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Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps

Debra Murray

Get the same great benefits from the inside!    Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps add moisture to your body from the inside. Plus it is proven to fight inflammation which can be dangerous to your overall health.   In addition to its benefits when used topically, did you know that emu oil is also a great source of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 Essential Fatty Acids?  When taken as a supplement to your diet, BLUESPRING Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps provide you with the necessary EFAs your body requires.    EFAs are essential to almost every function of the body. EFAs are broken down into...

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Breaking Health News on Dangerous Side Effects of Arthritis Medicines

Debra Murray

  Many drugs used to manage or treat arthritis have been associated with a number of complications. Here are a few of the dangers of arthritis drugs.    Hydrocodone Painkillers  Federal health advisors specializing in drug safety at the Food and Drug Administration have recommended restrictions on the use of hydrocodone, which is used to make many painkillers. Hydrocodone is a major ingredient in Vicodin, one of the most abused drugs. The recommendation comes from the concern that hydrocodone is addictive.  The Drug Enforcement Agency in the U.S. has consistently ranked hydrocodone as either the first or second most abused medicine in...

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