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What is Hair Healthy Shampoo?

Debra Murray

  Hair Healthy Shampoo is a healthy, natural, and nutrient-based shampoo that allows you to avoid all of the common health issues associated with conventional shampoos sold on the market today. Vitamins, Tea Tree Oil and Emu Oil are just a few of the important ingredients in this healthy alternative shampoo. The main focus of this product is to help people find a natural solution when they need to wash their hair. This shampoo is a solid option if you need something that will be able to nourish your hair rather than just clean it on a regular basis.  ...

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Reducing Inflammation to Relieve Pain

Debra Murray

Why is Reducing Inflammation So Important?    Your body wants to be healthy. It is always seeking equilibrium. When something is out of balance, the body compensates, sometimes painfully so, as any chiropractor can explain if you have strained a muscle, or simply sat in a position such as at a desk, or repeated movements such as typing or driving over a long period of time.    Every day we hear about sickness and pain. But how do we acquire health and participate in our own wellness? Simply put: reducing inflammation helps reduce pain in joints, muscles, skin, and organs. When an ankle sprain, for example, causes...

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