Simple Health Tips on Emu Oil and Essential Fatty Acids

Simple Health Tips on Emu Oil and Essential Fatty Acids

Debra Murray

Inevitable changes occur to the body as a result of the natural process of aging, such as slight heart enlargement, decrease in bone density, cognitive issues related to loss of neuronal pathways and wrinkled, dry skin.


However, by supplementing your diet with essential fatty acids (also called omega-3s) provided by sources such as emu oil, you can help delay the onset or reduce the severity of health issues caused by age-related inflammatory diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular disorders and Alzheimer's disease.


What is Emu Oil?

The emu is the largest bird living in Australia, standing about six feet high and capable of sprinting 40 miles per hour. Emu oil comes from the fat of the emu and has been used by the Aborigines for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent to cure everything from skin wounds to flu symptoms.


Benefits of Emu Oil

Numerous clinical studies regarding the efficacy of EFAs such as those found in emu oil found that older individuals who regularly took supplements decreased their risk of suffering heart disease by as much as 35 percent. Physicians highly suggest that people who have been diagnosed with heart disease receive one gram of essential fatty acids daily to expedite healing of inflammation and aid in maintaining good heart health.


Studies involving EFAs

According to studies involving EFAs (essential fatty acids) and cancer prevention, EFA’s may reduce your risk for suffering from certain cancer types, such as colon, breast, esophagus and ovarian cancer. Promising evidence surrounding these research results has generated additional interest in further studies concerning cancer and omega-3s.


EFAs and Triglycerides

EFAs also benefits older people by cutting levels of triglycerides (cholesterol) nearly 40 percent. Seniors who are over 50 often experience problems with maintaining good cholesterol percentages and omega-3 fatty acids seem to prevent cholesterol plaques from sticking to the inner walls of arteries.


Alzheimer's Disease

Finally, essential fatty acids may significantly delay the onset of dementia, severe memory problems and Alzheimer's disease by contributing to myelin production in the brain. Myelin is a fatty substance that coats neuronal axons responsible for transmitting messages and thoughts throughout the brain. One primary reason older people experience cognitive problems is the lack of adequate myelin surrounding the millions of axon pathways reaching into all areas of the brain.


Safe, effective and producing no side effects, essential fatty acids like those found in emu oil represent an essential part of remaining healthy and enjoying life as we enter our senior years. You can add a healthy balance of EFAs to your diet by taking Pure Emu Oil Gel Caps from BLUESPRING every day.



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