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Pump Up the Pain Relief and SAVE!

12 oz. Super Blue Stuff OTC Pump

Buy 3 Blue Pump Bottles at Reg. Price, Get 4th Pump FREE Plus One 1 oz. SBS Jar FREE!


The 12 oz. pump bottle is perfect for multiple users. Place it in the kitchen, garage or office for easy access and with the convenience of a pump it’s a sanitary solution for groups. Featuring the power of menthol from peppermint plus pure emu oil, MSM, whole leaf aloe vera, glucosamine and 11 therapeutic herbs.


SAVE 28% - MSRP $229.75


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12 oz. Super White Stuff OTC Pump

Buy 3 White Pump Bottles at Reg. Price, Get 4th Pump FREE Plus One 1 oz. SWS Jar FREE!


The same great pain fighting formula as our Super Blue, but Super White Stuff has no added color or fragrance and is designed for those with sensitive skin.


SAVE 28% - MSRP $229.75


Buy Now......................... ONLY $16485


“I have been having problems with allergies and sinuses. My face has been tender and sore to touch. It’s very painful to even lay on a pillow. Since Super Blue Stuff is good for so many things, I decided to try it on my face. I covered my whole face from forehead to the base of my throat and reapplied twice that day. The next day, the pain was almost completely gone! It’s been 4 days now and the pain is entirely gone. The Super Blue Stuff helped the pain in my face and the smell of the product helped clear my sinuses up as well.”
~ Ms. DM


“I have fibromyalgia and a lot of arthritis in my back and hands. I have used Super White Stuff for years. It is a godsend as it helps me so I don’t have to take so many pain pills. It relaxes my muscles and is truly a great product. I recommend it to everyone who has arthritis and muscle pain. It’s wonderful!”
~ Jeannine

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Fast, Effective Pain Relief is on the Way


Super Blue Stuff OTC


  • Relieves pain quickly

  • Provides safe and natural pain relief

  • Works for arthritis, myalgia and more



Super White Stuff OTC

  • All natural formula

  • NO added fragrance or color

  • Great for those with sensitive skin



Foot & Leg Comfort

  • Rich and soothing

  • Relieves discomfort from swelling, irritation or fatigue

  • Rejuvenating, cooling & soothing






Menthol Spray Booster

  • Enhances pain relief results

  • Provides cooling spray boost

  • Attacks back pain

  • Works quickly




Arnica Cream Booster 

  • Provides natural herbal boost 

  • Fights inflammation

  • Soothes quickly

  • Extends relief time




Capsicum Heat Booster

  • Burst of heat for stubborn pain

  • Roll-on applicator

  • Layer over Super Blue Stuff or use alone 




When purchasing Pain Relief, products with PR at the beginning of the item number, the discount applies to the total quantity, not the individual item.


For example: buy two 4.4 oz. Super Blue Jars, one 12 oz. Super White pump, one Menthol Spray Booster, one Arnica Cream Booster and one 8 oz. Foot & Leg Comfort Cream and pay the corresponding Buy 6 price for each item. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up for yourself or purchase multiples to share or give as gifts.



“I buy Super Blue Stuff BEFORE even paying rent, electric, gas etc. It comes first! If it can numb pain with plates and screws in my back, fibromyalgia and arthritis, think what it can do for you!“
~ Norma

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Keep Summer Skin Looking Good into Fall


Pure Prime Emu Oil

  • Natural moisturizer for skin

  • Absorbs quickly and deeply

  • Fights inflammation

  • Penetrates with moisture

  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles, aging

  • Thickens skin


2 oz. BOTTLE

SC-014 - MKT PRICE $31.37 - $14.98 oz - SAVE 5%


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4 oz. BOTTLE

SC-101 - MKT PRICE $56.57 - $9.99 oz - SAVE 30%


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8 oz. BOTTLE

SC-172 - MKT PRICE $107.84 - $8.74 oz - SAVE 35%


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32 oz. BOTTLE

VS-173 - MKT PRICE $395.66 - $7.34 oz - SAVE 40%


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Fight the Blues

Face the Day with a Brighter Outlook

Mood Support


Not everyone can be in a good mood every day, but when there is a problem that is continuous, it’s time to seek treatment. Part of that treatment could include a holistic health plan that includes a supplement like Mood Support.


The ingredients found in Mood Support can help add the nutrients to your system the brain needs to function optimally.


Our unique blend including St. John’s Wort, Griffonia Simplicifolia, Siberian Root Extract, L-Tyrosine and Inositol were selected to give the body the aid it may need to put everything in balance with the result being a lift in mood.



Buy 1 Bottle, Get 1 Half Off

MOO-2217 - MSRP PRICE $59.90 - SAVE 25%


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Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 FREE

MOO-1960 - MSRP PRICE $89.85 - SAVE 33%


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Buy 3 Bottles, Get 3 FREE

MOO-2218 - MSRP PRICE $179.70 - SAVE 50%


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Single Bottle Mood Support

NS-124 - 60 Ct. Capsules


Buy Now............ ONLY $2995




"Works quickly! Sometimes I take Mood Support every day, but when I forget, I take one and can tell a difference. It works quickly and my mood improves noticeably. I go from feeling negative to positive and relaxed. I like that I can feel quick results, but it does not have the side effects of medication. Now I carry a few with me when I am out."
~ Doris S.

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Discover Natural Fuel for Your Body

Healthy Living Supplements

Safe and natural solutions to life’s challenges
Formulated for safety, efficacy and positive results
A holistic approach to well being



These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Joint Support

NS-111 - 90 Ct.


Buy Now......................... ONLY $4295



Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps

NS-105 - 60 Ct.


Buy Now......................... ONLY $3995



Hair, Skin & Nails

NS-212 - 90 Ct.


Buy Now......................... ONLY $3295



Feel Better Look Better


Sleep Support

NS-400 - 60 Ct.


Buy Now......................... ONLY $3995



Thyroid Support

NS-113 - 60 Ct.


Buy Now......................... ONLY $2795



When purchasing supplements, products whose item numbers begin with NS, the discount applies to the total quantity, not the individual item.


For example: buy two Joint Support and one each of Thyroid Support and Sleep Support and pay the corresponding Buy 4 price for each item.





"Still taking Thyroid Support. I like the results so far.”
~ Lizanne


"I use a supplement daily for arthritis pain. Only Joint Support has worked and I have tried many others.”


"Sleep Support is a great product! Drug free, deep sleep and you wake up refreshed and rested. I have been using this for three months, and I have more energy in the day from finally getting a great night’s sleep every night!”
~ Bill


"Hair, Skin & Nails is great and really works! I have used three other well advertised hair products to help hair grow thicker and stop falling out, BUT this one is the only one that I have used that almost instantly stops your hair falling out. I highly recommend it.””
~ Lois M.


"Fabulous product. No more bouts of diverticulitis since taking Emu Oil Gel Caps”


FREE Travel Size Gift With Purchase


FREE 2 oz. Hair Healthy Shampoo with Purchase of 12 oz. Shampoo

HAR-2206 - MSRP $29.90 - SAVE 26%


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FREE 2 oz. Anti-Aging Conditioner with Purchase of 12 oz. Conditioner

HAR-2207- MSRP $36.90 - SAVE 27%


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FREE 1 oz. Jar Super Blue Stuff with Purchase of 4.4 oz. Super Blue Jar

SBS-2208 - MSRP $32.90 - SAVE 30%


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FREE 1 oz. Jar Super White Stuff with Purchase of 4.4 oz. Super White Jar

SWS-2209 - MSRP $32.90 - SAVE 30%


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FREE 1 oz. Jar Foot & Leg Comfort with Purchase of 8 oz. Foot & Leg Jar

FAL-2213 - MSRP $42.90 - SAVE 23%


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Capsicum Roll-on Booster with FREE 1 oz. Jar Foot & Leg Comfort

BST-2215 - MSRP $32.90 - SAVE 30%


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Arnica Cream Booster with FREE 1 oz. Jar Foot & Leg Comfort

BST-2216 - MSRP $27.90 - SAVE 35%


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Menthol Spray Booster with FREE 1 oz. Jar Foot & Leg Comfort

BST-2214 - MSRP $33.90 - SAVE 29%


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Limited time offer. Subject to withdrawal at anytime