Arnica Cream Booster 2-oz. jar

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  • Enhances pain relief results
  • Provides a natural herbal boost
  • Fights inflammation
  • Reduces Bruising and Swelling
  • Extends relief time

Arnica Cream Booster was developed to give you an added natural boost of relief when your body needs a little more attention. Arnica is an herbal remedy traditionally used for bruises, sprains, poor circulation, and swelling. It can be applied before or after Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC for the best results.

BLUESPRING has created this booster as another safe and effective way to combat inconsistent pain. The careful combination of natural ingredients has been formulated to provide relief from bruising, edema, and insect bites. It is customizable for individual use and is made to boost and complement two of BLUESPRING’s most popular and reputable products: Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC. Just as an immunization can be improved by adding a booster shot, Arnica Cream Booster can bolster the effectiveness of Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC any time they are used together. For acute discomfort or pain, apply the desired amount of pain relief cream to the affected area. When it has absorbed into the skin, follow up with a small amount of the Arnica Cream Booster in the same spot. Once the pain has subsided or if you choose to use less, just apply the Arnica Cream Booster alone for results.

In one’s older age, injuries are more common and pain relief creams are often used. There are two types of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain has a set duration and, with treatment, can subside and be cured. It can appear after a surgery or a fall, and can be emotionally upsetting. Occasionally, acute pain can become chronic. This can be due to an inflammation or injury to the soft tissues. Chronic pain, on the other hand, can last a long time and can affect a person both mentally and physically. It is often associated with diseases like fibromyalgia, diabetes, or arthritis. It can make the body more sensitive to pain due to the way it stimulates the body’s nerve fibers and cells. Prescription pain medicine can come with side effects that may have harmful effects on the body.

The delivery of relief from discomfort through a natural muscle pain relief cream, however, has several benefits as opposed to taking prescription drugs. Using a cream alternative ensures a gentler dose and an applicable amount you can vary depending upon your specific needs. There are no systemic side effects, such as fluid retention or stomach irritation, which can be common with some medications. With a topical remedy such as the Arnica Cream Booster, an individual is given the opportunity to exercise trial and error in how much cream to use for their body pain. Consumers who purchased the booster found that after a period of time their comfort level improved significantly. BLUESPRING recommends, however, to combine the booster with exercise, meditation, a healthy diet, enough sleep, and long therapy massages to increase the ability for comfortable movement and activity.


The effectiveness of Arnica Cream Booster is due to our unique blend of natural ingredients.

Aloe Barbadensis

The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf is commonly known as aloe vera and used in a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic products. The anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera has been recognized for centuries for pain relief for sunburns and skin ailments.

Arnica Montana Flower Extract

The pain-killing property of Arnica Montana Flower Extract have been well known. It was used by the Romans as early as 180 B.C. to soothe muscle spasms, aches and pains as well as aching joints and to ease the pain of broken bones. Studies found that when Arnica Montana was used in gel at 50 percent concentration, it had the same pain relieving effect as a five percent ibuprofen gel for treating the pain of osteoarthritis.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

Olive oil has been used as a skincare remedy for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it as a cleanser and moisturizer, and, in ancient Greece, it was used during massage to prevent sport's injuries and relieve muscle fatigue. It also helped eliminate lactic acid buildup.

Olive oil contains oleuropein which reduces swelling and has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-atherosclerotic properties. It also contains oleocanthal, a non-selective inhibitor of cyclooxygenase (COX), which is similar to the classical NSAID pain reliever ibuprofen (yet natural with no negative side effects)

+More Natural Ingredients and User Friendly Preservatives For Ease of Use


Arnica Cream Booster is formulated to boost the results of your Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC Pain Relief.

  • Apply a thin layer of pain relief cream to affected area per directions
  • Before it is absorbed, lightly apply a thin layer of Arnica Cream Booster
  • Arnica Cream Booster can be applied with each application, but it is not required – use only as needed
  • Remember – it can also be used with other boosters or be used alone

For best results – use the chart below to focus on your pressure points:


What are the BLUESPRING pain relief boosters?

Menthol Spray Booster is for our customers who need an added boost of cooling menthol in hard-to-reach places. Arnica Cream Booster is for those who need an herbal boost of Arnica. Capsicum Roll-On Booster provides strong and penetrating heated feeling. These products deliver a boost to your pain relief only when and where it is needed. Boosters will give you the ability to customize your own pain relief for your own unique pain.

What is the difference between Arnica Cream Booster, Capsicum Heat Booster and Menthol Spray Booster?

Menthol Spray Booster and Arnica Cream Booster will both boost your pain relief results but they are two completely different formulations and applications.

Menthol Spray Booster:

  • Added boost of cooling menthol
  • Convenient Spray delivery
  • Delivers to hard-to-reach places

Arnica Cream Booster:

  • Added boost of herbal relief
  • Reduces Bruising and Swelling
  • Fights inflammation

Capsicum Roll-on Booster:

  • Added boost of heated relief
  • Massaging roll on application
  • Delivers boost of capsicum with penetrating emu oil

Tip: Many prefer the cooling Menthol Spray Booster in the summer and the soothing Arnica Cream Booster in the winter. Others use both throughout the entire year. For those who prefer more heat in a massaging application – Capsicum Heat Booster is the solution.

How often can I use Arnica Cream Booster?

Use Arnica Cream Booster as often as you want or you need it. It is not a drug but an herbal blend and has no limited use. You may find that a jar will last a very long time. This is because it was designed to be used as a boost for tough days or tough areas.

Tip: Many use Arnica Cream Booster between applications of pain relief cream to extend the relief time

Can I use Arnica Cream Booster by itself or does it have to be used with Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC?

While we recommend it only as needed with one of our pain relief creams, it can be used by itself. It can also be used before Menthol Spray Booster. The ingredients have been used historically as safe herbal remedies. For more information you can read more about the ingredients on the Ingredients tab.

Is Arnica Cream Booster better than Menthol Spray Booster or Capsicum Roll-on Booster?

No, it is not better – it is different. You are unique and your pain is unique. Your pain is also different at different times. The boosters are developed to help you customize your own pain relief as needed.

For Example: We have a customer who told us that sometimes her knee pain is much worse than usual (so bad she could cry) and she cannot sleep. When this happens she adds the Arnica Cream Booster and it is the only way she can sleep at night without pain.

Other customers have asked us for more heat in our products and they prefer the Capsicum Roll-on Booster. To them added heat produces the best results.

Additional customers have told us they prefer a more cooling blast of Menthol – the Menthol Spray booster is their favorite.

By developing all three – we give you the choice to customer your own pain relief!

Many of our customers purchase more than one booster and experiment for the best results – only when they need extra help. This allows them to save money while receiving the most relief.

Can Arnica Cream Booster be used for children?

Many families use Arnica Cream Booster for children. Because of the natural ingredients they usually prefer it to pills. Always seek a doctor’s advice for specific health questions regarding your child.


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