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NS-105 - Pure Emu Oil gel caps 60-ct 1000-mg gel cap bottle

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Some say that Emu Oil has “Magic” in it - maybe because it comes from a bird that has heartily survived pre-historic times. Studies prove the facts behind the folklore. BLUESPRING provides consistent high quality “Prime Emu Oil”. Now available in Gelcaps for internal use.


  • Provides essential Omega Fatty Acids
  • Fights inflammation
  • Reduces appearance of aging
  • Moisturizes from inside out
  • Absorbs quickly for maximum benefit

What Are Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps?

Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps by BLUESPRING are made with all natural emu oil. Emu oil provides essential fatty acids that are necessary for health and proper functioning of the body and its many complex systems. Containing only emu oil with 5% Vitamin E (as a natural preservative) this formula is a safe and effective way to gain the proper nutrition for the body.      

Emu oil naturally provides Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 protection for the entire body. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are not produced by the body so need to be supplemented in the diet. Adequate amounts of these essential fatty acids are needed to make Omega 9 as well as benefit many other functions of the body.

How Does It Help My Problem?

Emu oil provides essential fatty acids that are important in reducing inflammation and its associated symptoms and disorders. Because emu oil provides essential fatty acids, this oil is also beneficial to help with many body regulations, functions, and the prevention of disease. Some of the health benefits of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) include the following:
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk for heart disease
  • Helps prevent allergies
  • Treats headaches and other aches and pains
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Reduces skin rashes, such as psoriasis
  • Aids in healthy mental functioning
  • Helps with normal growth and development

The essential fatty acids found in emu oil are effective at lowering total cholesterol levels. More specifically, EFA’s can help lower levels of bad cholesterol while increasing levels of good cholesterol to create a healthier proportion in cholesterol levels. Triglycerides are also reduced with the use of Essential Fatty Acids found in emu oil. They can help prevent cholesterol problems from developing.

The risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke are reduced due to the health effects of EFA’s found in emu oil. Improved cholesterol levels are only one of the factors influencing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The essential fatty acids found in emu oil can also help prevent cholesterol from sticking to the walls of blood vessels while also preventing excessive clotting of platelets within the blood vessels.

By reducing the effect of inflammation on the body, EFA’s found in emu oil can help treat and prevent allergies. Allergies often occur as the body attempt to destroy what it considers to be invading toxins or harmful substances that have entered the body. This allergic response can become overactive if there is too much inflammation in the body. The essential fatty acids found in emu oil can reduce the allergic response to many triggers and inflammatory causes.

Emu oil, because of its EFA content, is often used to help prevent and treat headaches, especially migraines. This might be due in part to the anti-inflammatory effects of essential fatty acids. These effects go beyond headache treatment and prevention.

Nerve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy is often reduced with the use of EFA’s in emu oil. Aching joints due to inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis might also be relieved with continued use of emu oil, again because of the Essential Fatty Acid content. Studies have shown that this oil has been found especially helpful when used in conjunction with other medications to help the body work better to alleviate pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation.

EFA’s found in emu oil help relieve coughs, nasal issues, and other symptoms associated with colds and flu. Not only do the essential fatty acids work to reduce inflammatory responses in the body, but the benefits of emu oil may also help to strengthen the body's own natural response of the immune system and its functions. Essential fatty acids are necessary for cell growth and healing of many different tissues in the body.

EFA’s can help reduce menstrual discomfort, as it can help with pain and inflammation. Since the essential fatty acids also help to reduce excessive blood clotting, this can help keep the release of blood moving more smoothly and freely, reducing painful clotting and the ensuing cramping that can occur during this time of the month.

The essential fatty acids found in emu oil are good at helping in weight loss efforts. When combined with a diet low in saturated fat and triglycerides, EFA’s in emu oil can help improve the body's digestion and metabolic functioning, allowing for better use of calories and even helping use fat stores more effectively to help reduce fat levels in the body.

Certain skin rashes, such as psoriasis, are considered to be autoimmune disorders. The body begins to attack itself as if it is a toxin or harmful invading substance. In psoriasis and other related conditions, the skin is affected. Skin cells grow faster than they can be sloughed off in the body's natural processes leading to excessive build up on the surface of the skin. Essential Fatty Acids found in Emu oil can reduce the inflammatory response to help reduce the buildup of skin plaques associated with this condition, while helping to reduce some of the toxic effects of certain psoriasis treatments and medications.

The brain benefits from supplementation with essential fatty acids as well. Proper mental functioning depends on healthy cells, nerves, and cardiovascular health. EFA’s provide the brain with the nourishment needed to help reduce the risk of many age-related inflammatory conditions that affect the brain and proper mental functioning. Essential Fatty Acids found in Emu oil can also help with many symptoms associated with mental illness and mood disorders due to the effects on healthy brain functioning.

Essential fatty acids are important in the natural process of human growth and development. The EFA’s in emu oil are beneficial in this manner by helping the immune system function better, work well to boost the effects of other medications, and also help reduce side effects and risks associated with certain medical treatments. This makes emu oil a good supplement for any diet. This oil can be tolerated by nearly anyone, it is hypoallergenic, and has very little risk of side effects.

At BLUESPRING, only all natural pure prime emu oil is used, providing standardized amounts of the essential fatty acids needed for proper health and functioning of the body and its systems.

What does all of this mean?

This means that the body needs the nutrients and health benefits provided by essential fatty acids, but is unable to produce these necessary ingredients on its own. Proper nutrition often requires supplementation.

Healthy Tips

For the essential fatty acids found in emu oil to work their best, it is important to follow healthy guidelines when it comes to diet, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

To get the most out of the health benefits of natural emu oil, it is important to eat the foods needed for a healthy body. Reduce the amount of saturated fat and triglycerides in the diet. Eat more whole foods from natural sources, including lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat these fresh whenever possible to gain the most nutritional benefits. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and micronutrients to help the body's systems work at their best for overall health and well being. Be sure not to consume more calories than those needed each day to avoid too much in the way of weight gain.

Exercise Daily

Even those with degenerative and inflammatory diseases need to engage in regular activity. Even mild aerobics are beneficial to a healthy cardiovascular system and for proper weight control and maintenance. Strength training can help reduce bone and muscle loss. Even those with chronic painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis can benefit from activities such as yoga and stretching that have been shown to help reduce pain, decrease inflammation and stiffness, and improve range of motion in muscles and joints.

Avoid or Reduce the Use of Processed Foods in the Diet

Although processed foods are often cheap and convenient, they offer very little in nutritional value while adding massive amounts of fat and calories to the diet. Processed foods also encourage inflammatory responses in the body, leading to the development of many different symptoms and conditions in the body. Those who eat lots of processed foods are more at risk for developing high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and decrease in mental functioning, as well as the risk of developing a weakened immune system and other complications including pain issues. By reducing the amount of processed foods that are put into the body, healthy foods and lifestyle choices are all the more effective.

Eat More Vegetable Based Proteins

Adding more beans and lentil to the diet can reduce the need for animal based proteins that are higher in saturated fat and calories. Unless ordered by a physician, there is no need to completely eliminate all meat products from the diet, especially quality leans meats such as eggs, chicken, and fish. However, adding plant based proteins can give the diet a healthy boost to help improve health and overall well being.

Enjoy Extras in Moderation

For those who normally engage in a healthy, balanced diet that is combined with daily activity, it is okay to indulge in some form of treat every now and again. It is important to enjoy the "extras" in any diet in moderation and not to overindulge. Treats can be enjoyed on occasion or even daily as long as the portions are small and do not interfere with the consumption of necessary foods for health and overall well being.

Recent Studies Prove Traditional Remedies Work

Although science is new to researching emu oil in specific, there have been large bodies on research on the effectiveness and health benefits of the essential fatty acids that are found in this oil, especially the many beneficial effects of omega 3 fatty acids.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reiterates many studies over the years that have proven the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids with overall health and to prevent and treat many diseases and conditions that effect the body. Specifically mentioned were the abilities of this essential fatty acid to reduce high cholesterol, reduce the risk of the development of cardiovascular disease, improve joint pain in those who suffer from arthritis, as well as several other health benefits.

The researchers of the study recommended that essential fatty acids need to be added to everyone's diets due to the health benefits. The same recommendation was determined by a research study printed in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

In the news…

When oil is obtained from the emu to make nutritional supplements and creams, not much of the bird goes to waste. Emus are raised on farms for meat, the oil, the skins and feathers, and almost every other part. Even the eggs, nails, and bones are sold for use. Emus can be used as a quality source of protein for food, as the meat is low in fat and cholesterol, to make many types of clothing, for the healthy oil used in supplements and creams, and to make items such as furniture and tools.

Although emu farming can be a very profitable business, such as for farmers mentioned by RADHAKRISHNAN KUTTOOR in an article posted in The Hindu, this specific type of farming also provides useful foods and materials for local and international markets. Emu farms originated in Australia, but can be found in many other countries as the market for these birds as demand increases.

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RADHAKRISHNAN KUTTOOR; Thiruvalla emu farmers reap gains; The Hindu

What is Emu Oil?

History Australian Aborigine settlers colonized what is now Australia over forty thousand years ago. The Aborigines have used the emu for thousands of years as a source of food, clothing, jewelry and even the oil as a natural remedy. They used Emu Oil to gain relief from minor aches and pains, to help heal wounds quicker, and protect their skin from the harsh elements of wind and sun. The Aborigines collected the oil as a natural sun screen and skin moisturizer. The use of Emu Oil was among many natural remedies adopted by settlers from the original inhabitants of Australia. Use of Emu Oil was most prevalent in country areas where it was applied in the treatment of bruised and subcutaneous tissue, burns and dry skin problems.

BLUESPRING Emu oil absorb deep down to the dermis layer of skin!

Ingredient Components

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) - Emu Oil consist of three Essential Fatty Acids. Essential Fatty Acids are necessary fats that humans cannot produce, and must be obtained through diet. EFAs are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from linolenic, linoleic, and oleic acids. There are two families of EFAs: Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. EFAs support the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. The human body needs EFAs to manufacture and repair cell membranes, enabling the cells to obtain optimum nutrition and expel harmful waste products. One major function of EFAs is the production of prostaglandins, which regulate body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood clotting, and play a role in immune function by regulating inflammation and encouraging the body to fight infection. Essential Fatty Acids are also needed for proper growth in children, particularly for neural development and maturation of sensory systems, with male children having higher needs than females. Fetuses and breast-fed infants also require an adequate supply of EFAs through the mother's dietary intake.

Linolenic Acid (ALA) (Omega 3) - are used in the formation of cell walls, making them supple and flexible, and improving circulation and oxygen uptake with proper red blood cell flexibility and function. Most clinical studies investigating the use of omega-3 fatty acid supplements for inflammatory joint conditions have focused almost entirely on rheumatoid arthritis. Research in this area conclude that omega-3 fatty acid supplements reduce tenderness in joints, decrease morning stiffness, and allow for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Linoleic Acid (LA) (Omega 6) -Together, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function as well as normal growth and development. EFAs belong to the class of fatty acids called polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are generally necessary for stimulating skin and hair growth, maintaining bone health, regulating metabolism. Deficiencies in EFAs can lead to reduced growth, a scaly rash called dermatitis, and lack of ability to fight infection and heal wounds.

Oleic Acid (Omega 9) -The human body can manufacture a limited amount, provided essential EFAs are present. Studies show Monounsaturated oleic acid may help to help boost memory, and help reduce blood cholesterol as long as the diet is very low in saturated fat. Oleic Acid is also found in emu oil, olive oil, olives, avocados, almonds, and peanuts.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant, which protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. The mechanisms by which vitamin E might provide this protection include its function as an antioxidant and its roles in anti-inflammatory processes, inhibition of platelet aggregation, and immune enhancement. Vitamin E is also important in the formation of red blood cells and it helps the body to use Vitamin K. Vitamin E is added to BLUESPRING Emu Oil to help preserve the freshness and maintain the quality of emu oil.

Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2-3 Softgels
Servings per container: 30
Amount Per Serving
Polyunsaturated fatty acids(essential fatty acids)
Linoleic acid 445 mg
Linolenic acid 34 mg
Monounsaturated fatty acids
Oleic acid 1421 mg
Palmitoleic 106 mg
Saturated fatty acids
Stearic acid 287 mg
Palmitic acid 661 mg
Vitamin E 5% RDA

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take three to six capsules daily with water. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.
Ingredients: Emu Oil, Gelatin, Vitamin E
Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.
Contains No Sugar, Starch, Artifical Flavors, Preservatives, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Wax, Sodium Free, Yeast Free. Product is 100% natural.
Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps contains: Emu Oil. Of the fatty acids in these oils, 68% are unsaturated. Over 76% of these unsaturated fatty acids are monounsaturated, which are considered the best fatty acids to ingest. Linolenic and Linoleic fatty acids are essential fatty acids known as Omega 3 and Omega 6. These essential fatty acids can only be obtained from our diet, the body cannot produce them. They are necessary for proper body and nerve function.
Keep out of reach of children.

How do I use Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps?

As a dietary supplement, three (3) capsules daily for the first bottle, after this take 2 a day (or as directed by a health care professional).

This allows your body to load the essential fatty acids and nutrients you may be depleted in. After that it is important to maintain the balance that you may not be getting from your diet.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

How long will it be before I feel results?

Nutritional supplements work differently for different people. Emu Oil is made up of 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Essential Fatty Acids are necessary in many of the body’s daily functions. Essential Fatty Acids cannot be created by the body so it is necessary to obtain Essential Fatty Acids through diet or supplements.

It is quite likely that you are depleted in these Essential Fatty Acids and will notice that you feel better in a short period of time.

Our bodies are different; it is advised that you stay with the recommended dosage, practice a healthy life style and follow the tips listed on the description tab for maintaining a healthy lifestyle – this will contribute to good health, normal weight and enjoyment of life.

How long will my bottle last?

Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps contain 60 gel caps. Your first bottle will be consumed at 3 per day – this is for the loading phase. After that you will take two per day for maintenance. At optimal dosage, a bottle will last you 30 days.

Tell me about Natural Remedy vs. Conventional Medicine?

Pharmaceuticals work by treating your systems. Natural remedies treat your body holistically. The goal is to create a balance that supports total well-being.

This results in helping your body work better to relieve what is bothering you now PLUS help prevent future disease.

This is why we say there are no negative side effects – Only Positive Side Effects!

BLUESPRING Pure and Natural Emu Oil has many benefits and uses that you may not be aware of which include:

  • Pure Emu Oil is Rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) Omega 3, 6, 9
  • Hypo-allergenic which mean it does not contain irritating substances or chemicals
  • Pure Emu Oil contains a high amount of Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) which is known to ease the discomfort of muscle and joint pain
  • Pure Emu oil keeps skin moisturized and prevents dry and aging skin
  • Pure Emu oil alone can help improve the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, burns, scars and damaged skin (this is why we recommend use from the inside and outside)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the soft gelcaps derived from?

Does Pure Emu Oil contain saturated fats?

Is there any difference between Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps and your Pure Prime Emu Oil?

What are the soft gelcaps derived from?

The gelatin used in this product is naturally sourced from beef. It does not contain any sugars, wheat gluten, whey or milk products, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Does Pure Emu Oil contain saturated fats?

Since emu oil is not a vegetable oil, it does contain some naturally occurring saturated fats. An analysis of emu oil shows it contains over 70% unsaturated fatty acids, which is high for a non-vegetable based oil.

The major fatty acid found in emu oil is oleic acid (Omega 9), which is monounsaturated. Oleic acid comprises between 40 to 50% of the total fatty acid content. Emu oil also contains both of the two essential fatty acids (EFA's) which are important to human health: linoleic or Omega 6 (10 to 15%) and approx alpha-linolenic or Omega 3 (1%). Other unsaturated oils make up an additonal 5-10% of the oil.

More recent analyses of an average batch of emu oil contains:
50% Oleic Acid (Omega 9) 
10% Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 
0.8%-1.0% Linolenic (Omega 3)

Is there any difference between Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps and your Pure Prime Emu Oil?

They are both high quality food grade but many customers find the Gel Caps easier to ingest.

Did we answer all your questions?
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