BLUESPRING uses only the best, highest quality standardized ingredients in our Pain Relief, Emu Oil and Natural Remedies.. When we decide to use an ingredient is because we have studied the science behind it. From time to time these studies – or information about these studies - are available to share with you.

Emu Oil Studies

The Oil From Flightless Emus May Heal Scars

Fatty Acid Analysis of Emu Oil

Influence of Emu Oil in Skin Thickness in Older Individuals

Moisturizing and Cosmetic Properties of Emu Oil

Emu Oil: A Source of Non-Toxic Transdermal Anti-Inflammatory Agents in Aboriginal Medicine

Emu Oil Burn Study

Thyroid Studies

Evidence Based Studies on Kelp and Thyroid Function

Green Tea (Camellia Sinernsis) Leaf Extract and Evidence

Gugulipid Resin Extract and Thyroid Health

Ancient Ayurvedic Help for the Thyroid