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Health Warning: Dangers of EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Deficiency

Debra Murray

  Essential fatty acids are something the body needs. The function they perform is complex, but certain fatty acids work at the molecular level to improve cell regeneration. This can be a problem because the human body does not manufacture these necessary fatty acids. The only way to get these critical elements is through diet . A lack of dietary EFA leads to a condition known as essential fatty acid deficiency.   More about Essential Fatty Acids Most fatty acids serve as fuel for cells. Once broken down, they form ATP, a vital substance for heart and skeletal cell functioning....

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Simple Health Tips on Emu Oil and Essential Fatty Acids

Debra Murray

Inevitable changes occur to the body as a result of the natural process of aging, such as slight heart enlargement, decrease in bone density, cognitive issues related to loss of neuronal pathways and wrinkled, dry skin.   However, by supplementing your diet with essential fatty acids (also called omega-3s) provided by sources such as emu oil, you can help delay the onset or reduce the severity of health issues caused by age-related inflammatory diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular disorders and Alzheimer's disease.   What is Emu Oil? The emu is the largest bird living in Australia, standing about six feet high...

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