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Summer is a time traditionally used to relax, break from the routine of our lives, and refresh ourselves, often in nature. At BLUESPRING, we get that; our motto "Refresh, Rejuvenate, Revive, Replenish" goes along with that 100%! Even in retirement, it is important to set time aside to get away from daily life and have an adventure. Experience new things. Enjoy a change of scenery. Engage in an activity that brings you life.

When you have pain in your body, it can be hard to relax. The activities you love doing can seem like more trouble than they're worth. Traveling itself can be a challenge, whether it involves sitting for long periods of time in a car or other transportation or walking from place to place. And if it's difficult to sleep because of pain or discomfort, nothing you do the next day will be as enjoyable as it should be.

That's Where BLUESPRING Comes In!

Don't let pain keep you from living the best life you can! With safe, natural pain relief products like Super Blue Stuff OTC, Super White Stuff OTC, and Foot and Leg Comfort, BLUESPRING can give you back the pain-free movement you have known in the past. Whether your pain comes from arthritis or another chronic pain condition, an injury on the job, or any other cause, we know our products can help. Powerful menthol paired with soothing aloe vera, penetrating emu oil, miraculous MSM, and a whole host of other natural herbs and oils get right to work, often providing pain relief in 5 minutes! If you don't feel relief right away, go ahead and apply it again, because there is no risk of overdoing it and no negative side effects. It really is amazing!

BLUESPRING has been around since 2004, and the Blue Stuff product line was created years before that, providing relief for people in pain just like you! We've had grandmothers who just want to play with their grandkids thank us for giving them back that joy. We've had delivery drivers thank us for allowing them to get back on their feet. We've had athletes thank us for providing a way to stay out on the basketball court, baseball field, golf course, race track, competition mat, and more. And countless people have contacted us after getting the first good night's sleep in weeks, months, or years since pain interrupted their lives!


  • PROVEN INGREDIENTS: Super Blue Stuff Natural Pain Relief Cream contains clinically proven ingredients such as menthol, whole leaf aloe vera, emu oil, and MSM. It is natural and free from parabens. In short, it is the best combination of natural ingredients to fight pain!
  • SOOTHING AND COOLING SENSATION: Ingredients such as menthol are called counterirritants because they create a cooling sensation that distracts the mind from the pain and helps relieve the pain simultaneously. Super Blue Stuff Pain relief cream contains 1.40% menthol, which we have found to be the perfect amount to help fight inflammation and local joint and muscle pain.
  • USED BY ATHLETES AND PHYSICAL MASSAGE THERAPISTS: Our pain relief cream is used by chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and athletic trainers to relieve muscle and joint pain. It is the ideal cream to provide quick and powerful pain relief when hurt during exercise or physical activity, whether outside or in the gym.
  • NO STRONG ODOR: Super Blue Stuff Natural Pain Relief Cream comes with a very light peach scent which compliments the natural fragrance of mint from the menthol and goes away very quickly as soon as it sinks into your skin. There is no strong odor that lingers for hours, so you can use it even at school, work, or anywhere you go!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA: BLUESPRING recommends applying thin layers that will soak in quickly and not leave a sticky residue on your skin. Multiple layers may be necessary to achieve the relief you need, but this process will ensure that you get just the right amount for your unique pain.
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  • NO ADDED COLOR OR FRAGRANCE: Super White Stuff OTC is essentially the same formula as Super Blue Stuff OTC, but without the blue color or peach scent. Those with sensitivities to dyes and fragrances will find Super White Stuff OTC a more friendly form of pain relief without sacrificing any of the powerful ingredients. There is still the natural scent of menthol, but it fades quickly and doesn't smell strongly for long.
  • EFFECTIVELY COMBAT PERSISTENT BODY PAIN: Our pain relief massage cream deeply penetrates, treating the symptoms faster as it reaches the source of pain. Experience relief in just 5 minutes!
  • POWERFUL THERAPEUTIC HERBS: Over 20 natural ingredients work together to offer powerful results. The 11 therapeutic herbs, including menthol and emu oil, offer safer relief than oral medications!
  • ACCELERATES RECOVERY: Super White Stuff OTC encourages healthy blood circulation, reduces swelling, warms muscles, prevents back pain, and helps treat sprains and strains. It aids recovery by enabling movement, which in turn helps boost blood flow and recovery.
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★★★★★ Super Blue Stuff is the best! Quick relief on sore muscles and leg cramps. We wouldn't do without it!
~ Eileen

★★★★★ After 18 holes of golf, this 80 year old rubs knees and elbows with Super White Stuff after shower and before bed, and I'm ready the next morning for another golf game.
~ Sandy

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Need a Little Something Extra? Boost Your Pain Relief!

Some days are better than others, and some days are just plain hard to get through. Did the long trip cause your legs to cramp up? Did the change in altitude make your joints ache more than normal? Is that guest bed not quite as comfortable as yours at home? Did you push too hard while doing the new activity you tried? When you are faced with more pain than usual, you may need more pain relief than usual.

Customizable Pain Relief

BLUESPRING created our Pain Relief Booster products to provide a way to add more of some key ingredients and accentuate their effects in combination with our pain relief products. Different products contain more or less of these ingredients, and some are not included in certain formulas, but are in others. With Boosters, you can mix and match menthol, capsicum, and arnica to fit your specific needs. Maybe you like some heat to relax your neck or back while treating pain there. Maybe you need some extra cool on your feet and legs. Maybe you need a fast attack for your fingers and hands. Or maybe today's aches just require more of everything to take care of them, but yesterday did not. Make your pain relief as unique as your pain with Pain Relief Boosters.


  • Menthol Spray Booster: Menthol is what gives you that cool, tingling sensation on your skin. Not only does it cool, it is the active ingredient in Super Blue Stuff OTC, Super White Stuff OTC, and Foot and Leg Comfort, though there is more menthol in Foot and Leg Comfort than in Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff. If you want or need more menthol, you can spray on some Menthol Spray Booster and add to the pain relief our main pain relief products are already giving you!
  • Capsicum Roll-on Booster: Capsicum (capsaicin) comes from the red pepper, and just like the flavor, it brings the heat! On the skin, capsicum provides a warm sensation that many people find relaxing and helpful for sore muscles and joints. Foot and Leg Comfort contains some capsicum, but it was removed from Super Blue Stuff and Super White Stuff after some people mentioned that the heat made things uncomfortable for them. Now you can add capsicum back to the formula or layer it on with Capsicum Roll-on Booster!
  • Arnica Cream Booster: Arnica is an herb that has a fast attack on pain and adds to that with special effects to relieve bruising and swelling, which make it a great addition to BLUESPRING's powerful pain relief line. It is included in most of our pain relief formulas, but in low amounts; if you need more, just buy Arnica Cream Booster!
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★★★★★ [Menthol Spray Booster] is an excellent addition to Super Blue/White Stuff. When the pain is steep, adding this on top of [Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff] truly delivers results. Been using it on my forehead for headaches also.
★★★★★ My back pain can't be handled with surgery or meds. My doctor is happy that I've found a topical roll-on that does the trick for me [Capsicum Booster]. I also have gout. My roll-on takes care of that, too. I buy it 6 at a time.
~ Judy
★★★★★ [Arnica Cream Booster] has been very helpful in reducing inflammation. Had an inflamed area (for months) at shoulder top and neck. Added Arnica to Super White Stuff and less than 2 weeks later the inflammation finally went down. Highly recommend.

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Summer Means More Time on Your Feet

Does your summer involve traveling to see family, friends, or special sights? Generally, that will involve a lot of time on your feet. You might be walking around an airport, bus station, or train terminal. You might hike around the grounds of the places you go to see, whether indoors or outdoors. You might just walk around the house more than usual as you entertain guests who come to visit you. Even if you don't travel, you may have more outdoor activity because of the nicer weather that causes you to be on your feet when you might otherwise have been sitting on a couch or at a desk.

As most of us know, time on our feet often translates into pain in our feet and legs. Medical conditions such as fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and even corns and calluses can cause more pain in feet and legs when we are on our feet more. Conditions such as restless legs syndrome can also flare up more after extended activity (more accurately, overactivity). Whatever the causes of the pain, BLUESPRING's Foot and Leg Comfort can help relieve and comfort your muscles and joints!

The Solution for your Foot and Leg Pain

Applying Foot and Leg Comfort to sore and aching legs can deliver relief in a number of ways. The massaging action itself as you rub the cream on is relaxing and can refresh the muscles. The menthol brings a tingling sensation that may be the trick to overcoming discomfort. The capsicum ingredient results in a warm feeling that can also relax and release pain. These herbs and others in the formula all have their own impacts and methods of addressing pain and discomfort.

BLUESPRING designed Foot and Leg Comfort as a product focused on this important area of the body where many people suffer from pain for years. Not only does this product relieve pain, but it also deodorizes. Not only does it give sensations of tingling and heat, but it also moisturizes and soothes, softening hardened skin. There are many issues that affect feet and legs in unique ways, and Foot and Leg Comfort is designed to address many of them.


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★★★★★ Leg and Foot Comfort soothes my restless legs so I can go to sleep peacefully and not destroy my sheets! Meds have not been doing the job. I am so glad to have found this product.
~ Kathryn

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Luxurious Moisture for Sun-Kissed Skin

Many summer activities involve being outside more than we typically are throughout the rest of the year. The warmer temperatures draw us out of our houses and offices to bask in the sun and soak up the warmth. It feels amazing to step into the sun from the shade or shelter of where we live the rest of our lives, but it also comes with risks and problems.

An appropriate sun screen is critical to prevent the inconveniences, pain, and long-term risks of overexposure to the sun, but taking care of your skin after being in the sun is also very important. Pure Prime Emu Oil from BLUESPRING can replenish the moisture your skin has lost in the heat and return skin to a natural, supple state. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and fights wrinkles that can develop after years of sun exposure.

Ancient Natural Skin Care for Today's Problems

Europeans first arrived in Australia in the late 1600s, but Aboriginal Australians had already been living there for tens of thousands of years. In that time, they had learned countless secrets of the unique wildlife living in the area, including many benefits that could be gained from the emu bird. Among those secrets was the use of emu oil for skin irritations, healing wounds and burns, and all around skin care. BLUESPRING brings those secrets to you today.

  • Emu oil does not clog pores in the skin, so even though it is an oil, it does not result in oily skin or inhibit the skin's natural processes of cleansing itself.
  • Emu oil absorbs deeply into the skin, not just the top layer or two. It brings its results deep and allows skin to benefit from moisture and anti-inflammatory effects below the epidermis.
  • Because it penetrates deep into skin, emu oil is also a great carrier oil and can be used in connection with other things applied to the skin. It can carry other oils and herbs with it and give benefits that are more than surface level effects.
  • Studies have shown that emu oil aids in faster healing from burns on the skin and reduces scarring when applied as skin is healing.


SSL-3087: Super Sale Pure Prime Emu Oil 2-oz. bottle

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★★★★★ This was the first time purchasing emu oil and I did so because I have an old knee injury. From time to time the pain in my knee gets so bad I don't really move around very much. After two days of applying the emu oil the pain was gone and I was able to go back to doing everything again. Thanks for a great product.
~ JoAnn

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Your Skin Never Takes a Vacation

Wherever you go, your skin goes with you. The largest organ in the body is always working to protect you from germs, the environment, and dozens of other things that you likely don't think about very often. Doesn't your skin deserve some help? Of course it does!

Skin can work overtime as you take time off to relax and refresh yourself. More time in the sun means more exposure to ultraviolet rays that can damage and age skin. More time outside also means more exposure to dirt, sand, and general grime that can have negative effects on your skin, clogging pores and causing other problems. Of course, cleansing skin from these foreign particles can leave it dry and irritated. But what can you do about it?

Refresh Your Skin

All that extra work and trouble means your skin deserves a spa day! Maybe you schedule in an actual spa day, but every day can be like a day at the spa with BLUESPRING's Healthy Skin Care line of products. Peach Facial Moisturizer takes emu oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and other wonderful ingredients deep into skin to rejevenate it more deeply than surface treatments. Firming Lift Cream plumps and firms skin that may be suffering from the effects of so many days in the sun, removing wrinkles and giving you back the look you had years ago. Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner removes build-up and provides the nourishment your hair needs at the scalp to fight stubborn gray hairs at the root.


  • Peach Facial Moisturizer: Bring together aloe vera and lactic acid, two parts of legendary beauty Queen Cleopatra's skin rejuvenating regimen, with emu oil, a unique moisturizer from literally the other side of the world, and other ingredients that bolster your skin's ability to protect the rest of your body and recover from the damage it takes on.
  • Firming Lift Cream: Fight the natural effects of aging skin with this amazing combination of powerful ingredients! Restore skin that has thinned over the years. Reduce visible signs of aging skin such as wrinkles and lines by giving your skin more moisture, structure and definition.
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  • Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner: Hair is one of the first things many people notice, and it can also be one of the first things to show age and deterioration. Much of what triggers signs of aging in hair comes from the scalp itself. You can take steps to provide nutrients your scalp needs to grow healthy, strong, beautiful hair with regular conditioning, especially with a conditioner as luxurious and powerful as BLUESPRING's!
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★★★★★ I really like [Peach Facial Moisturizer] - it is lightweight and I use it morning and night.
~ Penny

★★★★★ [Firming Lift Cream] is amazing with noticable improvement within days.
~ Brenda

★★★★★ [Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner] is the best I have ever used. I am 57 years old and have fine hair but it is thin not thick. It flies way and I cannot control it. Your conditioner makes it manageable without making it flat. Finally, after all of these years I found a product to help my difficult hair.
~ Maxine

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My personal 100% money-back guarantee

Nearly every item we send is backed by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, BLUESPRING will refund 100% of the purchase price with no questions asked. Just return the unused portion before the 60 days are up. You are going to be so impressed with the amazing results, you won't care about the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Pure Prime Emu Oil 2-oz. bottle is covered by the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, but larger sizes are not. If you are trying Pure Prime Emu Oil for the first time, please select the 2-oz. bottle to test it out. We're sure you will love it so much that you'll come back to buy more!