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Breakthrough - Powerful Pain Relief Boosters

Win the Battle Against Pain!

For you, our very special customer, BLUESPRING has come up with a unique solution for your unique pain.

Now you can customize your own pain relief, just where you need it, when you need it. This economical and effective approach will give you the results you need, at much less of a cost. Safe, natural and effectual with no dangerous side effects.

Most days your Super Blue Stuff OTC will be just fine. But when pain cuts further into your life and takes away your freedom, your arsenal, uper Blue Stuff OTC, Menthol Spray Booster, Arnica Cream Booster and Capsicum Roll-on Booster, will be ready to fight back and win the battle against pain.

How Much is that Worth to You?

Depending on your usage, boosters will very likely only cost you pennies per day. Many days they will not cost you anything because you will not need the added boost.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our special formulas created with nature’s ingredients. Stop surviving, start living. You have nothing to lose except the pain.


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