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Use Massage To Relieve Pain and Improve Overall Health


Dear Friend of BLUESPRING,


Just about every adult knows the experience of ending an especially hard day of work, exercise, or other activity feeling sore and tense. Whether it's the stress of deadlines at work or school, overexertion at the gym, an accident or event resulting in an injury, or everyday life catching up with us, from time to time we all need to relax and recover both physically and emotionally. BLUESPRING has set out our motto: Refresh, Rejuvenate, Revive, Replenish as a reminder that it is necessary to continually build ourselves back up if we want to get the most out of life.


For many people, massage is the go-to solution when life causes stress and/or pain. For thousands of years people have known that manipulating muscles, bones, and joints can relieve pain and put things back to their natural state. Practices have changed over the years and new techniques have been invented to take advantage of growing medical knowledge, but some of the best-known methods of massage date back to the early beginnings of the concept.


Whether you are a traditionalist who sticks to time-proven massage methods or an innovator ready to explore the newest developments in massage, BLUESPRING has a tool for you! Our massagers are in the Health Aides collection because they are more than gadgets and devices, they are provided to help you the user to improve your health. Some people will need to use these massagers regularly, while others may only need them in a particularly difficult or painful moment. Either way, we are here for you and would love to be part of your healing process!


Our Spiky Ball Massage Roller, Fascia Massage Gun and Handheld Electric Massager are tools that can be used together, alone, and in conjunction with BLUESPRING's powerful pain relief lotions and creams. We recommend using Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC before and after any massage, taking advantage of the relaxing and refreshing effects they have on muscles and joints. You may prefer to use Pure Prime Emu Oil as a massage oil that helps to reduce inflammation as it absorbs into the skin, penetrating deeply to reach muscles and connective tissue. But don't forget our Foot and Leg Comfort Cream and Booster line of products to create just the right experience of relief for your body.


Find out more about all of these wonderful products by reading on below and discover how you can take control of your pain rather than letting it control you!



Debra Murray

President, BLUESPRING Wellness



“The Foot and Leg cream is amazing ... takes away calf cramps and foot pain and not just temporarily. It seems to have more emu oil which makes massage easier .... We love it!!!“


“[Super Blue Stuff OTC] has marvelous results and I was introduced to it when a massage therapist used it on me after digging a pond in my backyard.“


“The emu oil is the greatest thing in the world, I bring it to my masseuse and she uses it when I get my massages every week. It makes my skin so soft.“

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A Surprisingly Versatile Tool

Think of all the things you use balls for. There are games of all sorts, with balls of different sizes, density, texture, and properties, of course; think of the difference between a basketball and the rack of balls on a pool table. We decorate with them, especially around Christmastime. There are ball bearings in cars and trucks, really almost any machinery you encounter. Ball bearings are also used in furniture with sliding drawers and other moving parts. Even your body is designed with ball-and-socket joints at the shoulders and hips.


So why are balls so prevalent in our lives? Because they are versatile! If we can use essentially the same thing to play dozens of games, make machines turn and move, reduce friction in drawers, and give a wide range of motion to our own bodies, what else can they be used for? Massage!


Spiky balls are used in massage for several reasons:


  • They can be made in various sizes and used on specific parts of the body.

  • They can be made dense enough to resist pressure.

  • They can be made of lightweight material while remaining firm enough to retain their shape.

  • The spikes can be shaped and spaced perfectly to press deeper into muscle and flesh without causing pain or puncturing the skin.

  • They can be used on many parts of the body, from the back and neck to arms, legs, feet, and almost anywhere else!

So What Do the Spiky Balls Do For You?

The spiky balls on BLUESPRING's Spiky Ball Massage Roller are made with the purpose of impacting and adjusting the fascia in your body, a thin layer of tissue that wraps all the muscles, bones, and organs to help hold them in place. Sometimes fascia can become out of shape, constricted, thickened and inflexible, or otherwise fail to function as it is intended. When this happens, it needs to be adjusted, but because its purpose is to hold the body in place, it is not as simple as just shaking out the problems and getting back to normal. Fascia is less like an elastic band that will return to its original shape as soon as the stress putting into another form is removed, and is more like aluminum foil that holds the shape it is put into until you change the shape to something else.

So, when fascia has become restricted, it needs to be released from what is holding it in the wrong shape and then allowed to wrap things in their proper places. This requires that the fascia is held under pressure to allow the body parts that are out of place to go back into their natural configuration, and then released to wrap around them and keep them where they are. Spiky balls reach down to the fascia layer and can loosen it up while bones, muscles, and even organs settle back into their original locations through movement or other manipulation, and when the spiky balls are removed, fascia begins to hold the form the body is in at that time.


When a joint, muscle, or other part of the body feels out of place or is not working the way it should, try finding the point at which the Spiky Ball Massage Roller seems to have the most impact on that discomfort, and hold it there while applying pressure and moving the body part to settle back into place. Once things feel comfortable again, remove the pressure of the Spiky Ball Massage Roller and see how things feel. You may need to do this multiple times since fascia has a "memory" and may try to put things back where they were before you resettled them. Over time, your fascia's "memory" will recognize the proper placement as normal and will adjust to hold the body in that position again.


The movement of spiky balls along muscle tissue also helps the body to increase blood flow to that area and bring oxygen, which accelerates healing and recovery. It can loosen muscles that are tight and relax muscles that are tense. All of these effects work together and make the Spiky Ball Massage Roller a valuable addition to your pain relief regimen.


Directions for Best Use:

  1. Apply Super Blue Stuff or other BLUESPRING pain relief cream to the area in pain. Be sure to cover the entire area and even go outside the area, especially to reach pressure points above and below the pain on arms and legs.

  2. Allow a few minutes for products to absorb and begin relieving pain.

  3. Using only light pressure, begin rolling the Spiky Ball Massage Roller along muscles. Increase pressure as needed to reach deeper into sore muscles and impact fascia.

  4. Ask a friend or partner to roll the massager for areas that are difficult to reach on your own. You can also place the roller between your body and a hard surface such as a wall, a chair, or the floor and move your body to roll the spiky balls along the area that needs massage.

  5. If needed, apply BLUESPRING products again after use to continue to relax muscles and relieve pain.

A BLUESPRING Spiky Ball Massage Roller leaning on one end


“I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this roller. ... It turns out the spiky balls don't hurt ... I find them relaxing."

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A Modern Take on Age-Old Practice

Massage guns utilize what is called percussion therapy, meaning that the massage gun heads strike the body repeatedly with the force and frequency selected by the user. This is not vibration, where muscles and tissue are in constant contact with the massager, and percussive massage delivers different benefits than vibration therapy. There are massage techniques that involve striking the body, such as Swedish Massage, but massage guns take that concept and focus on it solely.


As massage practitioners have known for years, the proper impact on a muscle or other tissue can stimulate the body in ways that rubbing and kneading cannot. Percussion massage aims to effect deeper tissue and trigger the body's response of additional blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients. With the invention of massage guns, the frequency, amplitude (depth), and pattern of the impacts can be controlled more exactly than a masseuse or masseur using their own hands. That is not to say that professional technique and skill are less beneficial, but massage guns allow you to harness percussion treatment on your own.


Some massage guns have a few intensity settings while others have more choices. BLUESPRING's Fascia Massage Gun has 30 different speed settings, varying from 1,200 strikes per minute up to 3,200 strikes per minute. The heads will press between 12mm and 16mm deep into the body tissue. There are even four different pattern modes you can use with different periods of active movement and pauses between them. This variation allows you to find and use the best settings for your needs, which may change with the part of the body needing massage or the circumstances surrounding your need. A bruised thigh may require softer, gentler pressure while a knotted shoulder may take more force to work out. With BLUESPRING's Fascia Massage Gun you have choices and combinations that can be selected to address your specific situation.


Beyond Modes: Choose Your Massage Head Wisely

Another factor differentiating massage guns is the variety of massage heads available for use. Some come with only a foam ball, the most common head used, while others offer a wide selection of heads focused on different purposes. BLUESPRING's Fascia Massage Gun comes with five heads to choose from that address not only the amount of pressure applied but also the accuracy or width of where that pressure is directed.


The foam ball is designed for large muscle groups, such as your arms, legs, and back. The ball is compacted as it presses into the muscle, making it a comfortable, gentle massage. The soft pressure is applied over a wide area as the ball is 2" in diameter.

The flat head is intended for general use, so you can apply this head anywhere on your body you want to use it. It is made of hard plastic (PVC), and there are some slightly raised rounded areas that give it texture rather than a completely flat surface. This head essentially presses into the flesh with a bit more force than the foam ball because the hard plastic does not compress itself when used. The flat head is just over 1.25" in diameter, so the pressure is slightly more concentrated than the foam ball, but still impacts a large area with every strike.

The U-shaped head is designed for use on the spine and other bony areas. The tips will press into the skin and muscles on either side of a bone or tendon. This can work up and down the spine, as well as the shoulders, collarbone, and the back of the ankle. As the massager is applied to the area, the tips will extend further into the tissue, providing pressure more deeply than the flat head.

The rounded head follows the principle of the U-shaped head, but with one tip for accurate control over where the pressure is applied. Measuring 1" around, this head will go deeper into the body than the flat head, and works well on specific points of pain or soreness. If you find a particular knot or tense spot, the rounded head may be just the tool to work it out.

The pointed head takes the idea of the rounded head one step further. With its smaller tip only 0.25" wide, pressure is even more exactly applied. You can use this massage head to get at very specific areas that may be quite bony as well, such as your hands or feet. By directing the pressure to a particular point, you can avoid the discomfort of massaging into bone, and you can get between the small bones that make up these and other parts of the body.

“When I found this massage gun, it seemed like a good balance between price and quality, a place I like to call "VALUE"! I got more than just a handful of speeds to choose between, and all the selection of massager heads I can imagine actually needing.”


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Take Your Massage Wherever You Go

BLUESPRING's Handheld Electric Massager is the ultimate in portability. Measuring just 3.5" from side to side and 3.25" top to bottom, it will fit into even the smallest travel bag without taking up too much room. It weighs just a few ounces on its own, so you won't even notice it when hauling luggage from place to place. Operating on three AAA batteries (not included) or using the USB power cord that comes with it, you can take the Handheld Electric Massager with you and even use it on the way!


Gentle and Easy To Use

The Handheld Electric Massager utilizes vibration massage, meaning that it vibrates gently while in constant contact with the skin. Vibrations relax the muscles and can even trigger a numbing sensation, relieving pain where applied for longer periods of time. BLUESPRING's massager is activated by tilting the top in any direction, which naturally happens when pressing it onto the skin with one hand. It can easily be moved along the body, whether clothing is covering the skin or not. It can be used with the left hand or the right, even switching hands quickly when needed to achieve just the right angle.

Vibration massage has many applications and can have various effects, too. For some, they simply need to relax and vibration achieves that goal. Others may need to stimulate their bodies to recover from an injury or overexertion, and vibration can help with that, as well. Whatever your needs, BLUESPRING's Handheld Electric Massager is a simple tool that can give you what you need fast. Impact the soft tissues of your body when you need it with no requirement to make an appointment or add a stop in your busy life.


The Perfect Complement for Pain Relief

If you have been around for more than a moment, you likely understand that pain relief is more complicated than any one-size-fits-all solution. For certain applications, one tool might be just what you need, but in a different situation, that tool might not give the relief necessary. While we know that all of our BLUESPRING products are effective, we also recognize that none of them will reliably meet every need completely. That's why we continue to add products to our offerings. Super Blue Stuff is an amazing pain relief cream (you may already know that!), but there will be times when a gentle vibrating massage will add that extra touch to make your pain relief complete. We recommend trying different combinations of products, especially our Pain Relief Boosters together with our reliable Super Blue Stuff, Super White Stuff, or Foot and Leg Comfort pain creams. Now, you can add the Handheld Electric Massager to your array of options to address pain and soreness.


A blue Handheld Electric Massager with one finger pressing down on one edge of the top to trigger the vibration.


“My wife has chronic pain from scoliosis and this is her favorite massager. The gentle vibrating massage seems to give her relief better than more forceful massagers we have tried.”

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A single lit candle burns near a stack of towels in a dimly lit spa room.


Our Health Aide massagers are available to assist you, whatever your need. You may find each of them helpful for different situations:


Spiky Ball Massage Roller: Use two-handed, one-handed, or hands free with varying pressure and techniques to press deep into muscle tissue and fascia.


Fascia Massage Gun: This highly adjustable massage gun can be just what you need, whether it is a light massage or power to penetrate deep tissue and help with fascia restriction.


Handheld Electric Massager: Small and ultra-portable, this massager is easy to pack or store just about anywhere. Use with batteries or with the charging cord for soothing relaxation anywhere!


Natural Healing Meets Modern Inventions

BLUESPRING has curated a collection of massage tools that address a variety of needs in a variety of ways. All of our Health Aide massagers are versatile and easy to use on your own or with a partner to help you. Equip yourself with these tools to harness thousands of years of massage developments and techniques along with the cutting edge of modern medical knowledge about the human body and how it works. Use pressure, vibration, percussion, and movement to treat trigger points, release fascia, increase blood flow, and speed up recovery from injury.


Serious injury requires appropriate medical attention. But even medical professionals recognize the need for patients to have tools they can use at home or on the go to support continued healing. So if you think you need an appointment, go to see a massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or doctor. We love people in those professions, and many of them buy our products to resell or use them in their practice! But don't believe the misconception that you can only find relief once or twice a week when you have scheduled a session; you can take treatment into your own hands (literally!) and use what you learn from the pros to keep your body in tip-top condition between appointments.


You Really Need a Massage!

So the next time you wear yourself out at the gym or run up your stress level at work, take a moment to relax and treat yourself right. Drink some tea or water, breathe deeply, close your eyes, and center yourself on what is most important. And if your body is holding the effects of your life in muscle tension or soreness, if you can't relax because your body doesn't feel like everything is in the right place, or if you ache and need some help to return to equilibrium, grab a BLUESPRING Health Aide massager and do what you need to so that you can feel refreshed, rejuvenated, revived, and replenished.


What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these supports today and make your life everything it could be!


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“I am a massage therapist and have used Blue Stuff on my clients for years but this was the first time I tried the Menthol Booster and I really like it. I apply the Blue stuff first and then spray the booster on and rub it in."
~ Fingers

“I was introduced to your [Super Blue Stuff] product years ago by my massage therapist and have used it personally and on clients I care for with wonderful results. Thank you for this product.”
~ Stevie

“I have [Super Blue Stuff] massaged every AM & PM for relief in my shouders, arms, calves & feet. IT'S A MIRICLE."
~ Elyse S.

“I have neuropathy and muscle pain all the time. I go to chiroprator and massage therapies, but in between my relief is Blue Stuff!”

“Was introduced to [Super Blue Stuff] by my massage therapist and have used it on myself for feet, legs, any where I have bruised myself and have been thoroughly pleased with the results."
~ Stephanie

“I have used [Super Blue Stuff] for years. Found it soon after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it was a God-send. Have used it to massage temples and forehead for headaches as well.”
~ Josie

“Besides it's moisturizing properties ... [Pure Prime Emu Oil] has helped my daughter's acne and a massage oil for strained muscle pain (and I believe speed in healing).”

“When I get a massage I bring [Pure Prime Emu Oil] ... and she uses it. Believe me it really helps my skin in the winter from the dryness. I would recommend this to everyone.”

YES! I want find a massage tool and technique to relieve my pain! Show me the BLUESPRING special offers that include these great products!




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