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Debra Murray

The Original Blue Emu Oil Pain Reliever Jack McClung came up with the idea to add emu oil to pain relief creams back in the 1990s. He had heard about emu oil and its amazing effects, and his mind immediately started working on how he could get that kind of product into the hands of more people. As a serial entrepreneur, he was running a barbecue restaurant at the time, but didn't let that stop him from working on the next big idea. Jack worked up some early formulas and began testing it on customers in his restaurant who had...

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Simple Health Tips for Neuropathy Sufferers

Debra Murray

  If you suffer from neuropathy, whether or not it goes along with diabetes, you know all too well that the damage to nerves causes numbness or tingling in the feet and lower legs, burning sensations, loss of sensation in the feet or lower legs, and sometimes symptoms can even occur in the hands or arms.   General health tips that can help ease the pain of neuropathy include those having to do with safety, eating, exercise, stretching, massaging and other good pointers: Stand up and walk slowly and carefully and watch out for any objects that may be in...

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