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Dangers of How Excess Weight Can Increase Pain

Debra Murray

  As people age, they face unique challenges to their health. Any health concerns can be exacerbated by weight gain. Doctors agree that excessive weight gain poses great risks to people’s physical well-being. Even more, carrying extra weight can cause people to suffer significant pain that may be difficult to treat.  Weight gain, however, may be due to more than a lack of exercise or poor diet. Thyroid glands may be undermining their efforts to maintain healthy weight. The thyroid is an important organ in the body that regulates people’s metabolism and contributes to how well people gain or lose weight. If a person’s thyroid becomes...

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Health Warning: Pain Medications Can Increase Blood Pressure

Debra Murray

New warnings about the dangers of prescription and over the counter medications for pain are serious enough to make anyone pause before reaching in their medicine cabinet. Common medications, including ibuprofen and other NSAID pain relievers, are linked to an increased risk for developing high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.    If you need to take medications to control the pain and inflammation of a chronic disease such as arthritis, adding a natural supplement to support a healthy blood pressure is one step toward preventing serious side effects of your regular medications.    Switching to a Natural Cure  Natural...

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