Five Types of Myalgia and Their Causes

Five Types of Myalgia and Their Causes

Debra Murray

“Myalgia” is the medical term for muscle pain. It is often a symptom of another disease present in the body. It isn't a disease itself, so patients who report having this condition to their doctor have to undergo further testing to determine what the other underlying factors are. The severity and location of the pain both help in the diagnosis too. Once the doctor has all the information that he or she needs, they can make a determination of the specific type of muscle pain that someone has, so they know how to soothe it. There are five types of muscle pain that can affect someone. 



Overactive nerves make the body ache all over, so relaxing enough to fall asleep at night becomes very difficult. Doctors aren't sure what causes this type of pain to begin, but once someone has it, they usually suffer from it for years. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is based on whether or not someone has other symptoms with it, such as headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, depression and anxiety. As a natural remedy, emu oil products work well for soothing the symptoms of this condition. Pure Prime Emu Oil Gel Caps from BLUESPRING can also be used alongside prescribed medications to reduce the side effects of those for a better holistic recovery process.


Epidemic Myalgia 

Sudden pain in the upper body that is intense and lasting is usually a sign of a viral infection. This condition makes it hard to breathe. Some people experience chest pain that doesn't spread down the arms. This condition has to be treated with antiviral medications and steroids to reduce the inflammation. Most over-the-counter pain relief products won't help it. 


Myofascial Pain Syndrome 

This type of muscle pain is unique in the sense that it doesn't cause pain at the point of an injury the way that other forms of myalgia do. Pressing on one of the trigger points of inflammation induces pain in other unrelated regions of the body. For example, if the arm is touched too roughly, it might cause pain in the leg. The pain is very deep and lasting. And sometimes, myofascial pain syndrome causes a swollen knot to develop in the muscle. Luckily, there are options available that can help. Both physical therapy and topical pain relief cream work well for this condition. BLUESPRING's Super Blue Stuff OTC is safe for long-term use without side effects.


Polymyalgia Rheumatica 

Senior citizens have the highest risk of developing this type of muscle pain. It is caused by inflammation that spreads through the limbs, trunk and buttocks. Movement helps to ease this type of pain a bit. It also helps to soothe the pain with natural pain relief products that won't interfere with any other medications. 


Trapezius Muscle Pain 

Injury to the neck causes discomfort in the trapezius muscle. This muscle runs down the side of the neck from the occipital bone and past the vertebrae, where it connects to the shoulder blade. Its job is to support the weight of the arm and neck. It can be exacerbated by stress or too much time spent working at a computer. Women tend to get this condition more often than men do. 



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