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Achieve Pain Free Movement

Debra Murray

If you have pain, any movement might cause more pain. Moving around can seem like a gamble. However, all hope is not lost. Pain free movement can be yours when you learn the right information. Take a look at these tips to help you avoid moving with pain any longer.   Know When Your Pain Typically Starts Be aware of the times you're most likely to be in pain. Do you experience pain when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel most pain after your workday? Focusing on the times of day when you feel most in pain...

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Breaking Health News on Knee Pain

Debra Murray

  If you experience knee pain it is usually caused by overuse, poor form during exercise and not warming up and/or stretching before physical activity. You can alleviate pain that has just started by doing the following:   Resting and avoiding activities that cause pain Applying ice at least 4 times a day and keeping your knee elevated to bring down swelling Using a safe topical pain reliever. Apply every ten minutes until pain subsides then 3 times daily Using an ace bandage to provide support   You should contact a doctor if you have the following symptoms:   You...

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