BLUESPRING Referral Program

Most of our new customers at BLUESPRING come from referrals from our loyal current customers. 

Now you can refer a friend, family member, loved one or colleague and earn a special bonus for each of you. 

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Click the referral button on the homepage of or the referral button on an email that you receive from BLUESPRING - both of these buttons will take you to the same page
  • This page is
  • Now that you are on the BLUESPRING referral page, you need to sign up as a new user (please record this user name and password in a secure location – it is not the same user name and password that you have used on the BLUESPRING Wellness Website)
  • You can now click the @ icon icon to send out a referral email to a friend. You will provide the following information before you send the referral email.
    • Your friends name and email address
    • A short personal message
    • When complete press the send button
  • Your friend will receive this referral email with a short message about BLUESPRING, your personal message and a special coupon code
  • They then can click the link in the email or call the customer care toll free phone number on the email and place an order using the special coupon code that you received in the referral email.
  • After the coupon has been redeemed you will be sent a special coupon code as a thank you. You can use this special coupon code on your next order. This coupon code can be used on the BLUESPRING website or by calling the customer care toll free phone number.


Sign in by your user name and password on your Facebook account. Or click the Facebook/Twitter icon on the BLUESPRING Homepage to post a referral message to your social media site.

When someone clicks on the link, they will go to a page to fill in their name and e-mail address. 

Bluespring Referral Program

After clicking submit, they will receive a referral e-mail with a coupon code. (See image below)




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