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Super White Stuff OTC 3 oz. Roll-Ons

Pain Relief in as Fast as 5 Minutes

3 oz. Super Blue Stuff OTC Roll-On

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Roll-on allows hands free application and the extended reach makes getting to back or neck easier. Featuring the power of menthol from peppermint plus pure emu oil, MSM, whole leaf aloe vera, glucosamine and 11 therapeutic herbs.

“Really works fast to soothe aches and pains. I have used both cream and roll-on and have been very happy with both. I travel a lot and the roll-on is a perfect size to travel with as it meets TSA guidelines and lasts a long time.“ ~ Stephanie

3 oz. Super White Stuff OTC Roll-On

Buy 4 White Roll-Ons, Get 5th Roll-On Free Plus One FREE SWS 1 oz. Jar

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The same great pain fighting formula as our Super Blue, but Super White Stuff has no added color or fragrance and is designed for those with sensitive skin.

“I have neuropathy in my feet and Super White Stuff cools them and relieves the pain and burning. I use it 2-3 times a day and can’t sleep at night without it. I also have degenerative arthritis and I’m so glad a friend recommended it to me. It’s certainly worth every penny I spend on it. Don’t ever stop making it! I recommend it to everyone.” ~ Ava

Relief is on the Way, Fast

Super Blue Stuff OTC

  • Relieves pain quickly
  • Provides safe and natural pain relief
  • Works for arthritis, myalgia and more

Super White Stuff OTC

  • All natural formula
  • NO added fragrance or color
  • Great for those with sensitive skin


  • When your pain relief can use a boost
  • Use alone or with your favorite pain relief cream
  • Choose from: Cooling Menthol Spray Arnica Cream with Herbal Boost Warming Capsicum Roll-on

“I immediately felt the soothing efffectivness of Arnica Cream Booster on my knees. I was able to carry on with my daily chores, not having the discomfort when climbing steps and being on my feet all day. I have recommended this product to my friends, and share with family.“


Nature's Skin Care Solution

Pure Prime Emu Oil

  • Natural moisturizer for skin  
  • Absorbs quickly and deeply
  • Fights inflammation
  • Penetrates with moisture
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles, aging
  • Thickens skin

Better, Healthier, Skin & Hair

Face & Hair Care Featuring Pure Emu Oil

Skin Care:

  • Aids in diminshing wrinkles
  • Moisturizes Deeply

Hair Care:

  • Fuller, Thicker Hair
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Nourished scalp

“I’ve used Peach Facial Moisturizer for twelve years; there is nothing better for beautifully hydrated skin. I apply it immediately after showering or swimming and it is fully absorbed in minutes. I’m in my sixties and have the skin of a woman in her forties or younger. This moisturizer also has the beautiful, delicate fragrance of fresh peaches. Also perfect for stressed or sun damaged skin.“


“I’ve just started to use Peach Facial Moisturizer and it goes on my skin very lightly. I use it under my makeup and after I take off my makeup
in the evening. It seems to be keeping my skin smooth and moist.” ~ BLUESPRING Customer

“I use Firming Lifting Cream all the time! I even use it on my arms and underarms and it works great! I buy six at a time, two for my face and four for my arms!“ ~ Lilly B.

“I use Anti-Aging Conditioner in combination with the Hair Healthy Shampoo and I love how soft they make my hair feel. I have fine, thin hair and these two together, give me lots of fullness. Also, this is the first conditioner that prevents my hair from getting that ‘stringy’ look to it. Very pleased!“ ~ Rockin’ Robin

Take Control of Your Health 

Healthy Living Supplements

  • Safe and natural solutions to life’s challenges
  • Formulated for safety, efficacy and positive results
  • A holistic approach to well being



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