Quercetin and Joint Health Scientific Study

Quercetin and Joint Health Scientific Study

Debra Murray


Protecting joint health in a proactive way is a serious concern for many older people who are suffering through arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the efficacy and action mechanisms of Quercetin, and the latest findings give hope for people who are often paralyzed by the pain, stiffness and immobility that is associated with the aging process.


Improving overall health through diet has been recognized since the Roman Empire as an ideal approach, and taking Quercetin supplements is one way for anyone to ensure that they have the necessary nutrients, vitamins and flavonoids for polar auxin transport (transferring of plant cells into body).


Quercetin has been comprehensively studied and has shown promise as an anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory class of drugs are known for their efficacy in the treatment of pain and include the list of medications that are more commonly referred to as analgesics. While many people recognize the value of man-made drugs, such as aspirin and the other anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs (NSAID)s, modern research has started to embrace the concept of nutrition's effect on overall health. Studies have looked carefully into the issue of Quercetin which is essential for transport actions within cells because the substance affects the pH levels that are essential for movement across cell walls.


While studies are continually ongoing with respect to the efficacy of Quercetin on inflammation, arthritis and aging issues, the chemical has been researched in a number of different venues and shows incredible promise. In one of the most interesting research studies done, a group of physiologists, athletes and their coaches peformed an interesting experiment. They investigated whether an antioxidant supplement would enhance time trials during a 30-km cycling event. The research suggests that supplementation with a product like Quercetin significantly improved performance and enhanced power output.


Another study gave 12 healthy men Quercetin supplements and then discovered they exercised for a longer period of time afterwards. A third study confirmed many of the results in the other two experiments and concluded that a two-week supplementation with Quercetin was effective in countering the inflammation that occurred after heavy cycling.


Supporting joints during the aging process is highly dependent on proper nutrition, and many are unaware of all the benefits that are offered with an all-natural Quercetin supplementation regimen. The product has been studied by several researchers who all found a high-quality Quercetin supplement offered a range of benefits after exercise. While the mechanisms are not fully understood, researchers are considering the effects of pH levels and nutrient transport across cell walls that seems to improve tissue generation around joints.


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