The Right Mood for Better Health

The Right Mood for Better Health

Debra Murray


The Right Mood for Better Health

BLUESPRING's Mood Support Formula is a compilation of St. John's wort, L-tyrosine, Siberian root extract, and other compounds that positively impact overall mood and outlook on life. Each of these ingredients have been tested individually and were found to reduce the symptoms of mood disorders, including depression. When all of them are included in one product, the blended effort supports the body's natural processes to achieve and sustain a positive mood. For those with mild depression or other mood disorders, taking Mood Support daily can give your body what it needs to balance and manage mood patterns more effectively.


What Can Mood Support Do for You?

Your entire body's health will change when you are in a good mood; it's true! Your body is able to regenerate cells and heal from injury or illness faster when your brain is in a positive state. You will see changes in both appearance and energy levels throughout the day when in a good mood. Happy individuals have better brain, heart, and general health than their unhappy counterparts. Also, a good mood is contagious! If you are struggling to maintain a healthy and balanced mood day to day, Mood Support may be the boost you need.


Mood Support is designed for people who suffer from low or bad moods, whether associated with an underlying mood disorder as a chronic problem or simply the occasional stressful time brought about by circumstances. Sometimes individuals go through a period of hormonal changes that alter their body chemistry and result in changes to mood. No matter the cause of the mood swings, Mood Support is designed to help.


Mood Support Targets Brain Chemistry

A negative mood is caused by a poor combination of chemicals in the brain itself. The human brain is regulated much like the rest of the body using hormones that various organs produce and circulate. When one hormone is made too much or another is not generated enough, body chemistry shifts and systems within the body are changed. The brain might be responding with a sour mood when it is not getting enough of the right instructions to feel positively. Menopause, coping with new settings, physical illness, and personal loss can all produce a significant change in hormone balance. As the body ages, the regular needs of the brain may be more and more difficult to manage. Everyday life causes stress on the brain and the body, and sometimes what seems like a little change can be the straw that broke the camel's back, leading to noticeable changes in mood and mindset. Giving the brain everything it needs will help to bolster normal chemistry management and the resulting steady, positive mood.


No matter what is causing an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, Mood Support can help. The combination of natural ingredients in our special formula can help your body to restore balance where it has become skewed one way or another. Providing the right nutrients in your diet, the way nature intended you to get them, will stimulate the parts of your body that produce the chemicals and hormones your brain needs and once that production has begun, the brain will begin to feel happy on its own. Mood Support does not change the innate processes of the body the way a drug would; it simply provides what your body needs to do its job properly and naturally.


Habits to Support a Healthy Mood

In addition to giving your body the right nutrients with Mood Support, you can engage in activities that will continue to improve your mood. A helpful routine that is well-rounded and addresses several possible causes of hormone imbalance can ensure that your efforts are as effective as possible at improving your mood. Here are four ways you can boost your mood every day:


  • Exercise often and regularly – Exercise releases hormones that improve mood and get rid of harmful substances in the body.
  • Stay connected to friends - Everyone needs a good group of friends to support them when life takes a turn for the worse.
  • Follow good eating habits - "Garbage in, garbage out" applies to the mind as much as it does the body, and the two cross over.
  • Practice stress relief techniques - Simply stopping to breathe, focus on the positive, and calm yourself will go a long way toward managing the thoughts and feelings that drag you down and attack your peace of mind.


A Better Life and More of It

Studies show that maintaining a positive mood can result in longer life as well as better overall health. People who live with a sustained good mood also have improved memory and better cognitive performance. Additionally, a healthy mood will keep itself going. When we are in a good mood, we have positive thoughts. These thoughts fire off certain neurons in the brain that cause our positive thoughts to grow stronger. We begin to think even more positively and strengthen the areas of our brain that promote positive thinking. Once positive thinking gets established, it continues to build on itself in an upward spiral nearly opposite of the negative loop that is also commonplace.



Mood Support gives you a wide variety of natural ingredients, making it the best product to address your needs. Each ingredient is obtained using United States Good Manufacturing Practices, which ensures that it is the highest quality available. All of the ingredients used in our products are tested and determined to be both safe and effective. Everything that goes into Mood Support makes it work better and deliver results unlike anything else.




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