Dangers of Prescription Sleep Narcotics

Dangers of Prescription Sleep Narcotics

Debra Murray


Increasing numbers of the American population use prescription sleeping pills to get a better night's sleep. However, a recent study was released showing a correlation between the use of prescription sleeping pills and the risk of death. Though you may sometimes ignore side effect warnings for medication, risk of death is something that demands attention. 


The study was done from 2002 to 2007 with over 10,500 participants by the University of California, San Diego. Naturally, there was a control group, and the sleeping medications covered the most popular in use. The conclusion of the study was alarming. The author of the report that was released in February of 2012, Dr. Daniel F. Kripke, a professor of psychiatry at UCSD, concluded that the risk of death was more than three times greater for those taking narcotic sleeping pills. In addition, the study showed that this increased risk of death held true for those taking 18 or fewer sleeping pills a year. 


If you are someone who takes prescription or OTC (over-the-counter) narcotic sleeping pills, the study should alarm you. If you question the research, then read further. 


The researchers understood there would be questions. By using a full range of data on each patient they attempted to correlate an increase risk of death with pre-existing conditions that patients had before the study began. However, those in the study who had pre-existing conditions and did not take sleeping pills did not have an increased risk of death. The researchers attempted to explain the risk factor for death in every possible way, but when everything was analyzed, there was only the sleeping pills left to explain the increased risk for death. 


In addition, the study also exposed the risk of OTC antihistamines that contain sleep narcotics. 


This study is alarming enough to urge you to think about long term health. Although it is true the study did not find a direct cause for the increased risk of death, there was an exhaustive attempt to eliminate the sleeping pills, and the attempt was unsuccessful. 


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