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Can Eating More Protein Foods Reduce Pain?

Debra Murray

  Consider the fact that the human body needs protein to build muscle and repair cells. Bodybuilders and weightlifters have long known that to build super-sized muscles and above-average strength they need to consume much more protein than athletes who required less cell-rebuilding such as distance runners who rely more on complex carbohydrates and starches in their diets.    One of the ways to relieve pain from injury and to reduce inflammation and provide relief for joint pain is to nourish the body with what it needs. Consuming a diet for arthritis may be a matter of avoiding foods that are inflammatory to joints and organs such as high fructose corn syrup...

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The Five Best Foods To Eat Post Workout

Debra Murray

  Nutrition is very important for repairing muscle tissue and healing the body after a strenuous workout. It lowers inflammation and replenishes lost vitamins too. Some foods are better than others though, especially those that contain protein and carbohydrates. Foods high in fat have to be avoided because they block the absorption of important nutrition. Sugary foods can't be eaten either, since they increase inflammation and swelling in the muscles. All of these special requirements can make choosing the right foods to eat after a workout a little difficult. To help, here is a list of five of them that...

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