Arnica Cream Booster 2-oz. jar

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Arnica Cream Booster was developed to give you an added natural boost of relief when your body needs a little more help. It is a herbal remedy traditionally used for bruises, sprains, poor circulation and swelling. Apply before or after Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC.


  • Enhances pain relief results
  • Provides natural herbal boost
  • Fights inflammation
  • Soothes quickly
  • Extends relief time

What is Arnica Cream Booster?

Arnica Cream Booster is a high quality herbal remedy created by BLUESPRING for a safe and effective boost to your pain management. The combination of natural ingredients is carefully formulated to provide relief from bruising, edema and insect bites.

What makes Arnica Cream Booster powerful is its dual nature. It is customizable for individual use and is made to boost and complement two of BLUESPRING's most highly regarded pain relief products, Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC.

Just as an immunization can be improved by adding a booster shot, Arnica Cream Booster can bolster the effectiveness of Super Blue OTC or Super White OTC any time they are used together. For acute discomfort or pain apply the desired amount of pain relief cream to the affected area. When it has absorbed into the skin, follow up with a small amount of Arnica Cream Booster in the same spot. Once the pain has subsided or if you choose to use less, just apply Arnica Cream Booster alone.

How Does it Help my Problem?

As a youngster a good cry could go a long way to express the hurt over a scraped knee. Healing was quick though, and we soon forgot about it. With age injuries are more common and sometimes healing takes time. As humans we have differing abilities to withstand pain. It is something that varies with the individual. Some have a higher pain threshold; others can't tolerate a lot.

The more pain we have and the length of time we endure it, the more it has a physiological effect on the body. When the ache isn't relieved and the brain becomes aware of it, emotions and even sleep can be affected. Prolonged pain can be detrimental to health and affect the body's operating systems. This can cause the sympathetic nervous system, that part of the body that responds when under stress or in acute pain, to become stimulated.

When well, the endocrine system regulates metabolism and keeps the body in balance. When pain is present, it's adversely stimulated and in turn increases hormone levels. Hormones discharge into the bloodstream and the result, because the body is under stress, can be an increase in blood pressure. This is often followed by changes in behavior and sleep that can lead to depression.

There are two types of pain, acute and chronic. Acute pain has a set duration and with treatment, will usually subside and be cured. It can appear after a surgery or a fall and can be emotionally upsetting. Occasionally it can become chronic. Generally, it is due to an inflammation or injury to the soft tissues.

Chronic pain can last a long time and can affect a person both mentally and physically. It's often associated with a disease process such as fibromyalgia, diabetes or arthritis. It can make the body more sensitive to pain due to the way it stimulates the body's nerve fibers and cells. The older we get, the more serious pain becomes and the more likely we will have some side effects from prescription pain medicine. Some people choose to ask their doctor for a lower dosage, or investigate safe, alternative treatment that may provide relief.

According to a recent government report, 4 in 10 adults use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. Whatever solution we choose to treat a sprain, poor circulation or a toothache, we want it to soothe the hurt and calm inflammation. It's equally important that the solution is safe and effective and does not carry harmful side effects.

The delivery of pain relief through a topical cream has several benefits. For those who fear the side effects of pain pills, using a cream alternative ensures a gentler dose and an amount you can vary depending upon your needs. There will not be any systemic side effects like the fluid retention or stomach irritation common with some medications. With a topical cream you alone decide how much to apply. This can be an exercise in trial and error. Either less or more will give just the right amount for pain relief. Arnica Cream Booster offers another benefit. Over a period of time users have found continued improvement in their comfort level and even a beneficial residual effect days and weeks later.

Healthy Tips

Over one third of the U.S. population suffers from pain. But there are ways to fight it without adding a slew of prescription bottles to your medicine cabinet. One change you can make is to examine the way you live. Lifestyle modifications can go a long way in reducing pain, especially unrelenting chronic pain.

Here are five proven ways to deal with the issue naturally.


Get some moderate, regular exercise but don't overdo. Movement is good, but joints should not be overworked. If overweight, lose the extra pounds and relieve the pressure on your joints. Light aerobic activity, or Tai Chi and Qigong, traditional Chinese exercises, are kinder to the body. Tai chi has been used by the Chinese people for centuries as a way to improve health with gentle energy balancing and stretching.


Although meditation has been around for a long time, it's now gaining recognition as an effective a way to manage pain.

One technique, mindful meditation, teaches practitioners to focus on things other than the pain, in order to control it. Experts say it is an alternative to taking strong drugs and narcotics and dealing with the side effects of medications. A recent study published by Wake Forest has found that meditation can be more effective than morphine.

Healthy Diet

Scientists have discovered that what we had for dinner can have a lot to do with how much pain we feel. Everyday foods like olives or bananas can trigger a headache. Sugar, white bread and alcohol can fuel the inflammation found in arthritis and fibromyalgia sufferers. By being aware of what we consume, we can call upon food to protect us instead of hurt us. Effective for inflammatory diseases are Omega-3 rich foods such as salmon, green tea and walnuts. Try almonds, yogurt or a baked potato to relieve a head pain.


The body reacts to not enough rest by being more sensitive to pain. In turn, having pain can also affect the quality of sleep. When your body aches, examine the way you sleep. According to sleep experts the back is the recommended position for a good night's rest. Side sleepers should support legs with a pillow in between. This prevents the body from rotating into a position that contributes to back pain. The best position for sleep is on the back, which allows the head, neck and vertebrae to align. BLUESPRING makes a safe and natural sleep aid called Sleep Support Formula.


Long term therapy with massage is known as an effective way to reduce chronic pain. The lymph system takes care of the body's circulation. When this is compromised, inflammation can result. Massage stimulates circulation and in turn helps decrease the inflammation. In a recent study, researchers found that massage is as effective with pain relief as taking NSAIDS such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Recent Studies Prove Traditional Remedies Work

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf

Aloe has been used world-wide for centuries as a medicinal plant. Its properties promote the healing of wounds, burns and mucous membrane ulcers. In a study published in a recent issue of the Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, Aloe Barbadensis was used in a topical application on patients with OLP, a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. In the group of patients who received the aloe, over 30% reported a remission of pain after 6 weeks. After 12 weeks 61% of participants reported a decrease in pain. The study concluded that the topical use of aloe improved the quality of life of patients with OLP.

Arnica Montana Flower Extract

Arnica, the main ingredient in Arnica Cream Booster, has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. It is often the herb of choice for sprains, bruises, sore muscles and wound healing. Because this form is not ingested, arnica cream is safe to use when applied to the skin. It should not be used on open skin or wounds unless it is part of your healthcare practitioner's instructions.

In a randomized, double blind study conducted by the Rheumatology Clinic in St. Gallen, Switzerland, arnica was applied to the joints of osteoarthritis patients. The results showed that arnica equaled the effectiveness of ibuprofen when treating osteoarthritis of the hands. In another double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study, topical arnica was applied to the leg muscles of male subjects after intense exercise. The study demonstrated that arnica helped the body manage pain immediately after a downhill run and for three days following the exercise.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

A popular staple of folk medicine, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, or olive oil, has been used in the past to treat diabetes. Leaves of the plant have antibacterial and sedative qualities and when boiled and prepared as an herbal remedy are said to have a calming effect on nervous tension and high blood pressure. In a study published by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, a series of experiments conducted on rats concluded that olive oil extract has analgesic properties and can be used on humans for management of pain.

In the News...

An Italian study of over 6,000 newborns was reported in the June 2013 issue of The study found that a powder consisting of arnica and Echinacea administered to the infants twice a day prevented bleeding and bacterial infections when umbilical cords detached.

The International Aloe Science Council states that the aloe vera market needs new standards because of the number of varieties of the plant. It reports that new standards for products will help consumers differentiate between the over 400 species of Aloe, some of which have laxative properties and can produce unwanted effects. The BLUESPRING formulation contains whole leaf aloe, which is made by grinding the entire leaf, then removing the rind through a filtration process.

Life Extension Magazine reports in the March 2012 issue that the leaf of Olea Europaea, another key ingredient in Arnica Cream Booster, has been found to regulate blood pressure. Studies have supported the use of olive leaf extract for hypertension. In one double-blind clinical trial, oleuropein, a compound found in olive leaf extract, reduced both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of patients by 11.5 points and 4.8 points respectively.


What Ingredients are in Arnica Cream Booster?

The effectiveness of Arnica Cream Booster is due to our unique blend of natural ingredients.

Aloe Barbadensis

The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf is commonly known as aloe vera and used in a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic products. It is a succulent with thick leaves that have spiny ridges. The leaf contains a viscous, cool gel that can be extracted and used orally or topically.

True aloe or aloe vera has been used for health and beauty purposes for thousands of years. It was used by Egyptian queens, and there are records of its use from 2,100 B.C. It traveled throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia and was commonly used in China, India and Europe by the 17th century. Today, it is grown around the world.

Even though the gel is 99 percent water, the remaining one percent is highly potent with vitamins and minerals as well as plant sterols, amino acids, salicylic acid, sugar, lignins, enzymes and more. It derives its antibacterial and antiviral properties from the polysaccharide part and the vitamins include the antioxidants A, C, E as well as B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, folic acid and choline. The minerals include chromium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. When water is not available, aloe vera can prevent dehydration.

The anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera makes it an excellent pain reliever for sunburn and other skin ailments.

Arnica Montana Flower Extract

Arnica Montana is native to the mountains of some regions in Europe. It grows in nutrient-poor soil and is becoming rare in the northern mountains due to the spread of agriculture. It has a large, yellow blossom that resembles a daisy. It is grown in herb gardens today and has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years.

The pain-killing property of Arnica Montana Flower Extract is well known. It was used by the Romans as early as 180 B.C. to soothe muscle spasms, aches and pains as well as aching joints and to ease the pain of broken bones.

The flowers contain flavonoids, sesquiterpene lactones, volatile oil, phenol carbonic acid and coumarins. Some of these are toxins that can be poisonous if ingested in large amounts, but the roots contain derivatives of thymol that produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Studies found that when Arnica Montana was used in gel at 50 percent concentration, it had the same pain relieving effect as a five percent ibuprofen gel for treating the pain of osteoarthritis.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

Native to the Mediterranean basic, wild olives were collected by the Neolithic people as early as 8,000 years B.C. The wild olive tree originated in Greece, and throughout the millennium the trees were domesticated in Asia Minor and the Fertile Crescent. There is evidence that it was cultivated first on Crete in 2,500 B.C., but olive oil was used millineums before that.

It has also been used as a skincare remedy for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it as a cleanser and moisturizer, and, in ancient Greece, it was used during massage to prevent sport's injuries and relieve muscle fatigue. It also helped eliminate lactic acid buildup.

Olive oil contains oleuropein which reduces swelling and has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-atherosclerotic properties. It also contains oleocanthal, a non-selective inhibitor of cyclooxygenase (COX), which is similar to the classical NSAID pain reliever ibuprofen.

Friendly Preservatives and Ingredients for Ease of Use:

Other ingredients are included in Arnica Cream Booster to maintain its integrity and effectiveness for a longer stable shelf life.


An emollient that is naturally found in fats and oils. It moisturizes the skin by creating an oily layer on the skin's uppermost surface. Because water cannot mix with oil, the water remains trapped below the layer of oil. Thus no water can escape from the dermal layer of the skin, and it stays hydrated. Emollients, such as glycerin, are commonly added to soaps and other skin products to prevent flakiness or drying. It is an especially important component in products formulated for people with dry or sensitive skin.


A non-toxic substance that serves several purposes. Because it is highly water-soluble and absorbent, it forms a soft gel when it is mixed with water. It may also be used safely as a thickener in cosmetics, contact lenses, and other personal care products.

C 13-14 Isoparaffin

A blend of mineral oils derived from petroleum. It is most frequently used as a conditioning agent for skin and hair, but due to its waxy texture, it is also used as a thickening/gelling agent. Because it is harmless and gentle on the skin, it is often found in sensitive products, such as baby's skin protecting creams, eye creams, anti-aging creams, eye makeup, and other personal care products.


A type of emulsifier and surfactant. Emulsifiers are product stabilizers that are used to keep water and oil from separating. They are important components in medications and personal care products, and increase the shelf life of products. Emulsifiers are also commonly found in foods, such as mayonnaise, salad dressing, and peanut butter. Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension of products, enabling them to break down dirt to work as cleansers and sometimes lubricants. Laureth-7 is safely used in a wide-range of skin care products, bubble baths, sunscreens, and deodorants.


A silicone-based oil predominantly found in skin care products and cosmetics because it provides a smooth application and works as an emollient. It is found in several foundations, primers, and other makeup products that must go on smoothly in order to look natural. Dimethicone is also found in most moisturizing lotions because it forms a protective cover on the skin, which leaves skin hydrated for a longer period of time. Some skin medications contain dimethicone because it is used to treat and prevent itchy skin and irritation.


Directions for best use:

Arnica Cream Booster is formulated to boost the results of your Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC Pain Relief.

  • Apply a thin layer of pain relief cream to affected area per directions
  • Before it is absorbed, lightly apply a thin layer of Arnica Cream Booster
  • Arnica Cream Booster can be applied with each application, but it is not required – use only as needed
  • Remember – it can also be used before Menthol Spray Booster or be used alone

For best results – use the chart below to focus on your pressure points

Frequently asked questions about using Arnica Cream Booster

Can Arnica Cream Booster be used for children?

Many families use Arnica Cream Booster for children. They usually prefer it to pills. Always seek a doctor’s advice for specific health questions regarding your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the BLUESPRING pain relief boosters?

What is the difference between Arnica Cream Booster and Menthol Spray Booster?

How often can I use Arnica Cream Booster?

Can I use Arnica Cream Booster by itself or does it have to be used with Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC?

Is Arnica Cream Booster better than Menthol Spray Booster?

Can Arnica Cream Booster be used for children?


What are the BLUESPRING pain relief boosters?

Menthol Spray Booster is for our customers who need an added boost of menthol in hard-to-reach places. Arnica Cream Booster is for those who need an herbal boost of Arnica. Capsicum Roll-On Booster provides strong and penetrating heated relief. These products deliver a boost to your pain relief only when and where it is needed. Boosters will give you the ability to customize your own pain relief for your own unique pain.

What is the difference between Arnica Cream Booster and Menthol Spray Booster?

Arnica Cream Booster and Menthol Spray Booster will both boost your pain relief results but they are two completely different formulations and applications.

Arnica Cream Booster:

  • Added boost of warming herbal relief
  • Rub on cream
  • Delivers herbal boost of Arnica

Menthol Spray Booster:

  • Added boost of cooling menthol
  • Hands free spray
  • Delivers to hard-to-reach places

Tip: Many prefer the cooling Menthol Spray Booster in the summer and the warming Arnica Cream Booster in the winter. Others use both throughout the entire year.

How often can I use Arnica Cream Booster?

Use Arnica Cream Booster as often as you want or you need it. It is not a drug but a herbal blend and has no limited use.

You may find that a jar will last a very long time. This is because it is designed to be used as a boost for tough days or tough areas.

Tip: Many use Arnica Cream Booster between applications of pain relief cream to extend the relief time

Can I use Arnica Cream Booster by itself or does it have to be used with Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC?

While we recommend it only as needed with one of our pain relief creams, it can be used by itself. It can also be used before Menthol Spray Booster. The ingredients have been used historically as safe herbal remedies. Read more on the ingredients tab.

Is Arnica Cream Booster better than Menthol Spray Booster?

No, it is not better – it is different. You are unique and your pain is unique. Your pain is also different at different times. The boosters are developed to help you customize your own pain relief as needed.

For Example: We have a customer who told us that sometimes her knee pain is much worse than usual (so bad she could cry) and she cannot sleep. When this happens she adds the Arnica Cream Booster and it is the only way she can sleep at night without pain.

Many of our customers purchase both and experiment for best results – only when they need extra help. This allows them to save money while receiving the most relief.

Can Arnica Cream Booster be used for children?

Many families use Arnica Cream Booster for children. They usually prefer it to pills. Always seek a doctor’s advice for specific health questions regarding your child.

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