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Simple Health Tips for Pain Free Movement

Debra Murray

Arthritis sufferers struggle with a very special set of health challenges. As they grow older, they are concerned about a healthy cardiopulmonary system and know that a consistent program of exercise can help to prevent the onset of problems in this area. They also struggle with the fact that arthritis has made their bones and joints ache, throb and sometimes bring excruciating pain. This tends to discourage these sufferers from exercising out of fear that they may be doing further damage to the inflamed or already irritated bones and joints.   As logical as this reasoning may sound, it is...

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Breaking Health News: Movement Can Help Relieve Arthritis Pain

Debra Murray

  Individuals experiencing symptoms of arthritis may avoid moving painful joints. However, remaining still can actually make arthritic joints stiffen. As individuals walk or move, the joints develop flexibility and strength. Finding ways to exercise in a safe manner is imperative to help individuals with arthritis feel better.    People who engage in gentle forms of movement such as simple yoga poses, water aerobics or walking also maintain appropriate body weight. Excess weight while walking places an enormous amount of pressure on the hips, knees and ankle joints. Continual intense pressure on joint tissue leads to cartilage breaking down causing...

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