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Reducing Inflammation to Relieve Pain

Debra Murray

Why is Reducing Inflammation So Important?    Your body wants to be healthy. It is always seeking equilibrium. When something is out of balance, the body compensates, sometimes painfully so, as any chiropractor can explain if you have strained a muscle, or simply sat in a position such as at a desk, or repeated movements such as typing or driving over a long period of time.    Every day we hear about sickness and pain. But how do we acquire health and participate in our own wellness? Simply put: reducing inflammation helps reduce pain in joints, muscles, skin, and organs. When an ankle sprain, for example, causes...

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Simple Health Tips for Arthritis

Debra Murray

  If you suffer with osteoarthritis you are forced to live with stiff, painful, swollen joints every day. This form of arthritis often affects the hips, knees and hands. Natural topical pain relief medications can be lifesavers as they help manage inflammation and pain. When these medications are combined with healthy lifestyle choices, it can make living with arthritis more bearable.   Get Active Regular exercise can help your joints stay flexible, increase mobility and reduce pain. Swimming, water aerobics, stationary biking, Pilates and yoga are ideal choices for arthritis sufferers as they are low impact and they don't put...

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