Enjoy Life Again with Less Joint Pain

Enjoy Life Again with Less Joint Pain

Debra Murray


When joint pain keeps you sidelined, your have the option of watching life go by or taking control of your joint pain with help from BLUESPRING. We offer several options which can be used alone or together to help relieve the pain of aching joints.


Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief

Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief cream is a safe topical remedy that provides amazing results in as fast as 5 minutes. It is uniquely formulated from 23 natural ingredients, 11 of which are therapeutic herbs. For this reason, it is safer to use than aspirin, pharmaceuticals and drug store pain pills.


In fact, it can safely be used together with many other medications and prescriptions. It absorbs deeply and quickly into the skin providing soothing and effective natural pain relief.


Joint Support

Healthy balance is crucial for the correct functioning of joints. Proper functioning is what gives you the freedom to move. This is why Joint Support is superior. It provides key tested Nutraceuticals to help facilitate cartilage building, provide anti-oxidant support and support a healthy inflammatory response.


Joint Support is a unique and special blend of 14 synergistic ingredients that work in the right balance to help your body maintain healthy joints and freedom of movement. Each ingredient is of the highest quality and carefully chosen because of its history of documented studies.


Emu Oil Gel Caps

EFAs are important in reducing inflammation and its associated symptoms and disorders. Because emu oil provides essential fatty acids, this oil is also beneficial to help with many body regulations, functions, and the prevention of disease.


Emu Oil Gel Caps provides essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are necessary for health and proper functioning of the body and its many complex systems. Containing only emu oil with .5% Vitamin E (as a natural preservative) this formula is a safe and effective way to gain the proper nutrition for the body.



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