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Our Ten Favorite Benefits of Emu Oil

Debra Murray

  Emu oil is a natural substance that comes from the adipose tissue of the emu, a large bird that is native to Australia. It is flightless, so many people farm it for healthy meat and leather. The use of emu oil can be dated back to the aborigines of Australia who knew of its remarkable properties. They slathered it onto their skin and wounds regularly. Because of this, research has been done to find what other benefits are hidden inside it. They have discovered that there are at least ten more amazing benefits of Pure Prime Emu Oil.     Penetrative...

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Preserve Your Skin As You Age

Debra Murray

As most people know, getting older comes with its own set of nuances. The body starts to ache a little more when rolling out of bed, hair turns a different color than what it used to be, and of course those dreaded wrinkles begin lining the face like a map. While some things are just inevitable, in the case of wrinkles no one needs to settle for less than beautiful and healthy looking skin.   The Problem with Wrinkles To better understand how to fix the wrinkle problem, it’s also important to know why they happen in the first place....

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