Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner 12-oz. bottle w/ pump

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  • Strengthens hair
  • Returns hair to its natural color
  • Encourages hair to grow
  • Add luster and shine to hair
  • Helps to prevent hair loss and breaking


Combating hair changes as you age is easy with this smaller version of the classic Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner formula that is designed to nourish your strands of hair with a unique blend of four natural oils. Each of the oils included in this conditioner are potent, yet they rinse clean from your hair, leaving it shiny and never weighed down or looking greasy. When you use this conditioner, you will begin to see your hair responding by growing back thicker and stronger than ever before.


Your parents may have simply dealt with having hair that thinned or changed colors. Yet, we know far more now about how to stimulate healthy hair than we ever knew in the past. Age-related changes in your hair are often caused by inflammation in the scalp that changes the size or shape of the hair follicles. You may also experience health issues, such as thyroid disorders or hormone fluctuations, that alter your hair growth pattern. Natural hair care products are designed to address these types of problems without causing further damage, such as inflammation that can be caused by harsh chemicals used in other commercial products. For instance, Pure Prime Emu Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to soothe changes in the hair follicles that cause hair to grow in thinner than the strands before.


During the course of a normal day, hair sustains a lot of damage. Simply styling your hair with heat, pulling it tight into rubber bands and exposing it to harsh weather can all make age-related changes look worse. Many women with thin hair tend to shy away from conditioner because they are concerned about having hair that is too greasy. Fortunately, BLUESPRING has developed a formula that protects hair and restores it to health after being damaged using safe, hypoallergenic ingredients, such as aloe vera and emu oil.


A beautiful head of hair requires paying attention to what those thinning strands may be saying about your body. Make sure to see your physician regularly, and ask about testing for diabetes and thyroid disorders that disrupt hair growth. Since Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner is all natural, you can use it alongside other types of treatment that may be prescribed by your physician. You can also enhance the effects of this conditioner by combining it with our Hair Healthy Shampoo, or consider supplementing your diet to combat malnutrition with our Hair, Skin, and Nails Formula. Whether you use this conditioner alone or with additional products, healing your entire body makes a big difference in how your hair appears.


Put your best face forward by finally being able to show off your lovely locks with confidence. When you place your focus on wellness, your whole body shines with a healthy glow that also shows in your hair. As you nourish your hair growth by improving your overall health, use Anti-Aging Hair Cream to enhance your progress for enjoying a fuller, stronger head of hair.



The effectiveness of Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner with Emu Oil is due to our unique blend of natural ingredients combined with the latest in nutraceuticals – science plus nature is the winning combination that makes this amazing product. When used individually they are extremely effective for your hair health – but when blended in just the amounts for this proprietary formula – the effectiveness increases greatly and the results cannot be denied.



The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf is known commonly as Aloe Vera. Its use goes back to Egyptian culture, where records show it's engraved in tablets from 2000 BC. Even Cleopatra apparently utilized the leaf. By the 17th century, its medicinal purposes were in full use in India, China, Pakistan, North Africa and Europe.


It is excellent for preventing dehydration as the leaf is 99 percent water. This is what helps BLUESPRING's anti-aging hair conditioner rehydrate dry hair with lightweight moisture, fighting against dryness and thinness that comes with aging. The remaining one percent of the leaf consists of vitamins that include B12, A, C and E, plant sterols, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other powerful, natural ingredients.  Due to the high antioxidant and salicylic acid value, it's a key component for scalp care as a healing and anti-aging proponent.



Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is used effectively in hair and skin care applications. It originated in the Mediterranean and parts of eastern Africa, derived from a plant that produces a seed oil that has distinctive properties. Grown in the UK for years, it has become a practical replacement for rapeseed oil. This is because Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil has high essential fatty acid content. This means a strong concentration of nourishing Omega 9 fatty acid. It deeply penetrates outer skin layers and provides a soft, smooth layer of dehydration protection. Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is an excellent application when combined with BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner's other natural ingredients that protect hair and moisturize the scalp.



Emu Oil has benefits in a multitude of health arenas. Many of them fall under hair care. This includes being an all-natural agent in the fight against dry scalp and hair, scalp itching, hair loss (alopecia), and falling hair. Research has revealed Emu Oil penetrates through layers of the dermis, feeding skin to better health, making it vibrant and supple. Historically, it was used by Australian aboriginals as medicine for coughs, fevers, bruises, cuts, sores and pain. As a scalp and hair treatment, Emu Oil helps make BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner an application for restoring natural oils, infusing strength and dealing with skin irritation. Emu Oil returns hair to a youthful and healthy appearance.



Jojoba Seed Oil, or Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, is a liquid wax derived from the jojoba plant. A solution that's been used for ages, today it is best known as an agent for stimulating hair growth. Filled with moisturizing and emollient capabilities, it has antibacterial properties that soothe the scalp. It's excellent for treatment of dry scalp and dandruff. Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates hair follicles, strengthening fibers from the inside. It also hydrates hair from the shaft's interior, reducing hygral fatigue (a hair condition resulting from over moisturizing hair). With these great benefits as a proactive hair agent, it helps BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner add elasticity, softness and shine to hair. Some conditioners contain elements that will strip hair over time. Jojoba Seed Oil will not do that, making it an excellent ingredient for fighting thinning hair.



Olive Oil Unsaponifiables are derived naturally from unsaponifiable oil portions of olives after pressing. Being rich in Glycolipids and Phytosterols, this compound is excellent for replenishing lipids that the skin (scalp) loses, restoring flexibility and suppleness. It is an excellent solution for maintaining moisture in the lips, skin and hair. That makes is an excellent solution for BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner, where it aids in preventing hair damage that can result from brushing. It will also help protect the integrity of hair structure from other chemical and mechanical stresses. Its incorporation into the conditioner has a wonderful soothing effect.



Panthenol is used in care products for its skin and hair care capabilities. It adds thickness to hair body and has an enhanced moisturizing effect. BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner capitalizes on those properties. Categorized as a provitamin, Panthenol spreads evenly on hair strand surfaces, creating a smooth film across the cuticles. The film's reflection of light gives off a nice gloss and shine. Panthenol penetrates the cuticle, entering the hair shaft where it imparts moisture and provides volume. As a humectants, glossifier, emollient, detangler as well as a moisturizing agent, Panthenol takes BLUESPRING's Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner to the next level of performance when it comes to protecting hair from signs of aging.


+More Natural Ingredients & User Friendly Preservatives For Ease of Use






  • Run conditioner (a small amount) through your hair, down the middle, from the scalp to the tips.
    • Use more or less conditioner based on how long and dry your hair is
    • Use on hair that is away from the scalp as often as you like. A lot of any conditioner on the scalp can weigh hair down, but using it on your scalp once every three times you wash will allow the anti-aging ingredients to help your scalp and improve your hair’s appearance.
  • Wait one to two minutes with conditioner on your hair
    • The optimum time is two minutes
    • You can use a shower cap and condition your hair while you continue to bathe
  • Rinse completely out of hair – watch for water that is completely clear running out of your hair
  • Rinse again with cold water to leave a shine on hair and close your cuticles



  • If you are using a towel to dry your hair, vigorous rubbing of hair can break strands; scrunch and pat hair dry instead
  • Avoid drying hair using heat unless time does not allow for slower methods
  • Allow hair to air dry and prevent the kinds of damage heat can cause
  • If you use heat to dry your hair, do your best to limit it significantly


Warning: keep products out of eyes – if you accidently get into your eyes rinse with cool clear water.




Check labeling on relaxers before using them with any other products. Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner is safe and will not cause damage, but a relaxer may have warnings about chemicals in it and give limits to its safe use.


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