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Avoid Joint Pain Without Negative Side Effects

Debra Murray

While you may be unsure of how to guard against joint pain without experiencing any side effects, there are a few things that can be done to win the battle. By following some tips and guidelines, you can help your body avoid aching joints and remain active for most of the rest of your life. With a healthy body, you can continue to participate in your favorite activities without worrying about discomfort.   Exercise Most individuals can maintain flexibility by choosing a series of exercises that will not be overly hard on your joints. Stretching, for example, can actually increase...

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Health Warning: Lack of Movement Can Increase Pain

Debra Murray

  Arthritis sufferers struggle with a very special set of health challenges. As they grow older, they are concerned about a healthy cardiopulmonary system and know that a consistent program of exercise can help to prevent the onset of problems in this area. They also struggle with the fact that arthritis has rendered their bones and joints to be extremely painful, which tends to discourage these sufferers from exercising out of fear that they may be doing further damage to inflamed bones and joints.   As logical as this reasoning may sound, it is actually untrue. In fact, the reverse...

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