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Warning: Beware the Causes of Dry Skin

Debra Murray

Avoid Dry, Aging Skin  Dry skin can occur any time of year; however, it seems to flare up more in the winter than any other season due to the low levels of humidity. When the air outside is cold and dry, the moisture in your skin evaporates causing your skin to feel dry and tight and sometimes even flaky and irritated. There are also several other reasons why this may occur. Being aware can help one avoid the discomfort and threat of something worse. It can also avoid the look of premature aging. Unfortunately, dry skin and aging are closely...

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Rejuvenate Hair with Pure Prime Emu Oil

Debra Murray

Rejuvenate Hair with Pure Prime Emu Oil Surviving hundreds of years of obscurity, emu oil is rapidly increasing in popularity across the globe. The unique compounds of the oil are now being widely used in a variety of all-natural beauty and healthcare products. The rejuvenating capabilities and benefits of emu oil are amazing, and the oil’s versatility makes it truly remarkable.   It is becoming increasing known as a terrific regenerator of not only hair and skin, but as a boost to the body as a healing agent for bones and joints as well. Pure Prime emu oil can be...

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