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HealthStyle: Olympian

Katie Hightower

            Olympians are considered to be the most elite athletes in the world. They train for years to sharpen their skills in order to compete amongst the best in the world. As you watch the Winter and Summer Olympics, you may find yourself thinking, “I wish I could do that. I wish I could be that athletic or that talented.” And guess what? You can be. Olympians are just like you. Are you ready to embrace the Olympic HealthStyle?               Olympians focus on their training in three different areas: physical training, nutrition and recovery. In order to train like...

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Healthy Tips for Losing Weight as You Age

Debra Murray

 Losing or maintaining weight as you age can be a real challenge. Weight gain causes health problems and great discomfort in movement as this generally causes people to slow down considerably. In addition to this, muscles grow weaker and joints begin to ache, so the overall effect is not good when weight gain takes place as your body starts growing old.     Though 40 is considered young these days, in fact 40 years of age is medically recognized as the commencement of the aging process. Of course this varies with different types of metabolism, as all bodies do not age...

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HealthStyle: Weight Loss

Katie Hightower

If your HealthStyle is weight loss, then you’ve come to the right place. BLUESPRING is committed to gathering information and tips to help with your weight loss journey. Before beginning, ask yourself a question, “What kind of changes do I want to make to my daily life in order to achieve my weight loss goals?” The trick to being successful with weight loss is to make gradual, and more importantly, sustainable changes to your life.   Diet and exercise are the most impactful ways to kick-start and sustain weight loss. Every day more and more fad diets are filling the...

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