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Five Types of Myalgia and Their Causes

Debra Murray

“Myalgia” is the medical term for muscle pain. It is often a symptom of another disease present in the body. It isn't a disease itself, so patients who report having this condition to their doctor have to undergo further testing to determine what the other underlying factors are. The severity and location of the pain both help in the diagnosis too. Once the doctor has all the information that he or she needs, they can make a determination of the specific type of muscle pain that someone has, so they know how to soothe it. There are five types of muscle...

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Muscle Pain Hurts: How to Let Your Body Recover

Debra Murray

Unfortunately, most cases of muscle pain don't happen right away. There can be a delayed response to some types of injuries, which causes it to take up to 48 hours for the pain to set in. But when it does, it really hurts. Because of this, most fitness experts recommend that people wait at least two days in between their strength training sessions. However, if the pain still doesn't go away, then there are other measures that need to be taken to help soothe the muscles. Read on to find out more about natural remedies for muscle pain.    Cherry...

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