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Five Things All Athletes Should Do To Avoid Injury

Debra Murray

Playing sports or competing in a swimming or running race is a great way to burn calories and stay active. However, many kinds of high-impact activities like this cause a significant amount of strain on the body that can lead to serious injuries to the joints and muscles. The good news is that many sports related injuries can be avoided if a person uses the following five tips for preventing them:   Wear Safety Equipment Head gear, knee pads, and elbow pads all help to reduce the amount of trauma that the body endures from falls and high-impact tackles and...

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How To Correctly Stretch Before Your Run

Debra Murray

How to Correctly Warm-Up Before Your Run  One of the fastest ways to get injured from running is to not stretch properly beforehand. The muscles are already tight, and running makes them tighten up even more, which puts runners at risk for muscle and joint damage. However, the stretches that are done have to be “dynamic.” Dynamic stretches mimic the moves of running. Some of the old stretches that were used are called “static.” They loosened and pulled the muscle into an elongated position. Static stretches increase the chances of injury because the muscle isn't warmed up enough to be...

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