A forest of very tall trees growing up to a blue sky with some clouds

At BLUESPRING, our products are an extension of our philosophy to use what nature provides in a responsible way for the benefit of people. For a simple statement, that sets up a big challenge! We love natural ingredients, and have always made the herbs, oils, and botanicals a critical part of every product we sell. However, there is more to being truly "natural" than including the right ingredients. Every product manufactured, every package filled, and every order shipped out the door impacts the world around us, too. So what can we do?

BLUESPRING has forged a partnership with EcoCart, a carbon-offset project resource, to allow our customers to add just a few cents to their orders and offset the carbon footprint from manufacturing to packaging and ultimately shipping to their doors. We have selected the Cambodia Water Purification project that gives people the ability to drink and cook with clean water without using wood-burning stoves to boil the water beforehand. In the United States and other places around the world, we expect our water to be clean and safe right out of the tap, but in many areas, there is no such guarantee. So, EcoCart has identified and certified a project that provides locally-made ceramic water filters in Cambodia and reduces not only the smoke and carbon dioxide from burning wood to boil the water, but also allows more trees to be preserved and provide oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. This project exemplifies BLUESPRING's philosophy by benefitting people, utilizing nature, and remaining responsible in how both are done.

EcoCart is a company that works to connect consumers and businesses with certified carbon-offset projects around the world. They have selected projects on five continents ranging from forest preservation to carbon capture from biogas, and from water purification to environmentally friendly cooking. In addition to partnering with businesses to offer carbon offsets to customers, EcoCart has a web browser plugin and tools to help consumers find stores that support their priorities of preserving nature and protecting life on Earth.


BLUESPRING thanks you for doing your part to value the natural world in the products you buy and in recognizing what impacts those products have. Together, we can all make a big difference in the world at large and ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities to enjoy the fruits of nature responsibly!