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“This shampoo is amazing. It makes my hair feel very clean and it takes the frizz out of my crazy curly hair. It makes it look like perfect beach hair which I LOVE. I definitely recommend this shampoo. It has tea tree oil so it leaves my hair smelling natural and clean.“

~ Lexus

“I have rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints, including my neck. Nights and mornings are especially painful Medication helps, but rubbing Super White Stuff otc or Super Blue Stuff otc on the painful area helps tremendously! Also, if I am gardening or working in the yard and have sore muscles, this does it for me. I buy three bottles at a time because my son plays college football.“ ~ BLUESPRING Customer

Get the Pain Relief You Need FAST


“Prior to receiving the products, I went to Walmart and purchased various pain products, capsicum and other emu pain products, none of them work, but Super Blue Stuff does!” ~ PR

“I’ve been using the roll-on, along with the cream, for many years. It’s the best for pain relief, back, wrist, or any joint. I have recommended it to friends and coworkers. Simply the best!!!!” ~ K.T.

“Have used Menthol Spray Booster on my knee in conjunction with Super White Stuff. I feel it does boost the effectiveness of the Super White Stuff. The White Stuff is very effective on its own so you may not need a booster. I use the booster only if I am hurting more than usual.“ ~ JW 

“Arnica Cream seems to work great as a booster to other Blue Spring items.” ~ Bones  

Keep Summer Skin Beautiful Naturally

Pure Prime Emu Oil

Natural moisturizer for skin    Absorbs quickly and deeply    Fights inflammation

Penetrates with moisture    Reduces appearance of wrinkles, aging  •  Thickens Skin


“I have been using Pure Emu Oil for several years. Blue Spring has the highest quality oil I have ever used. The delicate nature of this oil is fantastic for any skin type. I use it on my entire body, especially on my face at night.“ ~ BLUESPRING Customer

“I was under the impression that any oil-based product would cause breakouts, but emu oil has proved me wrong. Not only is my skin softer, I have fewer breakouts and my skin glows!” ~ BLUESPRING Customer

"This is it, the face moisturizer I’ve been looking for. It absorbs fairly quickly and after a week of using it around my eye area, I can tell the wrinkles are going away. Also, I had fallen during vacation and got a huge bruise on my back side. Within a week the whole bruise was gone.“



Look Your Best Naturally

Face & Hair Care with Pure Emu Oil



Discover a Better You with Help from BlueSpring


Foot & Leg Comfort Cream with Pain Relief

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