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A positive mood is supported by normal, healthy levels of specific neurotransmitters in the brain. Several key nutrients are involved in the production of these neurotransmitters. Mood Support Formula was created to help address the "deficiencies" that might contribute to difficulty in stabilizing a person's mood.


  • Supports a healthy positive outlook
  • Relieves stress, tension and anxiety
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Helps increase levels of serotonin (the Happy Hormone)
  • Benefits mild to moderate mood disorders

What is Mood Support Formula?

Mood Support Formula is a blend of nutrients that is designed to support good moods. It includes St. John's wort, L-tyrosine, Siberian root extract, and other compounds that have been shown to elevate a positive outlook. Each of these compounds has been found to reduce symptoms of depression and other mood disorders, and when taken together they help the body work better to obtain a positive mood through a powerful synergistic effort. For those with mild depression or other mood disorders, a regular routine of Mood Support Formula can help your body balance and change your mood patterns more effectively.

How Does Mood Support Formula Help Me?

It is important to support a healthy mood. When you are in a healthy mood, the health of your entire body changes. Your body is able to heal and grow new cells faster. You see changes in your appearance and in your energy levels throughout the day. Happy individuals have better overall health, including heart health and brain health. Also, being around happy people makes others feel good too. By being in a healthy and productive mood, you will also be helping your friends and family experience the benefits of a healthy mood. If you are struggling to maintain this healthy and balanced mood on a daily basis, Mood Support Formula may be for you.

Mood support formula is intended for individuals who are suffering from poor moods. These moods may be a recurring problem, such as when an underlying mood disorder exists. It could also be due to the stresses of life that are hard on the body. Depression can be another source of chronic low moods. And sometimes, individuals simply go through a spell of hormonal changes that alter their body chemistry and mood. No matter the cause of the mood swings, this formula is designed to help.

Of course, there are a few ways to deal with low moods. Some people choose to simply ride them out, knowing that life has its ups and downs. For the person suffering from chronic low moods, this can be a challenge. Other interventions include changing diet, routines, and exercise habits. These can be somewhat effective given the individual. Mood support formula works well for many individuals because it helps the body get right to the root of the problem: brain chemistry.

A low mood originates by a bad combination of chemicals in the brain. Our brains take their signals from various hormones that are produced by different organs in the body. When one hormone is stimulated too much or another is not released enough, there is a shift in the body chemistry. The brain might respond with a low mood when it is not getting the chemicals it needs to be happy. Illness, personal losses, menopause, and coping with new settings are some of the causes of a shift in hormones. Also, as the body ages, it may have a harder time coping with producing the hormonal needs of the brain. The stress of daily life is hard on the body and the brain.

No matter what the source of the brain imbalance, Mood Support Formula can help. The combination of natural compounds in the formula helps your body to restore balance. It stimulates the organs in your body to produce the chemicals and hormones that allow the brain to feel happy. Mood support formula does not interrupt your body's natural processes. It simply helps your body along by working alongside it to meet your demands.

There are many ways to treat low mood. However, a good combination of approaches includes adding a dietary supplement to help your body keep up with demands that it is struggling with. There's no sense in dealing with low moods constantly when Mood Support Formula provides an easy solution. Not everyone can be in a good mood every day, but when there is a problem that is continuous, it's time to seek treatment. Part of that treatment could include a holistic health plan that includes a supplement like Mood Support Formula.

Are There Other Versions of the Product?

There are other formulas on the market that support healthy mood. However, there are a few reasons why BLUESPRING's Mood Support Formula is unique. Many other formulas only give you the benefits of one or two mood boosting compounds. Mood Support Formula gives you one of the widest combination of supplements on the market. All of the ingredients are of the highest quality and checked by the Good Manufacturing Practices in the USA. All of the ingredients that we use in our products are tested beforehand to make sure that they are safe and effective. For this reason, our product works much better than many other products on the market.

How Do I Use Mood Support Formula?

In order to get the best out of Mood Support Formula, the supplement must be taken every day. This is not a product to be used for single time instances of mood malfunction; it's meant to support every day mood stability. That's why the product works best when taken in routine. Most users of Mood Support formula take 2 capsules per day to get the maximum effects.

Healthy Habits to Support Mood

In addition to taking Mood Support formula, there are a few things that you can do to continue to improve your mood. Since a mood issue usually has several underlying causes, a good all-around routine to improve your mood will make sure that you get the most out of your mood-boosting efforts. Here are five ways that you can boost your mood on a daily basis:

Exercise Often

Exercise is one of the biggest keys to keeping up a good mood. Researchers have found that those who exercise on a regular basis each week are happier on average than those who don't exercise regularly, and they are less likely to get depression than those who don't exercise regularly. When you exercise, your brain releases chemicals that elevate your mood. Exercise doesn't have to be vigorous in order to count, either. Simply do what you're comfortable with and what gets your heart rate elevated. A walk around a local park or a short jog several times per week can give you the benefits of exercise on your mood.

Stay Connected to Friends

Keeping in touch with loved ones is another way to keep your mood high. It feels good to be connected, so try to stay in touch as much as possible. You can make a weekly habit to call each of your friends and family. If you would like to branch out and make new social contacts, consider joining a community activity where you can start building new relationships each week. The simple act of sharing time with others can lift you out of a slump, so when you're feeling blue next time, call up a friend or visit a neighbor.

Follow Good Eating Habits

Good eating habits is one of the biggest ways to affect mood. What you eat directly becomes the nutrients that your body uses to sustain itself. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, your brain will be full of vitamins and minerals that will help it produce feel good chemicals. If, on the other hand, you are only getting a few types of nutrients, your body will struggle to keep up with all of its demands and won't have enough energy to devote to making you feel good. For the best diet benefits. Try to have a diet that includes a balance of all of the food groups. Don't skimp on the most important food categories just because they're more expensive or harder to prepare.

Practice Stress Relief Techniques

Stress is a number one killer of mood. When stress chemicals flood the brain, they reduce the effects of any feel good chemicals that were present. The effects of stress can linger for a long time if they aren't dealt with, and over time they can lead to a decreased production of serotonin and other mood elevating chemicals. In order to avoid the effects of stress, learn to recognize and actively reduce your stress levels. Breathing, Yoga, positive thinking, and heart rate manipulation are some of the techniques that you can learn to employ in your favor.

Find Flow Every Day

Finally, flow is another technique that you can use to elevate your mood. Flow is the state that you enter when you are deeply engaged in an activity that you enjoy. When you reach a state of flow, your stress levels drop tremendously and your blood starts to take in the mood raising chemicals. To find flow in your daily life, identify those activities that you love most. Make time for those activities in your daily schedule, no matter how hectic it gets.

Recent Studies Prove that Traditional Remedies Work

The traditional remedies are gaining more and more attention as researchers realize the true value of alternative medicine techniques on health. St John's wort, one of the compounds in Mood Support Formula, has been gaining increasing recognition as a treatment for depression. It has been rated highly alongside prescription medicines, which often carry more risks of side effects than traditional remedies do.

The effects of positive mood on the body are also hot topics in research. Scientists have learned that maintaining a healthy mood can help an individual live longer and experience better overall health during the lifespan. Those who maintain a healthy mood also have an increased range in their memory and they perform better on cognitive tasks.

Finally, researchers are beginning to discover that good mood is self-perpetuating, When we are in a good mood, we have positive thoughts. These thoughts fire off certain neurons in the brain that cause our positive thoughts to grow stronger. As the neurons fire, the pathways in the brain that support these thoughts grow bigger. We begin to think even more positively and strengthen the areas of our brain that promote positive thinking. Once you get started with frequent positive thinking, it becomes a loop that keeps getting stronger and stronger. This concept of neuroplasticity is one of the more exciting recent discoveries related to positive moods and improved brain function.

In the News....

Mother Earth News released an article about the benefits of natural supplements to help improve mood. In it, they talked specifically about St John's wort as a way to ward off depression. The National Institute of Health is funding research to discover more ways that St John's wort can help patients with mood disorders. Read more about the benefits of natural supplements to support mood.


What Ingredients are in Mood Support Formula?

Some of the healthy ingredients found in Mood Support Formula by BLUESPRING have been scientifically proven as natural remedies to help support a positive mood. The effectiveness of this formula is due to the unique blend of highest quality ingredients.

Each of these elements naturally produces affects that contribute to easing certain areas of depression. When taken together, they cover a wide scope of symptoms that may help the average person gain relief.

St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort is a flowering plant and a medicinal herb, often called Tipton's Weed or Rosin's Rose. The herb's common name, St. John's Wort, comes from the traditional harvesting of the Hypericum flowers on 24 June, St. John's Day.

St. John's Wort is traditionally known to aid a wide range of symptoms, but it is generally used for the treatment of depression.There has been much research done with St. John's Wort, and the studies show it to be effective for mild-to-moderate depression.

We use only EuroMed European Standardized St. John's Wort. This insures the highest quality tested ingredient.

Twenty out of twenty-three clinical studies (including 2,745 patients) on Europeanstandardized St. JohnÕs Wort demonstrated positive results for depression. Five of these studies were randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled (totaling 626 patients) and showed significant benefits without significant side effects. Eleven clinical studies have been done comparing St. John's Wort to prescription antidepressants, concluding that it is effective for mild to moderate mood disorders.

Our St. John's Wort is made to the exact same specifications as that used in the studies.

Griffonia simplicifolia

The active ingredient in Griffonia simplicifolia is 5-HTP. Numerous scientific studies show 5-HTP is of benefit in individuals with mood disorders. 5-HTP has many advantages over L-tryptophan. Besides being safer to produce and arguably more potent, it can cross the very selective blood-brain barrier more easily than L-tryptophan. Once it passes through the blood brain barrier it is able to help increase levels of of serotonin; a neurotransmitter, whose levels are positively associated with mood.

Griffonia simplicifolia has been used for ADHD, as an anti-depressant, and for pain relief, weight loss and insomnia.. The significant benefit in this supplement is that the 5-HTP occurs naturally. This keeps serotonin levels high, which makes this a natural alternative to maintain good mental health. It helps the body work better.

The extract of Griffonia simplicifolia is taken from the seed; and this is where the 5-HTP is found. Then it is produced into a dietary supplement. The Griffonia simplicifolia synthesizes the 5-HTP in the brain and this halts the dopamine production while it also increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone in the brain that promotes elated feelings of confidence and self-worth, so this makes the herb successful for those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety disorders, migraines and ADHD.

We use only Griffonia bean extract standardized to 98% L-5-HTP to insure the highest and safest potency.

Siberian root extract

Siberian root extract is a derivative of the Siberian ginseng, but do not confuse it with American ginseng. Siberian ginseng is plant is found in Siberia, Russia. The root of the Siberian Ginseng has several names, one of which is Adaptogen. This term describes substances that strengthen the body and provide resistance to the stresses of daily life. It is known as an effective adaptogen, which has been shown to support a healthy stress response, and a natural "boost" in energy levels.

Siberian root extract contains a multitude of natural chemicals that affect the brain, immune system, and certain hormones, and because of that has been found to benefit many conditions, including heart diseases, blood pressure, kidney disease, ADHD, hardening of the arteries, Alzheimer's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, Rheumatory arthritis, fibromyalgia and symptoms related to flu and colds. Studies have also shown that Siberian root extract has been used in treating insomnia and the side effects of chemotherapy.


L-Tyrosine is one of a group of 21 essential/nonessential amino acids that are necessary in the human body. Nine of the 21 standard amino acids are called essential because they cannot be recreated from anywhere else. L-Tyrosine mainly acts in the body to produce dopamine, which is known to reduce stress.

The name tyrosine comes from a Greek word 'tyri', which means cheese. The amino acid was first discovered in 1846 by German chemist when researching the protein casein in cheese. Tyrosine is found in many high protein foods, such as chicken, fish, turkey, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, peanuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds, soy products, bananas, lima beans and avocados, but in order to have an amount that produces results, concentrated supplements are needed.


Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that is found in many plants and animals, though it can be made in a laboratory also. Inositol can be used for a large variety of symptoms including panic disorder, nerve pain, insomnia, high cholesterol, depression, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, ADHD, psoriasis and autism. Inositol also treats conditions of high blood pressure, high triglycerides and raising the levels of testosterone.

Natural products are often used for a multiple of symptoms that are closely related. Inositol has shown possibilities of managing panic attacks and those who have fears of public or open spaces as is effective to some individuals as prescription medicine.

Persons with obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD, have experienced significant improvement in less than two months time. Since Inositol is known to decrease blood pressure and triglycerides, it has been beneficial in several diseases linked to these symptoms. Always consult a physician; Inositol generally shouldn't be combined with lithium.


Mood Support
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per container: 60
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
St. John’s Wort herb and flower extract
(Hypericum perforatum)
(Standardized to 0.3% [0.9 mg] Hypericin)
300 mg *
Griffonia (Griffonia simplicifolia) bean extract (Standardized to 98% [24.5 mg]
25 mg *
Siberian eleutherococcus root extract 
(Eleutherococcus senticosus)
(Standardized to 0.5% [0.125 mg] Eleutherosides)
25 mg *
L-Tyrosine 50 mg *
Inositol 50 mg *
* Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, water (capsules), rice powder, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and silica.

Caution: St. John's Wort may cause increased photosensitivity in some individuals. Use caution while taking this product during exposure to sunlight. If symptoms arise, discontinue the use of this product.

Consult a physician before using St. John's Wort with prescription drugs.

Our Standardized St. John's Wort, Griffonia Bean (L-5-HTP) and Siberian eleutherococcus extracts are manufactured by European phytopharmaceutical companies under strict European quality control standards. Like all European herbal extracts, their production is regulated to the same high standards as Over-The-Counter drugs.

Contains No sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Suggested Use:As a dietary supplement, adults take three (3) tablets daily, or as directed by a health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.
Keep out of reach of children..

/complementaryandalternativemedicine/herbsvitaminsandminerals/eleuthero Wiki

How do I use Mood Support Formula?

Adults: As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules daily with meals or as directed by a health care professional.

Mood Support Formula is a vegetarian capsule and contains no sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.

Warning: This product may include photosensitivity if you are in the sunlight. Check with your doctor about the use of ingredients with prescription drugs.

How long will it be before I feel results?

Nutritional supplements work differently for different people. In order to get the best out of Mood Support Formula, the supplement must be taken every day. This is not a product to be used for single time instances of mood malfunction; it's meant to support every day mood stability. That's why the product works best when taken in routine.

If you follow this routine you will start to feel the results within the first few weeks.

How long will my bottle last?

Mood Support Formula contains 60 vegetarian capsules. At optimal dosage, a bottle will last you 30 days from when you start usage.

Tell me about Natural Remedy vs. Conventional Medicine?

Pharmaceuticals work by treating your systems. Natural medicines treat your body holistically. The goal is to create a balance that supports total well-being.

This results in helping your body work better to relieve what is bothering you now PLUS help prevent future disease.

This is why we say there are no negative side effects - Only Positive Side Effects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mood Support Formula made?

Is Mood Support Formula approved by the FDA?

Is Mood Support Formula safe to take with other medications?

Where is Mood Support Formula made?

BLUESPRING's Mood Support Formula is made in the USA. Ingredients are either from the USA or Europe. All ingredients are verified and clinically proven for safety and efficacy. Beware of products that could be made outside of US and Europe -As you may know there is no manufacturing control and this results in many low quality supplements being sold in the US.

Is Mood Support Formula approved by the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees guidelines for all food and drug products. Mood Support Formula is an herbal dietary supplement.

The FDA has guidelines for labeling, and health education called the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA).

BLUESPRING is a registered FDA labeler, and all of our products are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plants.

This guarantees the highest quality which includes consistency, stabilized potency and continuing reliability.

Is Mood Support Formula safe to take with other medications?

If we know of any combinations to avoid or negative side effects we always add this to the label.

If you are in the sunlight this product may increase your photosensitivity.

However, only you know your own unique situation and it is best to check with your doctor if you have any questions about interactions. It is recommended to check with your doctor about taking the ingredient St. John's Wort and prescription drugs.

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