Joint Health Studies Prove Benefits of Opti-MSM

Joint Health Studies Prove Benefits of Opti-MSM

Debra Murray

Opti-MSM is just one of the key ingredients in Joint Support Formula by BLUESPRING.


Osteoarthritis, or OA, is believed to affect more adults annually than any other disabling illness. Knee, shoulder and even elbow pain are common hallmarks of OA flare-ups, and each of these symptoms can easily turn a productive day into one devoted to pain management. Although analgesics and anti-inflammatories can provide some relief, they fail to exert any medicinal effect beyond simple palliation (relieving pain without dealing with the underlying cause). Opti-MSM, however, reduces symptoms by attempting to restore connective tissue and healthy joint functioning.


Any substance that promotes a potential health benefit must be investigated for its safety, efficacy and overall long term effect on the body. Sources that provide this information must then be examined under the strict light of science in order to fully secure their veracity.


Safety of Opti-MSM

The high standards set forth by the FDA were used to both manufacture and test Opti-MSM for safety. Opti-MSM's maximum lethal dose and its effects on daily or intermittent consumption were tested using animal models. The clinical data illustrated a lethal dose that is many orders of magnitude higher than any standard medicinal administration. Human dosage levels would have to exceed 17.5g/kg of MSM in order to reach this LD-50 dose. Comparatively, the supra-optimal dosages for allergic rhinitis protection and long-term safety testing were 100g/day and 1.25g/day for human subjects, respectively.


Opti-MSM has been shown to cross the blood brain barrier, but no reported effects on brain chemistry or brain metabolites was found in any of the patients tested. These positive findings remained conclusive even after higher dosages and longer exposures were investigated.


No interactions with any drug or medication have been discovered in any clinical trial of Opti-MSM. Vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements are equally free from interactivity. In fact, glucosamine, chondroitin and other antioxidative substances are frequently ingested in tandem with Opti-MSM.


The development standards employed during Opti-MSM manufacturing meet the Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by The National Nutritional Foods Association. This labeling ensures Opti-MSM is free from any substance not specifically noted on the ingredient list.


Additional Benefits and Efficacy of Opti-MSM

Osteoarthritis remediation is the primary reason for Opti-MSM supplementation, with others attempting MSM dosing in order to seek relief from seasonal allergies. Each of these benefits has been investigated by peer-reviewed research that revealed generally-consistent findings.


Allergy sufferers given Opti-MSM at the 2.6g/day dosage show improvement in upper respiratory and nasal discomfort within 7 days. Lower respiratory conditions, including max volume of oxygen and wheezing, reached baseline levels towards the end of the three week experiment. These conclusions clearly demonstrate Opti-MSM's considerable anti-allergy benefits.


Osteoarthritis sufferers between the ages of 40 and 76 were given 3g/day of MSM to test for symptom relief potential. Pain assessment scores were determined via patient indications, doctor assessments and the Western Ontario and McMaster University Osteoarthritis Index, or WOMAC. The study indicated a significant decrease in patient-reported discomfort and an increase in quality of life when MSM was weighed against the administered placebo. MSM supplementation also provided increased range of motion and a reduction in movement impairment.


Joint Support Formula by BlueSpring contains Opti-MSM as a key ingredient.



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