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NS-114: Green Coffee Bean Extract 90-ct. Capsules

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Dr. Mehmet Oz recently made this amazing weight loss secret public and the studies are astounding. BLUESPRING is offering the highest quality low caffeine Green Coffee Bean Extract in a very specific formulation. Quality and dosage must be exact get the same results shown in Dr. Oz’s study.


  • Supports liver fat metabolism
  • Uses stored body fat as energy
  • Decreases fat deposit which leads to lower body weight
  • Balances healthy blood sugar levels
  • Aids in weight reduction

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Recently featured on Dr. Mehmet Oz's television series, green coffee bean extract comes from coffee beans that have been harvested but not yet roasted. This allows the beans to offer the full effect of their included ingredients, including chlorogenic acid, which simply cannot be obtained by drinking a traditional cup of coffee.

The ingredients that are found in these green coffee beans, especially chlorogenic acid, have been found to help promote a faster overall rate of weight loss in numerous studies. This makes green coffee bean extract highly effective for a number of medical treatments and conditions where weight loss may help reduce pain or suffering.

How Does it Help my Problem?

For generations, arthritis has affected the senior citizen population without very much hope for a cure that can alleviate this most common form of joint pain and damage. Suffering from arthritis begins with just a small amount of pain but, over time, that pain increases as the joints continue to be used and the amount of friction experienced by each joint causes further damage.

After several years, pain can be absolutely debilitating and it can cause many arthritis suffers to use a wheelchair for daily movements and routine tasks. That's not a sustainable solution, and it's one that can actually be avoided by pursuing a healthy diet and exercise regimen. With weight loss, many sufferers of arthritis and other joint ailments find their pain decreases dramatically over time.

The Effect of Extra Weight: A Dramatic Impact on Joint Function and Pain

When most people think about the average amount of stress that they place upon their joints, they commonly believe that their total bodyweight is the same amount of weight that is borne by the knees, ankles, elbows, and other parts of the body. That just isn't the case, however. 

For every pound of body weight, joints bear a 500 percent greater amount of weight. Therefore, a 100-pound person is putting a full 500 pounds of pressure on their joints. Someone who is overweight by just 10 pounds will place an extra 50 pounds of pressure on those joints. The damage only worsens for those who are 20, 30, or even 50 pounds heavier than doctors recommend.

Because joint damage caused by being overweight or obese is ongoing, there is a near-constant strain placed on the knees and ankles especially. This is why many people experience the worst pain when walking around the home or performing daily tasks and it's why arthritis can quickly cause sufferers to embrace a wheelchair in order to cope with their pain. There is hope, though, in the form of weight loss.

Reduce Joint Stress and Damage with a Healthy Body Weight

It's easy to be initially overwhelmed at the prospect of losing weight, especially if there is a large amount of weight that must be lost. It's important to remember, though, that five pounds of pressure on the joints is relieved for every pound lost. That amount is not insignificant, and losing one pound per week is easy for many people to accomplish when they combine diet and exercise with powerful supplementation to help speed the process along.

It's also true that those losing weight to cope with pain don't have to lose a significant amount of weight in order to feel a big difference in terms of their pain and daily mobility. Indeed, many people with arthritis report a noticeable difference in pain levels after they've lost just about 20 pounds of their body weight. Though many people will have far more weight to lose, it's heartening to know that even a relatively small reduction in weight can have such a dramatic impact on pain levels.

Reduce the Onset of Arthritis with Weight Loss

With the proper supplementation, along with a healthy diet and a robust exercise routine, it's possible for arthritis sufferers to significantly reduce the amount of pain that they cope with on a daily basis. That's a great start, but there's more to the picture than merely reducing pain. While weight loss cannot reverse or stop the onset of joint pain in anyone, it can certainly slow down the process.

In recent studies, researchers found that men and women who move from the "obese" category to the "overweight" category can actually slow down how quickly their joints deteriorate and how quickly their pain becomes more severe. In men, the onset of arthritis was reduced by just over 21 percent thanks to weight loss. In women, the change was even more pronounced. The average woman who reduced her body weight significantly was likely to see a 31 percent reduction in the onset of arthritis and other ailments that cause a significant amount of joint pain.

Getting it Right with Green Coffee Bean Extract

There is no substitute for a healthy diet and an exercise routine, but there is plenty of supplementation to help kick the effects of those two things into high gear. Green coffee bean extract is one of the best additives to any healthy routine, and it's been shown to help weight loss progress accelerate even more quickly. Those who turn to green coffee bean extract should pay attention to a few important details, however, including the following:
  • It's important for green coffee bean extract to be "standardized." This means that the extract lives up to both industry and FDA standards, and ensures that it is highly effective and dosed properly.
  • 400 grams of chlorogenic acid should be found in a single serving of green coffee bean extract in order for the supplement to reach its full potential when promoting weight loss. (more is not better – 400 grams is optimum dosage)
  • The ingredient should be pure, standardized, and the best on the market, otherwise it simply will not do its job effectively and weight loss will suffer accordingly. BLUESPRING’s Green Coffee Bean Extract is made in the USA with tested and standardized quality ingredients.

With the right attention to detail when purchasing a green coffee bean extract product from a reputable company such as BLUESPRING, consumers can boost their weight loss results while dramatically decreasing the pain associated with joint ailments. It's a powerful way to regain mobility and enjoy life's daily routine rather than dreading the start of each day and the pain that might result.

Healthy Tips

Losing weight is a simple concept, but one that intimidates a large segment of the population. That's probably because many people associate weight loss with "sacrifice." Whether it's the loss of their favorite foods, the loss of precious time to an exercise routine, or other compromises, it can be hard for many consumers to embrace the kind of lifestyle needed in order to ensure optimal weight loss and the best results possible.

With a few simple tips, however, weight loss can actually be as enjoyable as any other part of a daily routine. It doesn't have to be all about sacrifice, large amounts of time, and a longing for certain foods or daily activities.

Eat More Often Instead of Enduring Diet-Related Hunger

There is a common misconception among new dieters that the sole key to progress on the scale is practically starving themselves. After all, it is food that contributes to an elevated body weight and many people resolve to merely cut the food out of their routine in order to produce results. While it's true that calories must be limited to a certain number each day so that the body spends more energy than it consumes, it's also true that dieters don't have to suffer from the pains of hunger throughout the day.

To cope with a restructured diet full of healthier foods, and probably less food overall, those embracing a healthier lifestyle should turn their three daily meals into six smaller ones. This will allow for a meal or snack roughly every two to three hours, and it helps combat the hunger that all too often derails a diet and leads to binging.

Contact a Physician Before Starting a New Routine

Physicians know their patients very well, and they're more likely to know whether a particular dietary regimen or workout routine will work for their patients. Consult a doctor before beginning a new fitness and diet routine in order to learn about any potential risks or pitfalls of these new activities. Ensure that existing medical conditions will not lead to negative side effects or cause adverse reactions. Nothing is worse than suffering pain or other negative effects at a local fitness center when they could easily have been avoided by a physician consultation beforehand.

Find a Gym or Fitness Center with a Pool

Joint pain makes it pretty hard to exercise for most sufferers, and that can lead to the kind of intimidation that will put workouts on the back burner. This doesn't have to be the rule, though. Many gyms offer pools and saunas that are perfect for sufferers of joint pain. While traditional swimming is a great cardiovascular activity that can elevate heart rate and burn calories, it is the use of joints underwater than can produce real results.

Known as "water walking," many gyms offer classes or opportunities for members to simply get in the pool and walk through the water. This works with joints that might be in a significant amount of pain, as it reduces the total amount of stress that is placed on the joints during the walk. It's a good way to get started, and it will open many more doors as the weight comes off and more intense workouts can be pursued.

Consult with a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are specifically educated to help gym patrons at all levels of fitness create a workout that will keep them safe, healthy, and always improving. While many people associate personal trainers with intense workouts and younger gym goers, their skills are also perfect for older members and those who are looking to lose weight while combating joint pain.

Personal trainers know the best workouts for these scenarios, and they'll often offer a bit of instruction and assistance to new gym members who need a brief primer before they exercise on their own. It's the right commitment to safety and success for pain sufferers and it will lay the foundation for stronger workouts in the future.

Supplement Diet and Exercise with Other Natural Ingredients

Diet and exercise are the two most effective ways to lose weight and reduce joint pain, but they can be helped along by natural ingredients like those found in green coffee bean extract. With the right natural supplementation at the proper levels, weight loss can be accelerated while pain is reduced.

With Information and Dedication, Weight Loss is Possible

By consulting with professionals in the medical and fitness industries, as well as pursuing smart eating and supplementation regimens, it's possible for joint pain sufferers to lose weight, lose pain, and gain their lives back in a dramatic way.

Recent Studies Prove Traditional Remedies Work

The effectiveness of green coffee bean extract has been studied by numerous professionals in the field, all of whom are actively seeking a way to boost weight loss in patients of all ages and backgrounds. Among these studies, the most frequently cited is a study performed at the University of Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania. There, researchers studied the long-term effect of green coffee bean extract over the course of 22 weeks.

Five Months and Plenty of Weight: An Effective Supplement for Patients

The study recently performed at the University of Scranton was eventually published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, which is one of the leading scholarly sources about weight loss and metabolic struggles around the world. The journal published results that saw patients lose, on average, a whopping 17.5 pounds over the course of 22 weeks. That equates to just about five months, and it's worth noting.

It's especially notable because it means that, with green coffee bean extract, joint pain sufferers could find themselves losing their first 20 pounds in less than half a year. Because 20 pounds seems to be the "magic" number of reducing noticeable joint pain, that should raise more than a few eyebrows.

Dr. Mehmet Oz Conducts a Subsequent Study

Dr. Oz, who got his start on television by appearing as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, did his own research into the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract on weight loss. The results were impossible to avoid: Those who supplemented with green coffee bean extract loss about 2 pounds per week on average. Those participants in the study who pursued weight loss without the supplement lost half that amount, or one pound per week.

Both studies offer a wealth of promising information for joint pain sufferers and others who have come to understand that a healthy body weight is the key to reduced pain, a more enjoyable livelihood, and a reduced rate of arthritic damage.

In the News...

There are few sources considered more authoritative by those looking for health information than the daytime talk show hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Oz originally appeared as a guest on Oprah Winfrey's daily talk show, but has since moved to his own time slot. He has used his national platform to conduct studies of weight loss products, pain treatments, and numerous other crazes that have piqued his viewers’ curiosity. So it was on a recent episode with green coffee bean extract, which has been sold as one of the most effective natural weight loss supplements.

Verifying the Studies: A Look at Just How Effective the Supplement Is

Dr. Oz is in the business of informing and educating his viewers while also forcing the medical industry to tell the truth. It was with this in mind that Oz tested the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract, the effects of which have already been published in a recent study found in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. That study showed a loss of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks.

To prove that study true or false, Oz conducted a similar study with his own patients over the same period of time. His findings were impossible to ignore: patients lost about two pounds per week on average when they supplemented with green coffee bean extract. Those who did not supplement with the product lost just one pound per week. Oz conducted the study on a group of 100 women who volunteered to be a part of the process.

Real Results and a Verification of Prior Studies

The real story broken by Dr. Oz is not the enhanced amount of weight loss itself, but the verification of the prior study where patients lost a significant amount of weight over the course of 22 weeks. The correlation and agreement between the two studies suggests that green coffee bean extract is the natural, weight-loss-boosting supplement that people have long been searching for. BLUESPRING offers Green Coffee Bean Extract both standardized and formulated in the USA- to replicate the same formula used in the studies.

What Ingredients are in Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee been extract is widely sold as an all-natural way to enhance the effects and progress of weight loss, with numerous studies that back the supplement up as the single most effective way to lose more weight in a shorter amount of time.

In order for the supplement to accomplish the dramatic results that it has produced in recent studies, it needs to contain a few key ingredients and manufacturing processes. Before buying green coffee bean extract, it's important to understand what goes into production and which ingredients are included for the most effective blend possible.

Green Coffee Beans

First and foremost, it's worth understanding exactly what comprises a green coffee bean. Most consumers have heard of green tea, of course, but green coffee beans represent something entirely different. Instead of being cultivated and roasted, and then ground up for use in coffee makers in consumers' homes, green coffee beans are harvested and left untouched. The lack of roasting allows their original nutrient composition to remain intact, and it is stronger and more easily digested by the body as a result.

While it is possible to find active ingredients, like chlorogenic acid, in roasted coffee beans and traditional cups of coffee, it is simply not present in a large enough quantity to make any difference in terms of weight loss or other healthy benefits.

Chlorogenic Acid – The active ingredient in Green Coffee Beans

Plenty of research has been done on green coffee bean extract in an effort to determine exactly which aspect of this popular product produces the dramatic weight loss results in those patients who take it regularly throughout the day. The consensus is clear: The presence of highly concentrated chlorogenic acid is responsible for kicking the body's metabolism into high gear and promoting a quicker weight of rate loss than would otherwise be possible.

The amount of chlorogenic acid in BLUESPRING's most effective green coffee bean extract is standardized at 50 percent. This is the perfect amount to kick the body's weight loss mechanisms into high gear, and it's widely believed that a lesser dosage will simply not be enough to produce the same results. A higher dosage is not better – optimal results come with just the right dosage and balance.

Vegetarian Capsule Composition

Most Green coffee bean extract is delivered in the form of a standard capsule, which looks similar to "liqui-gel" type of pill found over-the-counter in most pharmacies. Unlike those capsules, though, the best green coffee bean supplements do not use a gelatin-based capsule. The goal with this supplement is for it to be entirely organic and work with the body's existing chemistry, forcing no part of the body to break down synthetic ingredients. This necessitates the replacement of a gelatin capsule with a vegetarian alternative.

BLUESPRING uses a vegetarian capsule to deliver Green Coffee Bean Extract

The vegetarian capsule is made from vegetable products and it is all-natural. This results in a lesser likelihood that the capsule will aggravate allergies in consumers, and it means that each capsule is actually "Kosher-friendly" for those consumers who value that aspect in their food. Its all-natural composition means that it is more easily broken down by the body, leading to a healthier weight loss routine overall.

Low Amounts of Caffeine

Unlike a typical cup of coffee, which uses roasted beans, the amount of caffeine passed onto those who take green coffee bean extract is quite low. This is perfect for those who have a high sensitivity to caffeine or those who simply do not want a burst of energy each time they consume the supplement before a meal.

Green Coffee Extract
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Capsules
Servings per container: 90
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Green Coffee Bean Extract
(Standarized to 50% [200 mg] Chlorogenic acids)
400 mg *
*Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Capsules (cellulose, water), cellulose, silica, and magnesium stearate.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been standarized to 50% chlorogenic acids and has been researched for its effects in supporting weight loss and healthy weight management. There is also scientific evidence that it acts as an antioxidant and can support cardiovascular health and normal blood glucose levels†.

Each serving typically contains less than 20 mg of caffeine.


† This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How do I use Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The ideal dosage of a green coffee extract supplement is widely accepted to be 400 milligrams per capsule. This provides the right amount of chlorogenic acid to the body before each meal, allowing it to optimally metabolize and digest food. Lower and higher amounts of the extract will not produce the same highly effective results, and therefore should be avoided.

If you can use Green Coffee Bean Extract regularly – keep your calories count at 1800 or lower daily – add regular exercise - it will help your body work better to more rapidly lose unwanted extra pounds.

Losing weight can result in helping your body achieve optimal health including reduced joint pain as well as reduction in arthritis pain.

Adults: Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before each meal. Use at least twice daily before breakfast and lunch – for optimal results also take before dinner.

How long will it be before I feel results?

Nutritional supplements work differently for different people. But you could easily start to notice a significant improvement in your weight loss efforts after taking Green Coffee Bean Extract for just weeks – even before you finish your first bottle.

However, you’ll likely experience even better results after 60 to 90 days of continuous use. Consistent use over time will improve effectiveness. For optimal results, limit your calorie intake to 1800 or less per day and combine with daily exercise.

The studies showed by supplementing with Green Coffee Bean Extract - a 17.5 weight loss after 22 weeks – which is only about 5 months. WITHOUT Green Coffee Bean Extract the weight loss dropped to half.

Our bodies are different; it is advised that you stay with the recommended dosage, limit calorie intake and add exercise to get the very best results.

How long will my bottle last?

Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 90 vegetarian capsules. At optimal dosage, a bottle will last you 30 days from when you start usage.

Tell me about Natural Remedy vs. Conventional Medicine?

Pharmaceuticals work by treating your systems. Natural medicines treat your body holistically. The goal is to create a balance that supports total well-being.

This results in helping your body work better to relieve what is bothering you now PLUS help prevent future disease.

This is why we say there are no negative side effects – Only Positive Side Effects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Green Coffee Bean Extract made?

Will I get the caffeine jitters if I take Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Are the Green Coffee Beans verified to be the finest Arabica Beans?

Why do I see Green Coffee Bean Extract offered at so many different prices?

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract approved by the FDA?

I watch the Dr. Oz show and he is adamant that no one use his name to sell a product, aren’t you breaking this rule?

Where is Green Coffee Bean Extract made?

BLUESPRING’s Green Coffee Bean Extract is made in the USA. Ingredients are either from the USA or Europe. All ingredients are verified and clinically proven for safety and efficacy. Beware of products that could be made outside of US and Europe –As you may know there is no manufacturing control and this results in many low quality supplements being sold in the U.S.

Will I get the caffeine jitters if I take Green Coffee Bean Extract?

BLUESPRINGs Green Coffee Bean Extract is low caffeine. Your entire daily dosage has 75% LESS caffeine than your daily cup of coffee. So needless to say, it is not a stimulant and does not make you jittery and nervous. It does not raise y our heart rate like roasted coffee or ephedra. In fact, the Green Coffee Bean Extract has actually shown in some studies to lower blood pressure – while still boosting metabolism.

Are the Green Coffee Beans verified to be the finest Arabica Beans?

Yes, each ingredient is tested and verified for efficacy, standardization to match expectations. In addition each batch is analyzed by an independent laboratory. This insures that we are delivering on the quality ingredients blend properly – just as promised for maximum results.

Why do I see Green Coffee Bean Extract offered at so many different prices?

Natural green coffee beans are not cheap. So if you want the outstanding results as shown in the study you should expect a retail price of around $50.00 to $60.00. BLUESPRING offers the highest quality Green Coffee Bean Extract at a retail price of just under $50.00.

If you see Green Coffee Bean priced low then question where it was made and are the ingredients verified and standardized. Be aware that there are many supplements made in or with ingredients from from Asia that say Green Coffee Bean Extract but are actually Ephedra which is listed as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency. If you do not feel you can afford a quality supplement – don’t waste your money on a potentially harmful one. Choose another alternative.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract approved by the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees guidelines for all food and drug products. Green Coffee Bean Extract is an herbal dietary supplement.

The FDA has guidelines for labeling, and health education called the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA).

BLUESPRING is a registered FDA labeler, and all of our products are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plants.

This guarantees the highest quality which includes consistency, stabilized potency and continuing reliability.

I watch the Dr. Oz show and he is adamant that no one use his name to sell a product, aren’t you breaking this rule?

We watch the Dr. Oz show also and our President, Debra Murray, is fortunate enough to have met him. You are correct about your statement. However, we are not saying that he endorses this product.

What we are referring to are the studies he performed on Green Coffee Bean Extract. Dr. Oz is not only a TV personality but a medical doctor who practices medicine and performs studies. Sometimes these studies are published. When they are published they become public record. What we are referring to is public record not personal endorsement.

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