What is Hair Healthy Shampoo?

What is Hair Healthy Shampoo?

Debra Murray


Hair Healthy Shampoo is a healthy, natural, and nutrient-based shampoo that allows you to avoid all of the common health issues associated with conventional shampoos sold on the market today. Vitamins, Tea Tree Oil and Emu Oil are just a few of the important ingredients in this healthy alternative shampoo. The main focus of this product is to help people find a natural solution when they need to wash their hair. This shampoo is a solid option if you need something that will be able to nourish your hair rather than just clean it on a regular basis.


How Does it Help My Problem?


Scalp Health

There are a variety of different problems that are solved when you use Hair Healthy Shampoo. First of all, this shampoo feels amazingly soothing and almost therapeutic on the scalp. In addition to being a better option for the health of your hair, this shampoo can also promote the generation of new cells on your scalp. By speeding up the removal of dead skin cells on the scalp, you can improve the fertile soil that your hair needs to grow and maintain its glow. This shampoo also promotes a healthy overall scalp for your head.


Nourishes and Moisturizes

If you have a scalp that is often dried out due to exposure to sunlight or using the wrong shampoo, then Hair Healthy Shampoo is going to be a solid option for you. This shampoo nourishes your hair and your scalp to prevent dry skin from accumulating on the top of your head. A dry scalp is one of the main signs of a serious issue that could lead to problems with your hair and your skin. Giving your scalp the nutrients that it needs to moisturize itself on a regular basis is just as important as washing those nutrients into your hair. Proper nourishment is the best way to make sure that your head of hair stays strong and healthy for a long period of time.


Improves Hair Health

There are plenty of shampoos out there that promise to make your hair look silky and smooth, but these shampoos are not interested in actually improving the health of your hair. You have to think about more than just aesthetics when it comes to washing your hair because unhealthy hair will eventually start to wither away no matter how good you try to make it look with shampoo. By focusing on the health of your hair instead of the look of your hair, you will be able to make sure that your hair will be shining and bouncing many years into the future.


Encourages Hair Re-growth

Emu oil is one of the most important ingredients of Hair Healthy Shampoo because it actually improves hair growth in the frontal section of the head. Most hair re-growth treatments help the grown or vertex of the hair more than any other area because frontal re-growth is a completely different animal. The exact reason for other forms of hair loss treatment not working on the front of the head has never been known, but it appears that emu oil is a tool that could be used to support hair growth in that region of the head. Research is still being done on emu oil when it comes to its use as a hair re-growth agent, but many researchers are thinking that the fact emu oil is an anti-inflammatory could have something to do with its ability to stimulate hair growth. There is no potential for emu oil to cause irritation to the skin, hair, or scalp.


Healthy Tips


In addition to using products like Hair Healthy Shampoo, you should also make some lifestyle changes to improve the overall health of your hair. Certain foods and vices can actually negatively impact your hair rather severely, and it is important to go after these root causes of your hair issues more than anything else. Let's take a look at five quick lifestyle changes that you could use to improve the health of your hair.


Exercise for Healthy Hair

One of the main things that you need to realize when it comes to the health of your hair is that it is directly related to the overall health of your body. If you can get your entire body into better shape, then you should notice that your hair is able to grow more easily. In the case of exercise, you will be able to improve blood circulation. This means that more oxygen will be able to get to your scalp and increase the hair growth on the top of your head.


Quit Smoking

If you are able to cut the tobacco out of your life, then you should be able to improve the glow and shine associated with your hair. There are over 7,000 different chemicals found in cigarettes, and those chemicals eventually affect every single cell in your body. By quitting smoking, you will be able to reduce the number of harmful chemicals that eventually find their way into your hair follicles. In addition to that, you also won't smell like an ashtray all the time.


Slow Down on the Drinking

It is no secret that alcohol is a substance that makes people feel rather dehydrated. When your body is dehydrated, your hair will become rather brittle and frail. Your skin and your hair are severely affected by drinking too much alcohol and not drinking enough water, so make sure that you are not overdoing it every time you go out for drinks with a few friends. Alcohol can also deplete the iron in your system, which is another factor that can lead to excessive hair loss.


Get More Protein in Your Diet

Most people think of protein when it comes to building muscle, but the reality is that protein is also very important when it comes to hair health and growth. Protein is one of the essential building blocks for a health head of hair, so you should try to get plenty of meats and fish in your diet. These foods also contain a lot of iron, which is also able to promote hair growth.


Get Your Vitamins

There are a variety of different vitamins that can promote a healthy head of hair, which is why vitamins are a key component of Hair Healthy Shampoo. While getting your vitamins through supplements and other products can be helpful, eating the foods that actually contain healthy vitamins is the best way to go. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that you need to consume on a regular basis if you are concerned about your hair health. This is one of the vitamins that cannot be produced by the body, so you should look into the Vitamin C content of the foods that you eat on a regular basis. Broccoli and spinach are two high quality options when it comes to improving your levels of Vitamin C.



Fat is Not Always a Bad Thing

Many people are concerned with the amount of fat that they eat these days, but you need to realize that there are both good and bad fats out there. Most people have now heard of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, and these types of fats are great for improving the health of your hair and the rest of your body. If you would like to get more essential fatty acids into your diet, then take a look at foods such as flaxseed, fish, and avocados.


Recent Studies Prove Traditional Remedies Work

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most prominent ingredients of Hair Healthy Shampoo, and the main reason that this ingredient is so important is that scientific studies have shown that tea oil tree is helpful in treating acne and dry skin. Your scalp needs to be moisturized in order for a healthy amount of hair to be found on top of your head, so this ingredient is more about treating your skin more than anything else. When your scalp is healthy and moisturized, it is much easier for your hair to grow and maintain a healthy glow.


In the case of Emu Oil, similar research has shown that there are benefits to the hair and skin when emu oil is applied. The exact reason for this positive benefit of emu oil is still debated, but recent studies have shown that hair loss can be reduced with the use of emu oil on the scalp and in the hair. Most of these studies were conducted on animals in Australia, and those animals were shown to have a reduction in hair loss after the emu oil was applied.

Another ingredient that has some science behind it is Panthenol. This ingredient has been shown to slow the aging process in women between the ages of 30-60, although the studies that showed this effect of panthenol also used niacinamide in their tests. By slowing down the aging process, panthenol is able to keep the strength and color in your hair for a much longer period of time. Another added benefit of panthenol is that it can prevent breakage in your hair. When panthenol is added to the hair in the form of shampoo, it has been known to bioconvert into vitamin B.


In the News...

Coconut oil seems to be the top superfood of the year, and one of the ingredients in Hair Healthy Shampoo is actually extracted from coconut oil. While other people are using the healthy fats in coconut oil to give them energy throughout the entire day, Hair Healthy Shampoo uses the TEA-Laurel Sulfate from the oil to naturally cleanse the hair. More uses of coconut oil are being found on a daily basis, and some researchers believe that it has the potential to treat a wide variety of different diseases.


Many people are now looking into the benefits of aloe vera juice, although many individuals around the world have been using this plant as a natural skin moisturizer for many years. In fact, you may have used some aloe vera on your skin in the pats after suffering from a nasty sun burn. There are many nutrients to be found in whole leaf aloe vera concentrate, but that is only one of the reasons that it was included in Hair Healthy Shampoo. You also have to remember that a moisturized skin with the help of aloe vera will be able to add volume to your hair and reduce dandruff.











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