Health News: Hair Ages Just Like Skin

Health News: Hair Ages Just Like Skin

Debra Murray

Beautiful hair is a feature highly sought after by women, but men also want their hair to appear full and healthy.  


Most people do not realize that hair begins to age sometime in their thirties, and they may experience dry lifeless hair that begins to thin and fall out without proper nutrition and care. Most commercial hair products available today contain chemicals that can damage healthy hair, causing it to become dull, dry and brittle. When these products are used in conjunction with common styling practices such as heated curling irons and blow dryers, the hair and even the hair root is subject to damage. These conditions can lead to breakage, thinning hair and eventual hair loss. It is very beneficial to use natural hair care products that will support a healthy scalp and an increased rate of hair growth. 


BLUESPRING shampoo and hair conditioner are natural products and contain no chemicals in the ingredient list. These products are formulated to be totally safe for hair, and are based on therapeutic natural ingredients including tea tree oil, emu oil, whole leaf aloe vera and a nourishing blend of vitamins E and A. The shampoo cleanses the hair all the way to the root, and leaves it with a beautiful shine and great body. The anti-aging conditioner adds another layer of protection to healthy hair by adding keratin protein and an anti-aging combination of four natural oils in the formula.  


Most people understand that once a strand of hair has grown from the root it can no longer be nourished by any nutrients that body may provide. Even though hair no longer receives direct benefits to hair that has grown out from the hair shaft, certain nutrients have been proven to reduce hair loss while increasing the growth rate of hair. BLUESPRING Hair Formula+ for Women provides 29 minerals and vitamins in a combination that has been shown to improve the growth of healthy hair through nourishment to the hair root. Regular supplementation with this balanced combination has shown exceptional results for many satisfied customers. 


As more attention is focused on good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, most women and men alike now understand how important it is to avoid chemicals both in their diet and in hair care products. BLUESPRING hair care products offers an effective program to maintain and retain beautiful and healthy hair well into the senior years. 



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