Peach Facial Moisturizer 2-oz. jar

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  • Great for use every day
  • Reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging
  • Hydrates skin deeply
  • Dissolves dead skin
  • Increases cellular turnover

Peach Facial Moisturizer brings the fountain of youth right to your fingertips, and all it takes is a gentle massage with this natural aging cream each day to begin turning back the hands of time. Fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin are no match for this lightweight formula that leaves no greasy residue behind, and the combination of four special oils makes this one of the most potent natural skin care products that you can find. The emu, jojoba, safflower, and vitamin E tocopherol oils absorb quickly into your skin while leaving a delicate peach scent behind. As the moisturizer penetrates your skin, it begins providing you with amazing benefits that improve your overall appearance.

  • Combat dryness with skin hydration
  • Dissolve dead skin cells
  • Increase cellular turnover
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Slow down the signs of aging

Many face moisturizers contain harsh chemicals that can actually strip away the surface of the skin and cause more redness and skin damage than you had before. It is also common for additives in other preparations to irritate delicate skin and trigger allergic reactions. Using the wrong products on your skin can turn into an endless cycle of stripping away oils and having to re-moisturize all over again. At BLUESPRING, our policy has always been to bring only the purest ingredients to each person who is searching for natural skin care products. Using whole leaf aloe, emu oil, and other natural ingredients in our products gives you the most effective moisturizer possible with the added peace of mind that comes with knowing it is gentle enough for anyone to use.

A proper skin care routine does far more than just make you look pretty. Our Peach Facial Moisturizer contains pure emu oil that carries anti-inflammatory properties deep within your skin where damage first occurs. The whole leaf aloe soothes minor skin irritations while encouraging surface healing much like it works when you have a slight burn. Together, all of the natural oils in this formula begin to hydrate your skin so that it is plumper, and those fine lines begin to relax. From the first application, the visible signs of aging begin to fade away as dead skin cells are dissolved and cellular turnover is regenerated. Those tired circles around your eyes will begin to perk up, and your overall appearance will be one that shines with a youthful glow.

Our Peach Facial Moisturizer comes in a convenient size that is perfect for packing away in an overnight bag and to be used as a part of your nightly bedtime routine. It can also be used along with Firming Lift Cream to create a more dramatic result for prematurely aging skin. If you have been looking for a way to turn back the aging process, you can stop searching and start seeing healing powers of all natural ingredients.


The effectiveness of this remarkable product is due to the unique blend of its many natural ingredients. This safe and restorative formula includes a moisturizing blend of 4 essential oils combined with natures best-tested science found in these cosmeceutical ingredients.

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate

Aloe Vera is a plant that has been used for skin-care and wound treatment since ancient times. The Egyptians were so confident in Aloe Vera’s healing properties that they referred to it as the “plant of immortality”. Aloe is a common ingredient in many top quality skin care products for good reason. Modern science has proven what the ancients already knew. Aloe is one of the best substances for total skin care. It is an excellent natural moisturizer, helping the skin to retain water. It is also a nutrient provider that naturally helps the skin recover from cracking and irritation, including sunburn and rash. The clear gel that contains the plant’s healing properties comes from the leaves, so whole leaf extract is the best form of this all-in-one skin revitalizing solution.

Emu Oil

Certain oils tend to be good products to use on skin, and emu oil has been shown time and time again to be one of the best choices. It tends to be very hypo-allergenic compared to other oils, and it is a completely natural ingredient. It treats lines and wrinkles by smoothing to skin and filling in the spaces. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help it soothe and relieve skin irritation and rash. It is one of the defining ingredients in Peach Facial Moisturizer and helps separate it from more common or cheap skin care alternatives. Unlike artificial moisturizers, emu oil is safe to use on wounds, rashes or burns. In addition to its remarkable moisturizing effects, it reduces irritation of the skin.

Safflower Oil

This oil is a natural ingredient used in quality skin care products, it gives skin the same benefits as other natural oils. It is a lubricant to help keep skin smooth and glossy. It is also an occlusive, meaning that it helps the skin lock in moisture and prevent water loss due to evaporation. The oil will naturally fill in lines and help smooth the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel considers natural oils like safflower oil safe for skin care and unlikely to cause any reaction. Use with other soothing ingredients in the product, like emu oil and aloe, make the chance of irritation even less.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a natural plant extract from the seeds of the jojoba tree. These trees grow mainly in the Southwestern United States. While it is called an “oil”, this extract is a liquid wax ester similar to human skin oil, called sebum. Not surprisingly, this makes it an excellent and natural healthy supplement for dry, rough skin. Oil is important to skin health, and as skin ages it tends to produce less and less of its natural oil. Jojoba oil is thus the perfect treatment for dry and aging skin that isn’t producing the oil that it should be. If used on younger skin that tends to overproduce oil, the product can actually trick oil glands in the skin to produce less oil. This helps lessen the effects of oily skin and acne. Who knew that you could fight oil with oil?


Collagen is a natural protein found in skin that preserves the skin’s strength and elasticity. Breakdown of collagen overtime is the primary cause of wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of aging. Collagen can be reapplied to the skin through cosmetics. Psuedocollagen is a similar protein derived from yeast that has the same skin strengthening properties as human collagen. When applied to the skin, this natural protein helps to strengthen skin durability and firmness and improve appearance. It doesn’t just cover over lines and wrinkles, it targets their cause.

Lactic Acid

Again, the Ancient Egyptians seemed to know a thing or two about skin care. Queen Cleopatra herself, considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world at the time, reportedly bathed in sour milk to improve her appearance. Before anyone goes jumping into a stinky milk-bath, consider that science has uncovered the reason behind the odd practice: lactic acid found in the milk. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring chemical in the body and other organic substances and is produced by fermentation. The acid naturally firms skin, improves texture and helps with moisture retention. It can be irritating if applied in the wrong concentration, but when blended with other ingredients there is much less chance of side-effects.

Hydrolyzed Elastin

Elastin is another natural skin protein that enhances skin durability, firmness and texture. Just like in the word “elastic”, elastin refers to the protein that gives skin its stretchy durability. The elastin has been “hydrolyzed” meaning that it has been broken up into smaller pieces to help with absorption into the skin. The protein cannot replace elastin in the skin, but it does help the skin feel smoother and improve the overall feel of the product.


Revitalin is a special chemical naturally derived from yeast. It strengthens the skin’s naturally ability to protect itself from harmful environmental effects. This means less chance of sunburn and damage from free radicals. In this way, Revitalin not only improves skin’s appearance and strength, but it also helps protect from common sources of cancer. It also boosts the skin’s oxygen content. This is important because it increases cellular respiration, and more active skin cells mean healthier, stronger skin.

+More Natural Ingredients & User Friendly Preservatives For Ease of Use


Apply morning and evening on face, neck, and décolletage.

Tips for best use:

  • Apply thin coats more frequently instead of a large amount at one time
  • Peach Facial Moisturizer is also best used with our exclusive Firming Lift Cream.


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Your Peach Facial moisturizer is not rusty – even though it may look that way. Cream is probably caught within the threads of the jar where the cap screws on and secures the contents. When this happens air reaches it and it oxidizes and turns from a peach color to a rust color.

To avoid this just wipe the threads at the top of the jar and the inside of the lid clean before attaching the lid.


Pseudocollagen is a plant-based alternative to collagen, which comes from animals. It mimics the effects of collagen, and can be absorbed through the skin. The pseudocollagen in Peach Facial moisturizer comes from fermented yeast extract.


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