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Breaking News on Restless Leg Syndrome

Debra Murray

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is an overwhelming urge to move the legs, which is accompanied by uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings such as tingling, twitching, jerking, burning, itching, aching and sometimes even a feeling similar to electric shocks. For the majority of sufferers, moving the legs is often one of the only ways to find relief.   Although there is no cure for RLS, there are helpful hints that will temporarily relieve the extremely uncomfortable symptoms.   These symptoms happen most frequently in the evening and at night, when you are inactive and trying to rest. It is often difficult for sufferers...

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The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, and Personal Health

Debra Murray

Updated 4/7/2020   You have almost certainly heard about the newest version of the coronavirus (coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19) and all of the problems being created and expected to be created as it spreads around the world. While panic is never a good reaction to this or other dangerous situations, knowledge about health and safety recommendations can put people in control of their own lives and personal health. COVID-19 is spreading quickly, and has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization, so it definitely deserves our attention and every effort necessary to slow and stop its spread....

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When BLUESPRING was established, our team of experts decided that health education is a critical component of every wellness program. While our Super Blue Stuff is a powerful, natural pain relief cream, it works best when you understand the science behind why and how it aids your body, along with other strategies for protecting yourself from injury. We take pride in all of our products and love sharing how each ingredient safely treats your health conditions while supporting your body with the nutrition it needs to operate at peak efficiency.

Just as every person’s body is unique, we know that each of our customers have different ways of learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle. As you embark upon your wellness journey, let us be your ambassadors for health by asking us questions so that we can guide you to the products that work for your needs. From explaining the merits of emu oil to suggesting products that can work together to enhance your outward appearance, our team loves helping others learn about healthy living. We also invite you to check out our blog, reports on scientific studies, and downloadable handouts that all work together to give you knowledge that translates to power when it comes to transforming your health.

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