How Much Sleep is Needed for Health

How Much Sleep is Needed for Health

Debra Murray


Sleep - we all know we need it, but how much is too little or too much? Is it healthy to sleep a lot? Or is it bad for your body to spend too much time in bed?


The amount of sleep you need depends upon many factors and that includes your age. According to the National Institutes of Health, most adults should get between seven and a half to nine hours of sleep a night. It's a myth that people need less sleep as they age. Adults in their 60s, for instance, need just about the same amount of sleep as those in their 40s or younger.  


However, as people age, their sleeping patterns often change. Older people tend to sleep for shorter time spans, which means that they may nap in the afternoon to make up for not sleeping enough at night. 


Only you really know if you're getting the proper amount of sleep. Is it hard to get up in the morning? Do you feel sluggish during the day? Do you feel like sleeping after eating a heavy meal? Do you fall asleep watching TV? These may be signs of being sleep deprived. If you are sleep deprived, you may be irritable during the day or feel tired most of the time. You may have trouble concentrating or find it hard to cope with stressful situations. 


If you think you are sleep deprived or if you have any problems that may be traced to a lack of sleep, check with your doctor to find out what physical factors may be causing you to lose sleep. You might also try a supplement called Sleep Support by BLUESPRING. It is a natural blend of herbs that lets you fall asleep and stay asleep and, even better, wake up feeling good.  


There are no unpleasant side effects with this sleep promoter and it is not habit forming. You can go to sleep naturally and safely and wake up relaxed and ready to get on with your life. Give Sleep Support a try; you can look forward to a good sleep all night and a happier, more relaxed you all day. 



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