy nutrition. If you are involved in an endurance activity like cross-country skiing...

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Steel and Iron: What To Do After a Workout To Avoid Pain

Debra Murray

Nothing makes people dread exercise more than thinking about how sore they are going to be afterwards, especially if they have ever struggled with muscle or joint pain from an injury. Luckily, this pain can be avoided if the body is cared for properly after strength training or lifting weights. Read on to find out more about some ways to prevent pain after a workout.    Eat Right Away    Because there is so much emphasis on keeping calories down, many people don't realize that they have to eat more often to stay fit, especially before and after exercising. Carbohydrates are used...

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