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The Right Mood for Better Health

Debra Murray

  The Right Mood for Better Health BLUESPRING's Mood Support Formula is a compilation of St. John's wort, L-tyrosine, Siberian root extract, and other compounds that positively impact overall mood and outlook on life. Each of these ingredients have been tested individually and were found to reduce the symptoms of mood disorders, including depression. When all of them are included in one product, the blended effort supports the body's natural processes to achieve and sustain a positive mood. For those with mild depression or other mood disorders, taking Mood Support daily can give your body what it needs to balance...

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What's Your HealthStyle?

Katie Hightower

    Do you wake up in the morning before the sun is up and throw on your running shoes and hit the road? Do you prefer to feel the sun on your skin as you stretch and breathe deeply? Is your house a flurry of lunch making-shoe tying chaos when the alarm goes off? Your HealthStyle is your choice. There are many different ways to embrace your HealthStyle.   What is a HealthStyle anyway?   HealthStyle is very simply the way you choose to live your life. Many people are searching for a healthy way to balance their busy...

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