Natural Ingredients To Support Your Good Mood

Natural Ingredients To Support Your Good Mood

Debra Murray

Daily life can be stressful no matter what’s on your plate, and sometimes you might find yourself wishing for a good way to boost your mood. If you’d like to know what types of herbs and natural ingredients you can use to enhance a positive state of mind, then check out the following list to get a better idea of what these natural ingredients can do for you!


St. John's Wort

St. John’s Wort is native to Europe and Asia, sporting yellow flowers and usually being processed into liquids, oils, or dried teas for consumption. While this herb is officially classified as a dietary supplement, numerous studies have found that it has effects on depression that are comparable with those of prescription medications. 

St. John’s Wort has been used medically for centuries throughout Europe, and active ingredients such as hyperforin and hypericin may be to thank for its effectiveness.


Griffonia simplicifolia

Griffonia simplicifolia is an African shrub that produces seeds from which the amino acid 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) can be extracted. This amino acid serves as a precursor to both serotonin and melatonin, which can boost your mood and help you improve your focus throughout the day.

In addition to improving your mood directly, Griffonia simplicifolia supplements can also help you get the deeper sleep that you need to improve brain function and feel less negative emotion and tiredness throughout the day.


Siberian Root Extract

Derived from the Siberian ginseng plant, Siberian root extract offers a multitude of benefits including everything from improving your mood to strengthening your body against Alzheimer’s, viruses and colds. 

Similarly to Griffonia simplicifolia, Siberian root extract can help you get better quality sleep, which will serve to lift your mood during the day as well.



L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that’s built from a different amino acid: phenylalanine. Some people cannot process phenylalanine to create L-Tyrosine properly, or don’t get enough of it from their diets. 

Taking L-Tyrosine supplements can make great contributions to a healthy mood, including the reduction of stress, depression, and other symptoms of brain disorders. Issues that can be improved by supplemental doses of L-Tyrosine include concentration problems, brain fog, and struggles with overall cognitive performance.



Inositol is sometimes referred to as B-8 and can occur naturally in a variety of foods--especially seeds, grains, and nuts. Inositol is considered to be very promising as a brain-boosting supplement because of how effectively it enhances serotonin production and performance.

Many people don’t get enough Inositol in their diet and stand to benefit from supplements in order to induce a more positive mood. Taking supplements that include this ingredient can help lessen the effects of depression, anxiety, and stress.


Keep It Natural 

If you’ve been struggling to manage stressful feelings or keep up a good mood, then you might benefit from some of these key natural ingredients that have helped so many others. Improving your state of being doesn’t always have to involve the use of harsh pharmaceuticals, and you might find that these ingredients are just what you need!


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