Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner 2-oz. bottle

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Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner with Emu Oil is a concentrated formula made from four natural oils, keratin protein and anti-aging complex. Though rich and nourishing it goes on light and does not weigh down the hair. Used regularly it will restore and strengthen hair for a more youthful and healthy appearance.


  • Infuses hair with strength
  • Helps retain hair color
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Prevents breakage and loss

Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner: Why You Don't Have to Look Old 

As a person ages, they may notice that their hair color and texture also changes. Some people might even have even been led to believe to expect thinning, gray, hairs as a natural part of growing old. However, we now understand a lot more about what causes your hair to age faster than you would like it to do. It can be due to extensive chemicals from too many permanents. It can also be due to poor health, caused by a malfunctioning thyroid or poor nutrition. The hair needs to eat the same way the rest of the body needs nourishment. There is now also a great deal of scientific evidence that even adding an anti-aging hair conditioner, with emu oil, to your beauty routine can provide the right ingredients to continue to fight off the vestiges of aging and thicken hair. Emu oil can even help heal underlying scalp conditions that could contribute to hair loss. An anti-aging hair conditioner is a simple beauty aid that can help you retain your hair color, improve hair texture, and promote new growth, without the costly expense of hair weaving or transplants. With the regular application of an anti-aging hair conditioner, the hair will become shinier, stronger, and less prone to breakage or split ends.

How Does it Help my Problem?

People who experience hair loss may approach it one of two ways. They may go into denial until it is too late to do anything about it. Or, they may go into a panic, trying all sorts of expensive treatments that promise to avoid the appearance of embarrassing bald spots or thinning hair. They can end up being prone to unscrupulous marketers who will sell them high-priced solutions that focus on symptoms and that don’t really address the underlying problem: Loss of health in the body and hair. There is no law that says everyone who ages has to expect hair loss, gray hairs, or dull follicles. These may be a result of years of not caring for the hair and body properly, but they are not something that cannot be reversed. Once you understand why your hair has lost its youthful vigor you will understand how adding a few simple, and natural, routines to your life can turn it all around. There are simpler, less costly, solutions out there that work to improve your hair's appearance that aren’t going to require harsh chemicals or drugs.

There are a variety of causes of hair loss, but underlying most problems is how your hormones are changing as you age. The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism and also the hormone levels in the physical body. As we age, these hormones can shift and the thyroid then becomes sluggish. It is known now that an under-active thyroid gland will eventually lead to brittle hair and subsequent hair loss. In addition, other hormones are shifting in the body as we go through other processes, like menopause, which will lead to more androgen being released in women. This will lead to hair growth in unpleasant places, like the face, and hair loss on top of the head. Even blood sugar imbalances can end up causing hair loss. However, most of these conditions are not absolutely preordained to happen just because you get older. It all depends on how fit you are and whether you have been nourishing the body and the hair enough to maintain a state of optimum health.

Holistic solutions start with improving the appearance of fine hair, giving you time to adopt more routines that will boost your health over time. This can be achieved by using an anti-aging hair conditioner in combination with a shampoo designed specifically for thinning hair. You should avoid commercial brands of shampoo that contain harsh ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate, that has already been implicated in hair loss. This chemical is added to most mass-produced shampoos for its ability to produce thick suds, but does not actually contribute towards creating a healthier head of hair. If you are going to use anything on your hair, make sure it is as natural a product as possible, and that it is specially formulated to increase the vitality of the hair.

The hair requires natural oils, vitamins, and nourishing ingredients to look and feel its best. Adopting a shower routine that includes a healthy hair shampoo in combination with an anti-aging conditioner can go a long way towards adjusting the health of your scalp and hair. Look for natural ingredients that promote hair growth, like emu oil. However, also include ingredients like vitamins and keratin protein to help feed the hair topically. This is a basic first step in reversing the damage caused by using harsh chemicals and treatment on the hair. However, this is far from the last thing you need to do. You may want to try to create a holistic health plan to boost your body back to its natural and healthy state, hair and all.

Health Tips to Recapture a More Beautiful You

Inner health yields outward beauty, so it’s no surprise that one of the biggest contributors to healthy hair is what you eat. You may have trouble getting all the nutrition you need with just diet alone, however, and should also include supplementation in your diet. If your primary concern is to get your hair to grow, then you will need to focus on the dietary elements that are known to produce more hair growth. 

A Healthy Diet

Your hair is almost entirely composed of protein. Include whole proteins in your diet. Meat is the one item that can quickly amp up the protein in your diet, but not everyone likes or wants meat in their diet. There are still other options to increase the protein in your diet, like combining beans and rice to create a complete protein from two distinct non-meat sources. Other sources of protein that you can include are nuts, seeds, and milk. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein and iron. Iron deficiency has been implicated in hair loss, too. Organic eggs can have higher concentrations of fatty acids, which are also excellent for the health of your hair. Iron is a necessary element for women who can suffer hair loss due to anemia. To include even more fatty acids into the diet, add more fatty fish like salmon and tuna to your diet.

Proper Supplementation

Not everyone wants to revamp their diet, but almost anyone will be okay with popping a vitamin pill. You can get a multivitamin that is specially formulated for hair and nail strength. Otherwise, you will need to make sure to include vitamin A, B, E, and zinc if you want to supplement for the hair only. The B vitamins are very important as they can help the body process fatty acids, which is essential for healthy hair. In addition to the normal vitamins and minerals associated with healthy hair, you will also want to look into natural supplementation for thyroid conditions or sugar imbalances in the body. By targeting an underlying condition that could be causing the hair loss in the first place, you have a better chance of speeding up the recovery.

Avoid Sun Exposure

As summer approaches, you may be tempted to go out and get some natural highlights. However, sun exposure tends to create free radicals in the body that can produce premature signs of aging in the skin. It will also dry out your hair and make it more brittle. However, you can use products like an anti-aging conditioner to reduce the effects of free radicals on your hair with emu oil, which is a natural antioxidant. Coating the hair after you shower with the conditioner is one way to protect your hair without covering it when you go outside.

Reduce Exposure to Harsh Chemicals and Treatments

As mentioned earlier, many household shampoos and conditioners include harsh chemicals that can cause hair loss after prolonged use. However, even hair treatments and styling at a high-end salon can do similar damage. Avoid too much blow-drying and styling, or it can lead to some hair loss and isn’t absolutely necessary. Also, cover your hair with a swim cap when you visit the pool to avoid exposing your hair to chlorine.

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

This one is not obvious, but can be a pleasant way to boost the flow of blood to the hair on your head via the scalp. This will naturally re-invigorate your follicles and keep them healthy. Even using a soft bristle brush can provide a stimulating effect for the scalp.

Exercise Often

In any health program, exercise is essential and hair care is no different. Regular exercise boosts the metabolism and helps the thyroid to become more active. In addition, exercise is a well-known method for weight loss that can help you regulate blood sugar levels. Both of these factors can be contributing to your hair loss. By adding exercise to your regular routine, you can start to feel better on a fundamental level, which will follow through to the health of your scalp and hair, too.

As can be seen, hair loss doesn’t just have one cause or one solution. The more a person focuses on a holistic model of health that can target all potential problem areas, the more likely they will succeed in stopping hair loss and increasing the vitality of their hair and the entire body. It can start with a small step, like including a natural shampoo formulated for thinning hair and pairing it with an anti-aging hair conditioner to protect it further. However, ultimately, you will want to boost the health of your entire body to weed out any underlying hair conditions that could be contributing the hair fallout.

Recent Studies Prove Traditional Remedies Work

The NYU Langone Medical Center conducts research on a variety of conditions, including alopecia. Alopecia is better known as “male pattern baldness” because it presents in males more than females, however both genders can suffer hair loss from alopecia. In females, it may not show up as the tell-tale bald spot at the top of the head, but it will still reveal itself in a receding hairline or the thinning of the hair across the entire scalp. Conventional doctors may try to treat it with drugs like minoxidil, but there have been studies that showed natural treatments could also stimulate hair growth in people with alopecia. They cited a study using a combination of essential oils that was applied topically via massage to stimulate hair growth. Once the results were in, the treatment group with alopecia had 44 percent of its participants experiencing hair growth, compared to only 15 percent that did so in the control group.

Oils have long been associated with optimal hair care, and that’s why products like anti-aging conditioners with emu oil have solid scientific evidence that certain oils can help you grow more hair. In another study, done the Boston University School of Medicine, emu oil was applied topically to depilated mice over a two-week period. Over 80 percent of the hair follicles that had the emu oil applied, instead of the control substance, experienced hair growth.

However, emu oil is not the only oil that can produce antioxidant effects that protect the hair and stimulate hair growth. Other studies show that tea tree oil and lavender oil are natural anti-androgenic compounds. These can help with the androgens that cause both hirsutism and hair loss by blocking the androgens from creating imbalances in the hormone levels. Getting a shampoo that includes tea tree oil, like BLUESPRING's Hair Healthy Shampoo, doesn’t just provide deep moisturizing, but it also applies an anti-androgen directly to the site where you are experiencing hair loss.

In the news….

The news doesn’t stop there. You can also find plenty of studies that support the claim that taking care of your overall health can have a huge impact on the quality of your hair growth. Anti-aging topical ingredients will only go so far, if you’re suffering from an imbalance in your diet or supplementation. You need to address the underlying causes.

The British Thyroid Foundation shows a clear link between thyroid disorders and hair loss in both men and women. Hair loss that is associated with a thyroid condition tends to occur across the entire scalp and not just in one localized area. The loss is sometimes even triggered when using drugs to try to treat a hair loss condition. The good news is that it is temporary and once the condition is addressed, the patient has the ability to recover their hair loss over a period of a few months. However, it appears that natural methods to rebalance the thyroid might be safer when trying to retain more hair. A formula like this all-natural Thyroid Support Formula located at Thyroid Support can help patients balance their hormones without additional toxic drugs. When the thyroid is rebalanced, a patient can experience better moods and more energy, too.

A news story by US News also points to diabetes as a potential reason for hair loss. This can be quite surprising for people who haven’t made the connection between overall body health and hair care. They might, in fact, just think they are getting old and not bother going to their doctor to see if they have diabetes. However, diabetes is a serious disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated early for best results. If you have found that you do have diabetes and it is contributing to your hair loss, you might still be able to use a Glucose Support Formula to balance the sugar levels in your blood. It will depend on what type of diabetes you have as to whether you are diet-controlled or not. Some forms of diabetes rely on insulin shots, but even so, paying attention to your health is important for anyone with this disease. To reduce sugar spikes, try BLUESPRING's Glucose Support. It can also help you to increase the body’s health and reduce the potential for hair loss.

These are just a few of the causes that can instigate hair loss. The sad fact is that in today’s modern society, there are multiple factors that can contribute to hair loss and often do. In a recent Health report, there were 21 different factors associated with hair loss. They included stress, vitamin B and iron deficiencies, steroids, anti-depressants, birth control pills, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and chemotherapy. Even having too much vitamin A in the diet can cause hair loss. You may not be able to control whether you have to undergo chemotherapy or how much stress you have in your life, but you can control the nutrition you put in your mouth. You can opt to buy any multivitamin, but it might not be as effective at targeting hair loss as a specially formulated Hair, Skin, and Nail Formula. The Formula located at Hair, Skin & Nails Formula contains 29 different vitamins and minerals known to help revitalize the hair by reducing thinning and hair loss. It can strengthen hair so that it is less brittle and less prone to breakage. This nourishing formula will also feed the roots and produce thick healthy hair growth.

Products for Beauty that’s More than Skin Deep

Get started on a beauty regime that is more than skin deep and you can yield results that produce anti-aging effects throughout your entire body. You’ll not only look younger, but you will feel younger, too. You can start to change your routine by adding some topical hair care products that are all-natural, but with proven traditional remedies that have worked well for many others in addition to performing well in the lab. Then, gradually change your diet and start to determine what the root cause aggravating the condition might be. Go for a physical, if you suspect a thyroid or sugar imbalance as these conditions need medical attention. However, once you are diagnosed, you may still be able to take advantage of holistic all-natural solutions like formulas for thyroid and sugar balancing that don’t introduce toxic substances into your bloodstream, unlike conventional drugs. Remove any harsh chemicals from the health and beauty section of your home and start to depend on more natural solutions. This can go a long way to determining what might be aggravating the hair loss and stopping it before it goes too far. Even if you are diagnosed with alopecia and told the condition is not curable, take hope in newer information that comes in through up-to-the-minute research that shows that you can still combat it with anti-androgenic compounds like tea tree and emu oil. There is still much to learn about hair loss and how many things actually contribute to this embarrassing condition. However, the more we know, the better off we are to find a solution that works for you, even if it doesn’t work for everyone. If research and news stories can be believed, hair loss is not permanent in many cases, and with the proper treatment, people can recover the hair they lost and even the color they had before they went gray.


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What Ingredients are in Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner with Emu Oil?

The effectiveness of Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner with Emu Oil is due to our unique blend of natural ingredients combined with the latest in neutraceuticals – science plus nature is the winning combination that makes this amazing product. When used individually they are extremely effective for your hair health – but when blended in just the amounts for this proprietary formula – the effectiveness increases greatly and the results cannot be denied.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf 

The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf is known commonly as Aloe Vera. Its use goes back to Egyptian culture, where records show it's engraved in tablets from 2000 BC. Cleopatra apparently utilized the leaf. By the 17th century, its medicinal purposes were in full use in India, China, Pakistan, North Africa and Europe. It is excellent for preventing dehydration as the leaf is 99 percent water. That helps BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner rehydrate dry hair with lightweight moisture, fighting against dryness and thinness that comes with aging. The remaining one percent of the leaf consists of vitamins that include B12, A, C and E, plant sterols, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other powerful, natural ingredients. The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf has many benefits but its greatest asset is as a skin care agent. Due to the high antioxidant and salicylic acid value, it's a key component in skin care products as a healing and anti-aging proponent.

Caprylyl Glycol

Caprylyl Glycol is a skin conditioning agent, used as a preservative blend in skin care products. It works in conjunction with other preservatives to combat bacterial properties. It lends emollience, moisturization and wetting properties in the manufacture of cosmetics. A humectant, Caprylyl Glycol is a viscosity regulator and formulation stabilizer. As a hair and conditioning agent, its emollient and humectants properties make it an ideal contribution to BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner. Its careful blending with other natural and safe ingredients help ensure that the concentrated formula does not weigh down hair, leaving behind a healthy and more youthful appearance, infusing hair with strength.

Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol is a combination of fatty alcohols that consists primarily of Stearyl and Cetyl Alcohols that is derived from plants like coconut and palm oils. Cetearyl Alcohol is used as a stabilizer that thickens emulsions and prevents them from separating. It's also used as a foam boosting agent. Cetearyl Alcohol is rich in emollient properties, an aid in the smoothness and softness of skin. It's a natural and safe element that's used in many hair products, particularly hair conditioners. Its potential for emulsion stabilization, emollient effect to the skin, opacifying agent, foam surfactant and anhydrous formulations make it an excellent addition to BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner.

Cetyl Alcohol

Cetyl Alcohol, also called 1-hexadecanol, is an opacifier and emulsion stabilizer. Opacifiers are designed for use in personal care products. With a milky white appearance, they promise convenience and improved performance in shampoos and conditioners, as well as shower and bath gels. Emulsion stabilizers extend the shelf life of emulsions in everything from lotions to mayonnaise. It adds viscosity and body to products with its velvety texture. It imparts emollient properties through retention and absorption in the epidermis, lubricating and softening the skin. Due to its multi-functional capabilities, Cetyl Alcohol is a solution in a wide range of personal care products. For its anti-aging potential, BLUESPRING's uses this solid organic compound for its water based lubrication and moisture retention.

Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil

Considered an excellent substitute for jojoba oil, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is used in hair and skin care applications. It originated in the Mediterranean and parts of eastern Africa, derived from a plant that produces a seed oil that has distinctive properties. Grown in the UK for years, it has become a practical replacement for rapeseed oil. This is because Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil has high essential fatty acid content. This means a strong concentration of nourishing Omega 9 fatty acid. It deeply penetrates outer skin layers and provides a soft, smooth layer of dehydration protection. Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is an excellent application, combined with BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner's other natural ingredients that protects hair and moisturizes the scalp.


Dimethicone is a medication utilized for the prevention and treatment of rough, dry, itchy or scaly skin and other irritations. Its emollient properties moisten and soften the skin, decreasing any flaking and itching. Dryness is the result of water loss in the skin's upper layer. Moisturizers like Dimethicone form an oily layer on the skin and traps water. It facilitates the combing of tangled hair. As it forms a lubricating coat over each strand of hair, combs move through hair with less resistance. Its distinctive properties make it a practical addition to BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner with its all natural hair care ingredients.

Pure Emu Oil

Emu Oil has benefits in many health arenas. Many of them fall under hair care. This includes being an all natural agent against dry scalp and hair, scalp itching, hair loss and alopecia, and falling hair. Research has revealed Emu Oil penetrates through layers of dermis, feeding skin to better health, making it vibrant and supple. Historically, it was used by Australian aboriginals as medicine for coughs, fevers, bruises, cuts, sores and pain. As a scalp and hair treatment, Emu Oil helps make BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner an application for restoring natural oils, infusing strength and dealing with skin irritation. Emu Oil returns hair to a youthful and healthy appearance.


Glycerin (also glycerine or glycerol) is a simple sugar alcohol, or polyol, compound. It is an effective and widely utilized element in pharmaceutical formulations. It has low toxicity and is critical to triglycerides, which are blood lipids that support the bidirectional transference of blood glucose and fat from the liver. Research has reported Glycerin helps direct skin cells in normal stages of maturity. For people with diseases like non-melanoma skin cancers and psoriasis, Glycerin assists in the healing of skin wounds. Another study demonstrated Glycerin was vital to maintaining skin elasticity. As we age, skin wrinkles and sags and GLYCERIN can be a deterrent in that regard. It's also an excellent agent in fighting skin irritation and for use as a moisturizer. In the latter case, glycerin draws water into the outer layer of the skin. As an ingredient in BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner, Glycerin fights dry scalps and makes hair more manageable. 


A synthetic oil primarily used as a mineral oil substitute, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene prevents water loss. Its moisturizing applications and emollient properties leave a pleasing feel to the skin. With increased hydration, it helps dry hair retain moisture, nourishes hair roots and scalp, and can provide a luster to hair. BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner uses Hydrogenated Polyisobutene in its volumizing formula to fight the dryness and thinning that comes with aging. It's an excellent conditioning application for hair that doesn't create build up. In conjunction with other ingredients in the Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner like Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil and PEG-2 Dimeadowfoamamidoethylmonium Methosulfate, it creates an unequalled anti-aging hair complex.


Hair is actually about 80 percent keratin. That element helps keep cuticle, cortex and medulla, the three layers of hair, strong, and is one of the most important proteins in hair products. A hydrolyzed protein is broken down to deposit itself in hair regions of damage and porosity due to a low molecular structure. A Hydrolyzed Keratin penetrates the hair shaft, digging beyond the cuticle and reducing hair damage significantly. It increases the amount of cysteine that gets to the hair. That decreases the potential for damage and maximizes tensile strength. It's also known to fill in cracks in the hair's damaged areas subsequent to strengthening hair, building volume and elasticity. Thanks to its moisture binding, it enhances the content of moisture in the hair, repairing body, luster and manageability. For BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner, that means nourished hair roots to promote growth and adding thickness and body while protecting cuticles.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Jojoba Seed Oil, or Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, is a liquid wax derived from the jojoba plant. A solution that's been used for ages, today it is best known as an agent for stimulating hair growth. Filled with moisturizing and emollient capabilities, it has antibacterial properties that soothe the scalp. It's excellent for treatment of dry scalp and dandruff. Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates hair follicles, strengthening fibers from the inside. It also hydrates hair from the shaft's interior, reducing hygral fatigue. With these great benefits as a proactive hair agent, it helps BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner add elasticity, softness and shine to hair. Some conditioners contain elements that will strip hair over time. Jojoba Seed Oil will not do that, making it an excellent ingredient for fighting thinning hair.

Olive Oil Unsaponifiables

Olive Oil Unsaponifiables are derived naturally from unsaponifiable oil portions of olives after pressing. Being rich in Glycolipids and Phytosterols, this compound is excellent for replenishing lipids that the skin loses, restoring flexibility and suppleness. It is an excellent solution for maintaining moisture in the lips, skin and hair. That makes is an excellent solution for BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner, where it aids in preventing hair damage that can result from brushing. It will also help protect the integrity of hair structure from other chemical and mechanical stresses. Its incorporation into the conditioner has a wonderful soothing effect.


Panthenol is used in care products for its skin and hair care capabilities. It adds thickness to hair body and has an enhanced moisturizing effect. BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner capitalizes on those properties. Categorized as a provitamin, Panthenol spreads evenly on hair strand surfaces, creating a smooth film across the cuticles. The film's reflection of light gives off a nice gloss and shine. Panthenol penetrates the cuticle, entering the hair shaft where it imparts moisture and provides volume. As a humectants, glossifier, emollient, detangler as well as a moisturizing agent, Panthenol takes BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner to the next level of performance when it comes to protecting hair from signs of aging.


A glycol ether, Phenoxyethanol is used in many dermatological products like sunscreen and skin creams. An oily, colorless liquid, it's also used as a preservative in cosmetics and vaccines. It's considered a dependable alternative to parabens and offers a wide range of antimicrobial activity against yeasts, moulds and bacterium. Its properties are excellent for protecting the scalp. BLUESPRING uses Phenoxyethanol carefully. Combined with the other safe ingredients in BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner, all the natural oils, keratin protein and anti-aging complex enhances and restores hair damaged by UV rays and pollutants. Regular use promises solid results, especially when the anti-aging hair conditioner is combined with BLUESPRING's Hair Healthy Shampoo with Emu Oil.

Purified Water

Purified Water is processed and mechanically filtered for cleansing before consumption. With the removal of harmful contaminants, it's safer to drink than tap water. Research has demonstrated the removal of mineral deposits in water can aid in reducing painful gallstones and build-up cells and joints. It decreases stress on the kidneys and enhances nutrients. Its clarity makes it perfect for engineering and science projects. Hard (tap) water has the capacity to dry skin. There are people who wash their hair and final rinse with purified water to help wash away minerals and sediments that rest in the hair from tap water. Hard water also contributes to breakage. As an ingredient in BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner, the natural, clean elements of Purified Water promote healthy hair and scalp treatment.


First discovered in 1872, Sorbitol is a polyol, a sugar alcohol. It is utilized primarily as an agent in personal care and hair products. Thanks to a pleasant sweetness in its flavor, it is also a favorite ingredient for fragrances. Sorbitol is a humectant, a substance used to retain moisture. It attracts moisture in the air through absorption. That makes it an excellent and natural component for BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner. It has the capacity to elevate hydration of the scalp, minimizing dehydration. It is used carefully to avoid over-hydration, which can leave the skin dry or damaged. BLUESPRING is cautious about its product doing nothing more than nourishing the hair and scalp with natural ingredients blended to promote healthy hair that looks shinier and thicker. It helps return the state of hair to younger days.

Stearalkonium Chloride

Stearalkonium Chloride is used in rinses, setting lotions, bleaches and other hair products. It serves as an anti-static component. It is also used as a surfactant or preservative. It's derived from Stearic Acid, a fatty acid in animals and plants. It is a positively charged salt that binds and attracts proteins which tend to be negatively charged. In studies, Stearalkonium Chloride increased luster and improved the condition of dry or wet hair. It serves as an exceptional agent for de-tangling hair. The element reduces static electricity on hair and controls fly-aways. BLUESPRING uses those hair healthy attributes to its customers' advantage, making Stearalkonium Chloride a component of its anti-aging hair conditioner.

Stearyl Alcohol

Unlike many chemical based alcohols, Stearyl Alcohol is a fatty acid that doesn't damage the skin. It's an exemplary moisturizer. It functions as an emulsifier, a compound used to bind oil and liquid in a product, preventing what is the natural separation of those elements over time. Emulsifiers also ensure shaken products do not generate form. The emollient compound serves to soften skin, acting as a humectant. With water binding to the skin, a soft and smooth, youthful appearance is the result. It's why Stearyl Alcohol is found in facial creams, lubricants, depilatories and BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner. Like cetyl alcohol, it's great for water based lubrication and moisture retention.

Product Ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Purified Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Stearalkonium Chloride, Cetyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, PEG-2 Dimeadowfoamamidoethylmonium Methosulfate, Olive Oil Unsaponafiables, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Panthenol, Fragrance, Emu Oil, Dimethicone, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil.

Directions for best use: 

Shampoo with Hair Healthy Shampoo by BLUESPRING

  • Completely soak your hair with water by rinsing it thoroughly for about a minute. Use the correct water temperature. Medium heat that does not burn is the best.
  • Pour a small amount of Healthy Hair Shampoo into the palm of your hand
    • Don’t use too much - Healthy Hair Shampoo is concentrated and really lathers, it will spread evenly throughout your hair
    • If you are confused, think of the size of a quarter for thicker hair or a penny for finer or short hair
  • Massage gently into the scalp area of your hair extending through the ends of your hair
    • Do not mound your hair on top of your head – this will create tangles
    • You can use clawed fingers to really massage Healthy Hair Shampoo into your scalp – it is nourishing for your scalp and encourages hair growth
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear with no bubbles
    • This is very important – if your hair is not rinsed properly the shampoo may leave a dull residue
  • If your hair is very dirty – repeat the entire process again
  • Use a flat comb or even your fingers to comb through hair before adding conditioner – conditioner is optional but Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner is recommended for a total treatment

TIP: Because Hair Healthy Shampoo contains Emu Oil as well as Tea Tree oil, many of our customers also use it as a body wash. Once again – a small amount can be worked into a lather to cleanse your entire body. It will soothe, moisturize and protect your skin. It is gentle enough for even your face! (but keep out of eyes)

Condition with Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner by BLUESPRING

  • Run conditioner (once again a small size) through the middle of your hair to the ends.
    • Adjust the amount of conditioner according to the length and dryness of your hair
    • Add to the scalp after every third washing. Too much conditioner close to the scalp will weigh your hair down. Yet using on your scalp every third washing will treat your scalp to the anti-aging ingredients.
  • Leave on your hair for at least a minute
    • Two minutes is optimal
    • If you have a shower cap, use it to continue your shower while your hair conditions
  • Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear
  • End with a rinse of icy cold water
    • Cold water will close the cuticles and leave your hair much shinier

Dry the Hair

  • Towel dry
    • If you are towel drying do not rub vigorously – it will break the hair
    • Instead scrunch the hair and pat dry
  • Heat drying
    • Try to avoid heat drying unless you are in a big hurry. Let your hair dry naturally to avoid damage. Try to limit heat drying to once every two weeks or not at all

Warning: keep products out of eyes – if you accidently get into your eyes rinse with cool clear water.

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