The Five Best Foods To Eat Post Workout

The Five Best Foods To Eat Post Workout

Debra Murray


Nutrition is very important for repairing muscle tissue and healing the body after a strenuous workout. It lowers inflammation and replenishes lost vitamins too. Some foods are better than others though, especially those that contain protein and carbohydrates. Foods high in fat have to be avoided because they block the absorption of important nutrition. Sugary foods can't be eaten either, since they increase inflammation and swelling in the muscles. All of these special requirements can make choosing the right foods to eat after a workout a little difficult. To help, here is a list of five of them that are considered to be the best by fitness experts. 


Greek Yogurt 


This type of yogurt is a little different than traditional yogurt. It is thicker, and it has a richer taste. It makes the perfect snack for after a workout because it contains a balance of protein and carbohydrates in each cup that is higher than traditional yogurt. Be sure to choose a brand of Greek yogurt that is unsweetened. Some of the flavored types of it are too high in sugar. 


Protein Drinks 


Most experts agree that about 30 grams of protein should be consumed after a person works out. Since that is such a high amount, it is difficult to get enough of it all at once. So the perfect solution is to drink a protein shake. It can be the pre-made variety, or a type that comes in a powdered mix. What is great about protein shakes is that the protein is often from a plant-based source. Peanut butter or almond butter is usually the main ingredient. It is best to read the label to be sure if you have any doubts though. Most protein shakes have some added carbohydrates in them, so there is no need to eat anything else with them. 




A hot pan of scrambled eggs only takes a few minutes to make. So this dish is very convenient to eat after a workout. Eggs are high in protein and vitamins that are essential for muscle repair. Some people with heart problems avoid them because the yolk contains cholesterol. Luckily, there are some great low-cholesterol egg substitutes available that offer the nutritional benefits of eggs without the worry. 




Fruit is high in antioxidants that speed up the healing process in muscle tissue. It also has carbohydrates that are needed for energy. Some people take along an apple or a banana with them to snack on as soon as they are done exercising. This is very important because the window for muscle recovery is very small. If the body doesn't get enough nutrition when it needs it, the benefits of the workout will be lost.  


Sweet Potatoes 


Unlike white potatoes, this sweeter variety is loaded with potassium, vitamins, and fiber, which helps keep blood sugar levels stable. The only drawback to eating sweet potatoes after a workout is that they take a while to cook, so some people prepare them ahead of time, and reheat them later on. 


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