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Firming Lift Cream with Emu Oil works in minutes to firm facial skin above and below the eyes, and the face and throat. It is specially developed to work with Peach Facial Moisturizer with Emu Oil to visibly improve skin’s appearance in minutes. A true Face Lift in a Jar!


  • Lifts skin quickly and noticeably
  • Works in minutes
  • Absorbs deeply and quickly
  • Reduces puffiness around eyes
  • Improves moisture retention

What is Firming Lift Cream?

Firming Lift Cream with Emu Oil is designed to work within minutes to reduce signs of aging by firming the skin of the face, throat and both above and below the eyes. It is 100 percent natural, and formulated to work with Peach Facial Moisturizer with Emu Oil without feeling greasy or leaving any side effects.

How Does It Help My Problem?

Different parts of the body mature at different speeds. One of the first areas to show signs of age is the skin. Aging skin becomes thinner, and when injured takes longer to heal.

See what Firming Lift CreamCan Do For You, In Just Minutes a Day!


One of the first areas skin shows signs of aging is around the eyes. Skin in this area is very thin and becomes even more fragile over time. Skin that is exposed to sun is also vulnerable to signs of aging. The face, neck and back of the hands will wrinkle and show age spots faster when it is not protected.

As time and damage begin to affect the skin, it:

  • Becomes thinner
  • Grows more fragile
  • Becomes prone to damage
  • Decreases in volume and elasticity
  • Starts to sag

To understand what happens to the skin when it ages or how it is affected by every day toxins and pollutants, it is important to review some characteristics that make it vulnerable to damage, unless it is protected.

The skin is made up of three layers:

Epidermis. This is the outer layer of the skin that produces the protein keratin and protects the surface of the body from the environment and such toxins as sun exposure, air pollution or various indoor toxins like creosote from indoor fireplaces or foam insulation. The epidermis is what controls the appearance of the skin and helps it retain moisture. Toxins rob the skin or oxygen and make it tend to sag and look dull.

Dermis. The middle layer of the skin contains blood vessels, nerves and hair follicles. Also present are elastin and collagen, two proteins that affect the skin's texture and strength. Collagen keeps the skin firm, while elastin gives the skin an elastic quality that allows it to recover from damage when it is youthful. With aging these proteins diminish, allowing the skin to break down, wrinkle and sag.

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

As the body ages, it cannot fully repair the damages to the skin as it did at a younger age. Elasticity and firmness is lost and the skin begins to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Some of this damage is due to the presence of free radicals, a by-product of the body's use of oxygen.

Free radicals cause damage to body cells and are produced from pollution, ultraviolet radiation from the sun and smoking. Even though the body has antioxidants and enzymes that protect from free radicals, some damage still occurs. The extent of wrinkles is determined by a person's genes as well as how well they take care of themselves.

Some amount of skin wrinkling depends on the measures taken to protect the skin. With no care, a person can age beyond their years. The ultimate product for firming the face and neck is BLUESPRING's Firming Cream with Emu Oil. The key ingredients of aloe vera and Emu Oil begin to work as soon as it is applied. Penetrating deep into the skin, it moisturizes from within to produce smooth, soft skin within minutes.

Two types of aging: intrinsic and extrinsic

Intrinsic aging takes place regardless of outside influences and is part of the natural aging process. After the age of 20, the body produces one percent less collagen each year, making the skin more and more fragile as it ages. With less elastin and less hydration, wrinkling is certain but not to the degree experienced with extrinsic aging.

Extrinsic aging occurs along with intrinsic aging due to the damage from sun, tobacco use and pollution. With extrinsic aging there is heavy loss of collagen and elastin, giving the skin an uneven tone, thinning the skin and producing deep wrinkles.

The skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes only has a small amount of subcutaneous fat tissue and loses its plump appearance with aging. There are muscles around the eye that contract with reflex motions, so facial movements like squinting and laughing contribute to the development of wrinkles.

Puffy eyes and dark circles can be hereditary, but they can also be influenced by external factors like sunlight and exposure to pollution. Sunlight triggers production of melanin, a dark pigment that can make the under eye area appear darker.

Healthy Tips

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is similar to that of other mammals, without the protection of fur. It plays an important role in protecting bones, muscles, ligaments and internal organs. When it is damaged, it can be due to skin cancer, rashes or even food allergies. The following tips will help you maintain healthy skin.

Play it smart outdoors

Be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15. Reapply every two hours when you are outside. If you are active or swimming, reapply sunscreen more often.

Pick a shady area to avoid being in the sun when it is the hottest, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Cover up with protective clothing -- long sleeves and pants plus a hat, or consider specialty sun-protective clothing made specifically to block the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Give up smoking

A major contributor to wrinkles and an older appearance is the use of tobacco products. Smoking narrows blood vessels and decreases blood flow to the skin. Oxygen and nutrients are exhausted leaving the skin vulnerable to loss of elastin and collagen. The main culprit is nicotine, which causes cells to wither up and die. Characteristics of a smoker's face are deep creases, fine lines around the mouth and crow's feet.

Eat right

For healthier skin, don't skimp on eating the right foods. Use spices in your diet. They contain antioxidants to fight off inflammation and free radicals, and reduce facial puffiness and inflammation. Antioxidant-rich foods can also increase blood flow to strengthen collagen and elastin. Shop for foods like beans, leafy greens and berries, and make a special preference for purple produce like blueberries, purple cabbage and purple potatoes.

Be sure to hydrate

Skin cells need water to function and that is best accomplished by drinking 8 glasses a day. Water flushes out toxins and contributes to a healthy, more youthful appearance. Without replacing the water lost each day, the lack of hydration will allow the skin to flake and become dry. Without the resilience moisture offers, skin becomes more prone to wrinkling.

While hydrating is important, it won't get rid of fine lines or wrinkles once they have formed. In fact, any water you drink will not reach the epidermis, so dry skin should be treated with a moisturizer.

Recent Studies

Emu oil, one of the primary ingredients in BLUESPRING Firming Lift Cream with Emu Oil, is a natural remedy that dates back to 1860 when a London scholar reported Australian aborigines were using it to reduce pain and heal wounds. There has been a great deal of research published, along with a small number of clinical trials, that support the healing properties of emu oil.

A recent study at Victoria University in Victoria, Australia, tested the effectiveness of emu oil for osteoarthritic hand pain. The trial had 120 participants between the ages of 47 and 8. All participants were taking arthritis medication and continued the medication during the trial.

The double blind study compared the effects of emu oil against canola oil, which was the placebo. Each was applied topically, ingested, or both applied and ingested. After 8 weeks of continual treatment, grip strength was measured as well as tender joint count. The study found that pain scores were significantly lower in participants who used emu oil. The study concluded that emu oil may be a practical solution for pain management in people with OA of the hands when used for more than 3 weeks.

A research study published in 2011, and conducted at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Australia, found emu oil effective as an anti-inflammatory. In the animal study, emu oil was found to decrease acute small intestinal inflammation that is common with some gastrointestinal disorders like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

In an article published in the December 1998 issue of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. M. J. Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M. and A. Dmytrowich discussed the application of emu oil lotion in two animal studies where the anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil were observed.

Emu oil lotion was applied to rodents 24 hours after surgery. Wound healing was examined six days after surgery with results showing emu oil lotion can help heal skin wounds if it is applied after the major post-inflammatory stages of healing have taken place.

Another study involved the American Emu Association and Dr. John Griswold, Director of the Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center in Lubbock, Texas. The Burn Center is affiliated with the Texas Tech University Medical Center. In 1995 the Burn Center undertook a six-month study to analyze the effect of emu oil in the healing of burn wounds.

Researchers were interested in how emu oil acted as a lubricant and in reducing scar formation in healed burn wounds. The double blind study evaluated ten male patients, between the ages of 24 and 62-years-of age, who acted as their own control and applied emu oil on one of their wound sites and a placebo lubricant to an independent site.

The subjects applied both lotions daily, as needed, for from 195 to 385 days. At regular out-patient clinic visits the patients were evaluated according to the Vancouver Scar Assessment Scale, also known as the Burn Scar Index. The Scar Scale is used in research and clinical practice to document any changes in the appearance of scars.

When the scars were assessed, researchers documented significant differences in pigmentation and pliability in photographs. The pictures were then scored by a four-person blind panel which determined that the wounds treated with emu oil healed significantly better than the control areas. It should be noted that comments taken from the volunteers were almost unanimously in favor of emu oil during and after application.

In the news…

In the Feb. 7, 2013 issue of, the online edition of the Houston Chronicle, an article, " Emu Oil May Revive Industry," discussed the growing popularity of emu oil as a skin treatment for wrinkles, eczema and other uses. The article also notes that processors have seen production grow in recent years, with one major processor reporting a production increase of from 3,000 gallons a year to 7,000 gallons a year.

Another article, " The Amazing Gift From The Emu – Oil That Heals", appears in a February 2014 edition of The article discusses emu oil as a natural emollient that softens the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Flora Stay, D.D.S., in a recent edition of, discussed the benefits and purity of emu oil. Dr. Stay noted that emu oil is bacteriostatic, that is, it does not promote bacteria growth and is also hypoallergenic.

Emu oil is consists of three types of omega 3-, 6-, and 9-fatty acids, which give it the ability to deeply penetrate layers of the skin. The omega-6 fatty acid (a linoleic acid), eases joint pain and muscle aches, while the omega-9 fatty acid has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In summary, Dr. Stay cited virtually no known side effects with emu oil. The product goes on without a greasy feel, will not cause irritation and does not clog pores.


What Ingredients are in Firming Lift Cream by BLUESPRING?

The astounding effectiveness of Firming Lift Cream with Emu Oil is due to the unique blend of its’ many natural ingredients. All ingredients are safe and effective for use to fight the appearance of aging skin.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf

Aloe is a natural ingredient from the aloe vera plant that has strong anti-aging properties. Used in agent Egypt for beauty treatments for the wealthy and influential, aloe barbadensis leaf contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other beneficial ingredients for healthy, youthful looking skin. Used in skin care, aloe has sun protection benefits by blocking harmful UV rays. Aloe has humectant properties, helping the skin to retain necessary moisture. This ingredient also has antiviral and antibacterial properties to reduce the appearance of blemishes. Aloe leaf has components that work beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production, resulting in firming skin. Antioxidant vitamins and minerals reduce the potential damaging effects of free radicals, which lead to signs of aging, while salicylic acid helps improve skin texture and clarity by whisking away any excessive build up of dead cells on the surface of the skin.

Purified Water

It is used as a solvent to contain and stabilize the necessary ingredients in Firming Cream with Emu Oil. Purified water is the highest quality form of water used in cosmetic products, as it contains no ions or harmful organic matter. To be considered purified, water must go through an intensive straining and decontaminating process to remove all impurities, including sediment, mineral ions, and harmful organic matter such as bacteria and viruses. By using purified water in facial moisturizing products, there is a reduced risk of harmful contamination due to organisms such as viruses and bacteria. Removal of the mineral ions is necessary so that the minerals do not interfere or interact with the special product formulation.


This ingredient is an extremely effective and safe skin care protectant that is found in many skin care products. It provides a barrier on the skin's surface to prevent moisture loss from the elements. This protective barrier not only helps the skin to retain moisture, but keeps out harmful organisms such as bacteria. As an ingredient in skin cream, petrolatum helps hold in the beneficial ingredients, allowing them to work for a longer period of time and enter more deeply into the skin surface layers. Petrolatum is also known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, giving the skin a youthful, healthy glow. First discovered as a by-product on oil rigs in the 1800s, oil workers discovered its healing benefits to cuts and burns.

Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone

This is a silicone oil that is commonly used in beauty products and cosmetics. It is a safe ingredient for cosmetic use, and it offers the product a smooth and silky feel. Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone has multiple functions in skin cream, as it is an effective skin protectant as well as providing product thickness and emulsifying benefits. This ingredient helps provide a breathable barrier to the skin, allowing for protection and healing of the other ingredients. Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone is beneficial in reducing visible scars, creating a smoother skin surface. Adding Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone to Firming Cream with Emu Oil allows the cream to be spread smoothly onto the skin for more even disbursement of all of the ingredients, while leaving behind a soft and silky feeling

Ethylhexyl Palmitate

This is a fatty acid used in many cosmetic and beauty products. This ingredient is a safe fat that is derived from palm oil and is extremely gentle on the skin. Similar in use to silicone, ethylhexyl palmitate serves multiple functions when used in beauty creams. It is an effective moisturizer that provides a light, smooth barrier on the surface of the skin. This helps in the retention of moisture as well as in allowing the ingredients to enter the skin surface layers more efficiently. Ethylhexyl palmitate is also beneficial in creating the proper consistency for this firming cream, while allowing for proper blending and spreading of the ingredients.


This is an organic compound that was originally derived from shark liver. Today, most squalene that is used in beauty products is derived from plant oils, such as from olives, rice, and wheat ingredients. Squalene is also produced naturally in the body in very small amounts. A natural moisturizer and a natural component of skin, squalene provides effective moisture and antioxidant properties to the skin cells, helping to reduce free radical damage which can lead to an aging look to the skin. By adding squalene to skin care creams, the skin's natural rejuvenation process is enhanced, allowing for proper cell turnover. This results in firmer, healthier, smoother, and more youthful looking skin.


This is a strong emollient that is derived from natural fat sources. This ingredient can also be synthetically created. Glycerin helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin, helping to alleviate dryness and promote healthy skin functioning and appearance. This ingredient is necessary for proper skin growth and maturation, providing for a clean and youthful appearance. Glycerin, when combined with products such as those found in Firming Cream with Emu Oil, helps to balance moisture levels in skin surface layers by increasing moisture and providing protection to the cells. Glycerin helps the skin cells to function properly, even during the aging process, to allow for healthier and smoother skin.

Cetyl Alcohol

This is not like traditional alcohols that can have drying effects on the skin. Rather, cetyl alcohol is effective to smooth and condition the skin. Cetyl alcohol was first created in the early 1800s from a waxy substance found in the oil derived from sperm whales. However, this ingredient is currently derived from plant based oils, especially tropical oils, or from petroleum by products. This ingredient can also be synthetically created. Although cetyl alcohol provides conditioning benefits to the skin, it is mainly used in cosmetic products to blend, thicken, emulsify, and carry the more active ingredients. Cetyl alcohol is selected for these purposes due to its safety and gentleness to the skin while adding its own natural conditioning benefits.


This ingredient is a derivative of naturally occurring fossil wax found in the earth's surface. It is mainly used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in many beauty products. This ingredient is effective in preventing the various ingredients from separating into their distinct liquid and more solid parts. Ceresin is used as an alternative to beeswax in many products, and is an excellent stabilizing ingredient. This ingredient is commonly found in certain makeup products, as well as in facial moisturizers and anti-aging products. This ingredient is safe and non-irritating, making it a good choice for most people who wish to use beauty products that contain ceresin.

Emu Oil

A key ingredient in firming lift cream, emu oil is derived from the emu, a large and flightless bird that originated in Australia. Emu oil has been used in traditional aboriginal medicine for many purposes, including for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This special oil contains essential and conditionally essential Omega fatty acids, including Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. Emu oil is currently available in topical preparations and creams designed for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle purposes. In studies, emu oil tested better than traditionally-used mineral oil in many ways, including better skin penetration, more effective moisturizing, better texture, and less risk of users developing clogged pores or breakouts. Emu oil is gentle, safe, and effective for use on all skin types. When used in skin care cream and combined with the ingredients in this formulation, emu oil is an effective moisturizer that can increase the skin's own natural healing process to promote healthier and younger looking skin. In addition, studies show that emu oil helps skin thicken which is important for anti-aging.

Caprylyl Glycol

This is an ingredient that be derived from natural sources or synthetically created. This ingredient is known for its humectant and skin conditioning properties. As a humectant, caprylyl glycol attracts and retains water to provide a beneficial moisture barrier to the skin. This ingredient is also important in providing stability to this skin cream, while providing a preservative boost. When combined with phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol can boost the antimicrobial effects of phenoxyethanol, providing for effective preservation of this product and its ingredients, helping to extend shelf life of this product. As with many other ingredients used in Firming Cream with Emu Oil, caprylyl glycol provides multiple functions to the effectiveness of this skin care cream.


This is an organic compound that is commonly used in many skin care products for its preservative benefits. This helps to keep the product free from developing harmful microorganisms while extending the stability and shelf life of the products and ingredients that are contained within. Phenoxyethanol also has antiseptic properties to help keep skin clear and bright. This ingredient is much safer than former preservative ingredients, as it does not produce or release formaldehyde in its use. This product is extremely safe to use and non-toxic, and is commonly used worldwide. The ingredient Caprylyl glycol, also found in this product, helps to boost the effectiveness of phenoxyethanol helping the product to last a long time while retaining its safety and effectiveness.

Alpha Bisabolol

This ingredient is traditionally derived from a specific type of chamomile plant, but can be created synthetically as well. This ingredient is known for its properties as an anti-irritant. It is also beneficial in providing some healing of the skin, especially when combined with other ingredients. Alpha bisabolol is commonly used in cosmetics for its fragrance and its anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient is extremely useful in Firming Cream with Emu Oil, as it benefits the other ingredients by helping them to be drawn deeper into the skin's surface, helping the other ingredients reach their optimal effectiveness. Alpha bisabolol is determined to be one of the best skin care ingredients to use in skin care formulations due to its safety and effectiveness.

Sodium Chloride

This is most commonly known as table salt. When used in skin care products, sodium chloride is an excellent preservative, as well as an effective thickening and binding agent, helping to hold the ingredients together. Sodium chloride is a natural product and is safe to use in all kinds of products for the body. There is some concern that this ingredient can cause drying, especially when used in large amounts. However, most beauty products and skin care creams that contain sodium chloride contain only small amounts. In fact, small amounts of sodium chloride actually help retain moisture, which allows this ingredient to provide a moisture boost to the ingredients already present in this skin care cream.

Product Ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Purified Water, Petrolatum, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Ethlhexyl Palmitate, Squalene, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Ceresin, Emu Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Alpha Bisabolol, Sodium Chloride.

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Directions for best use:

How to Use Firming Lift Cream

Start by washing your face.

  • Remove any makeup with a gentle makeup remover first.
  • Splash face with warm water to open pores.
  • Use the gentlest cleanser you can find. One that can clean the dirt and germs but not strip away moisture. Do not use a cleanser that leaves your face red or irritated.
  • Splash your face with warm or cool water until cleanser is completely removed.
  • Use a soft dry cloth and pat your face dry. A mist of water left on the skin is good as it will be sealed in and absorbed by the skin when you apply moisturizer.

Wash your face twice a day at most. Over-washing can lead to overproduction of oils, which in turn can lead to breakouts.

Don’t go to bed with makeup or old sunscreen on.

Don’t use overly hot water to wash your face. It can strip the skin of necessary oils. Use warm or even cool water.

Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells. Use a gentle exfoliater and the results will be rosy skin and increased circulation.

Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of Firming Lift Cream to your desired areas including:

  • Forehead
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Throat

When applying around eyes, just dab lightly. It is best to use your ring finger for a gentle application. Do not rub in as the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate.

When applying elsewhere, use a gentle, upward circular motion.

Be sure to use a small amount as Firming Lift Cream is rich with:

  • Pure Emu Oil - A natural moisturizer which aids in skin regeneration and is absorbed deep into the skin’s layers.
  • Whole Leaf Aloe Vera – Excellent natural moisturizer which can repair skin damage.
  • Squalene – Aids in oxygenation and regeneration.

Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

TIP: BLUESPRING Peach Facial Moisturizer was designed to be used with our Firming Lift Cream. Our luxuriant moisturizer is a unique combination of four nourishing oils: Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil and Vitamin E Tocopherol.

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